8.30pm Louise Bagshawe on CentreRight blames the authorities for allowing a right to peacefully protest to become a right to disrupt and destroy today

8.15pm Graeme Archer on CentreRight: I am probably not a bus

8pm WATCH: David Cameron calls for immediate action on MPs' expenses at PMQs

6pm ToryDiary: Team Cameron meets Team Obama

2.45pm WATCH: Barack Obama says whole world owes Gordon Brown "an extraordinary debt of gratitude" for spearheading G20 summit

TimAker1.15pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight has photographs from the pro and anti-capitalist demonstrations outside of the Bank of England

12.45pm Parliament: David Heathcoat-Amory says Britain must embrace nuclear energy

12.30pm ToryDiary: No killer blows at a low key PMQs

Noon Parliament: What can be done to prevent Iran becoming a nuclear power?

9.45am Alex Deane on CentreRight is appalled to see so many dressed-down City workers looking like fish out of pinstriped water

ToryDiary: A Britain obsessed with celebrity, indifferent to serious learning and unsure of its values and history risks being unable to defend itself

ForgottenGod Edward Leigh MP on Platform: Our bishops should talk more about God than global warming

Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: The five economic 'cures' that are worse than the sickness

Local government:

Seats and candidates: Adrian Berrill-Cox adopted for Islington North


Tories face investigation into donations from Syrian millionaire's familyTelegraph

John Randall MP warns against Google's Street Views

"Last week, using the new Google Street View, I spent half an hour touring round my constituency of Uxbridge and the surrounding area. In that time, I was able to view details of the entrances and security measures of RAF Uxbridge and RAF Northolt. In particular, CCTV cameras, security railings and signs detailing locations of various parts of the military bases are all clearly visible. It is also possible to see over the top of RAF Northolt’s fencing into the interior of the base." – ePolitix

David Davis to flex muscles with defence of grammar schools

Board In his first major critique of any policy of the current Tory leadership, David Davis MP will be taking place in a Spectator debate on 23rd June in defence of grammar schools.  Mr Davis will be speaking alongside grammar school champion Graham Brady MP.

More information at Spectator Events.

Boris Johnson to "slash" London environmental team in halfGuardian

John Bercow MP: Boost the minimum wage by 10%ePolitix

Lord Tebbit on Britain's two nations of public and private sector workers

Tebbit2 "Britain is fast becoming two countries, one occupied by workers in the private sector, victims of market forces and the deepening recession and the other by public sector employees, wallowing in the privilege of having their pay and pensions guaranteed by the Government." – Lord Tebbit in the Daily Mail

…and, if to make Lord Tebbit's point: 'Outrage over inflation-busting rises for judges, top brass and mandarins' reports The Scotsman

The Committee on Standards in Public Life has announced it plans to bring forward its inquiry into MPs' expensesBBC

"One of parliament's most senior former officials warns today that Gordon Brown's rushed initiative to set up an independent inquiry into MPs' expenses is doomed to fail because of the ability of MPs to "covertly sabotage" or "overturn" its findings… [Sir Roger Sands] warns: "Members of parliament are distinct from other elements of the public service, such as judges, army officers and senior civil servants, in having this ability to overturn, or covertly sabotage, the findings of the independent review body."" – Guardian

"The worst sort of politician is the professional politician, and the present system of remuneration ensures we have them in abundance." – Simon Heffer in The Telegraph

A businessman offered to sell the details of every expense claim made by MPs over the past five years to The Times for £300,000 – Times

Taxpayers were asked to foot £800,000-a-year bill to bail out MPs' gold-plated pension schemeIndependent | Express

Alistair Darling announces last hour (£600m) reprieve on business rates

SPELMAN Caroline NEW "Caroline Spelman, the shadow communities secretary, also called on the Government to take action on other tax increases due to add to the pressure on small businesses. She said: “We welcome this U-turn because in large part it follows the campaign we have mounted asking the Government to look again at the impact business rate increases will have at this time of recession.However there are a range of other tax increases which will damage businesses in the UK." – Telegraph

Labour's Europe Minister hasn't read Lisbon TreatyTelegraph | Yesterday's Parliament page

Regional Development Agencies generate £4.50 for regional economies for every £1 investedFT

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will meet her eleventh US President todaySky News


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