8.45pm ToryDiary: Can we end the human rights nonsenses while Britain is still a member of the ECHR?

5pm WATCH:

2.30pm Jonathan Isaby on CentreRight: How Gordon Brown has helped golfers in South West London improve their aim this week 

11.30am WATCH:

Idg_2003_larrikins_1.jpg_169111371410.15am Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: I don't want to ban the bomb

ToryDiary: David Cameron pledges that no Conservative minister with a grace-and-favour residence would claim expenses for a second home

John Leonard on Platform: We don't need fewer MPs – but we do have to wrestle control of the political system away from them

Local Government: Tory councillor attacks Michael Gove's schools policy

WATCH: WebCameron is go – David Cameron features in a YouTube Thunderbirds spoof

Picture 3
Summit bounce for Brown in new polls

"Gordon Brown and Labour have enjoyed a small bounce in popularity as a result of the G20 summit, a YouGov poll for The Sunday Times shows. Compared with last month, Labour is up three points at 34%, with the Conservatives unchanged on 41% and the Liberal Democrats down one to 16%. The Tories’ lead is their smallest this year." – Sunday Times

You can view the full details on this Excel spreadsheet

"According to the Sunday Mirror/ICM poll, 69 per cent believe the summit will boost the global economy, with just 21 per cent saying it will do nothing to help. The summit also saw Mr Brown reverse recent polls which had Tory leader David Cameron as the politician who is most trusted on the economy. Our survey found that 42 per cent thought Mr Brown was better at running the economy, compared with 38 per cent for Mr Cameron." – Sunday Mirror

> Last night's Tory Diary: Small G20 "Brown Bounce" reduces Tory lead to 7% in new YouGov poll

Picture 1
Fraser Nelson on the "soufflé summit"

"Could the G20 summit be the biggest con in political history? Because its claim of a trillion-dollar bailout is utterly fake… Look closely and there is no deal to save the world. The G20 was a soufflé summit – tap it, and it collapses. I'm not saying Gordon Brown didn't do a good job. The aim of these summits is to fake progress. He did it brilliantly." – Fraser Nelson in the News of the World

Matthew d'Ancona: The public is not impressed by summit pomp

"Gordon may get a temporary poll bounce from this conference: in private, David Cameron has long predicted that the PM would surge one last time at some point in 2009. But today's public is not impressed by the pomp of such summits, or the inventory of achievements that Mr Brown read out like a headmaster on speech day." – Matthew d'Ancona in the Sunday Telegraph

Tory MP Philip Hollobone tops a Sunday Telegraph analysis of the "best value" MPs

"The best-value MP is shown to be Philip Hollobone, a backbench Conservative who has no staff at Westminster and handles all his own casework. He had the lowest expenses claim of any MP last year while maintaining an attendance record that was well above average… Our analysis is based on a House of Commons breakdown of how much each of the UK's 646 MPs claimed in expenses. It also takes into account how hard each one works, as measured by their voting attendance, how often they speak in debates, and the number of written questions they put to ministers. " – Sunday Telegraph

See the The Sunday Telegraph's ratings as an Excel spreadsheet

"Three Homes Hoon"

"The Cabinet Minister who sent Britain's Armed Forces into the Iraq war claimed expenses on his constituency house and rented out his London home – while living throughout the conflict in a palatial grace-and-favour apartment in Whitehall" – Mail on Sunday

The DUP MPs making a family fortune

"Married backbench MPs the Robinsons are laughing all the way to the bank – by making a family fortune from politics. Peter Robinson, 60, and wife Iris, 59, are pocketing £571,939.41 a year in salaries and expenses. And their relatives are cashing in too. The couple pay four family members up to £150,000 in salaries out of their allowances." – News of the World

London Labour MP used expenses to help buy rural retirement homeSunday Times

MPs claim stamp duty in expensesSunday Times

"Mortified" Jacqui Smith gives first interview since the expenses claim for her husband's viewing of adult films was publishedSunday Telegraph

Tory MPs condemn health select committee colleagues for £70,000 fact-finding trip to New Zealand

"Peter Bone, one of the three Tory committee members who decided not to go on the visit, hit out at the cost. Mr Bone told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I just don’t think the cost of this can be justified. At a time of recession, we should be looking more carefully at these overseas visits’." – Mail on Sunday

Voters demand reform of Commons perks

"Voters think the system of MPs’ expenses and allowances is a “disgrace” and is in urgent need of reform, according to a poll of more than 2,000 people for The Sunday Times… More than four-fifths, 81%, called for urgent reform of the system, while only 15% thought the issue had been blown out of proportion by the media…By more than two to one – 54% to 23% – respondents said they would favour a reduction in the size of the House of Commons to about 500 MPs"- Sunday Times

Cameron and Obama
Iain Martin: "Is David Cameron ready to lead us on the world stage?"

"It helps that he has an easy charm. Sensibly, he and his closest aides are taking ad-hoc advice from an impressive list of figures on the arts of diplomacy and strategic thinking… Cameron has put in a lot of diplomatic miles, meeting a longer list of foreign leaders than has traditionally been the case for those in his job. Last week he and his team met President Obama and US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton… There does also seem to be a seriousness in how the Cameroons are preparing for power." – Iain Martin writing in the Sunday Telegraph

Martin Ivens: "Cameron still has to find a way of looking parsimonious in the public interest"

"The transformation of the Tory leadership from benign figures in the age of plenty into the Scrooges of the age of scarcity is nowhere near complete. Cameron still has to find a way of looking parsimonious in the public interest. He must make our flesh creep with tales that Britain faces becoming a second-rate nation again, as in the 1970s, unless we mend our ways." – Martin Ivens in the Sunday Times

William Hague on the lack of a system to combat piracy on the high seas

"Pirates captured by Royal Navy warships patrolling off East Africa may have to be set free because there is no international agreement over where they can be legally prosecuted… The shadow Foreign Secretary, William Hague, said: "It will make a mockery of British efforts to combat Somali piracy if we have no effective system to deal with those captured by the Royal Navy, and pirates are simply let loose to attack again." – Independent on Sunday

Alistair Darling admits his failures on economic forecasts

"The chancellor, Alistair Darling, has admitted that he and his Treasury officials got it wrong over the length and severity of the recession and that he will be forced to tear up his economic predictions. He will slash his growth forecast in the budget and warn that there will be no economic recovery until the end of the year, dashing hopes that last week’s G20 summit will be followed by an early upturn. “It’s worse than we thought,” Darling said this weekend. " – Sunday Times

Tony Blair charges £6,000 a minute for his speeches…

"Tony Blair has emerged as the world’s highest-paid public speaker, earning almost £400,000 for two half-hour speeches in his latest appearance on the international lecture circuit. He received the fee during a 36-hour visit to the Philippines, where he lodged with the British ambassador." – Sunday Times

…and apparently wins Brown's backing for the EU Presidency

"Tony Blair has emerged as the leading candidate to become the first permanent president of the European Union after Gordon Brown gave his grudging blessing to the plan. The former prime minister has stepped up his campaign for the job, which he wants to use to build a bridge between Europe and the new Obama administration." – Independent on Sunday

How Margaret Thatcher has been depicted on stage, screen and in song over the yearsObserver

UN Security Council emergency meeting to discuss North Korean rocket launchBBC

Nato leaders agree new approach on AfghanistanIndependent on Sunday

"Lords for hire" may be suspendedSunday Times

Met Police lost £30 million in Icelandic banksObserver

Archbishop of York calls for public holiday on St George's DayMail on Sunday


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