9pm ToryDiary: Small G20 "Brown Bounce" reduces Tory lead to 7% in new YouGov poll

7.15pm WATCH Anti-Nato protests in Strasbourg turn violent

4.30pm ToryDiary: Tory members reject the idea of a temporary cut in MPs' pay

2pm WATCH Three videos from the Nato summit in Strasbourg:

1pm Jonathan Isaby on CentreRight: Should MPs be housed in London's Olympic Village?

MURRAY DOUGLAS Noon Douglas Murray on CentreRight: Despotic governments are funding Chinese and Islamic studies in UK universities

11am Jonathan Isaby on CentreRight: A worrying example of police power being used – or should that be abused?

10.30am Local Government: That £1.3 million council house in Chelsea – Cllr Merrick Cockell responds

ToryDiary: A £50,000 cap on donations would kill the Conservative Party

Lorraine Mullally on Platform: Caroline Flint's admission of ignorance about the Lisbon Treaty makes the need for a referendum all the more urgent

Local Government:

WATCH: President Obama calls for Europe to improve its defence capabilities as Nato leaders meet in Strasbourg

George Osborne claims Brown's G20 deal is "more spin over substance"…

"The Conservatives yesterday accused Mr Brown of exaggerating the extent of the new money announced at the summit in his effort to win headlines. They argued that some of the claimed $1.1 trillion blueprint for stimulating world growth amounted to "double counting" as parts of the package had been previously announced. George Osborne, the shadow Chancellor, said: "[It is] the day after the show has left town and some of the Prime Minister's claims about a 'new world order' and a 'global grand bargain' look more like spin over substance." The Tories also believe that voters will be unimpressed by Mr Brown's globetrotting and that their attention remains firmly focused on Britain's economic woes." – The Independent

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Brown's third bounce will be smaller and shorter than the first two

> In Parliament: George Osborne says G20 summitry will appear very remote to mums in fear of their jobs and families fearing losing their homes

…as he seizes on ex-IMF man's "extraordinary" warning about the British economy

"Yesterday Simon Johnson, the former IMF chief economist, said: "In the past, you got loans from the IMF when you were facing complete disaster. Now the IMF is going to come in before you get into real trouble. Gordon Brown and his ministers, they need help. Your economy is in big trouble." George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, seized on the comments… Mr Osborne said: "This is a pretty extraordinary warning from the former chief economist of the IMF and shows just what a mess Britain's public finances are in." – Daily Telegraph

Peter Oborne: Brown's G20 claims are "laughable"

"The claims by Gordon Brown that we have now reached some kind of turning point, while accepted by some commentators who really ought to know better, is simply laughable." – Peter Oborne in the Daily Mail

Simon Heffer: Brown's "New World Order" is simply fantasyDaily Telegraph

Tory charges about Brown's globe-trotting appear to be gaining traction

"This sense of excitement after the G20… was heightened by David Cameron's response to the summit. "Now the focus should switch back to our domestic economy," the Tory leader said as the summit ended… Ministers know that his simple message could feed a damaging perception. This is that Brown is growing a little too comfortable in the first class cabin of his chartered BA 747 that has been flying him around the world." – The Guardian

"The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom commands a second-rank power whose ability to mould a world economic order, although not derisory, is very limited. His ability to wreck his own country's finances, however, is awesome. Labour is wrecking Britain's finances. It is Mr Cameron's duty to make sure that, here at home, this truth is acknowledged as central – not just an embarrassing footnote to a successful G20 summit. It is the summit that should, in the end, prove the footnote." – Matthew Parris in The Times

Grant Shapps says Property Information Questionnaires will only add to the bureaucracy of HIPs

"From next week sellers will be unable to put their homes on the market without a completed HIP. They also have to fill out a Property Information Questionnaire. Previously, homeowners could advertise their properties provided they had only commissioned a HIP. The Tories claim the PIQ, which covers issues such as whether there is a damp proof course or a history of flooding, will only add red tape to the sale process… Tory housing spokesman Grant Shapps said: 'You cannot trust the contents of a HIP and these regulations will lead to yet more wasted time and expense'." – Daily Mail

Gordon Brown under fire for failing to agree Afghan troop boost

"Gordon Brown has failed to resolve whether to send more troops to
Afghanistan, four months after he announced a review of the subject.
Indecision on the issue has led to a Whitehall wrangle, with generals
pushing for a permanent increase to shore up Britain’s combat role
overseas while the Treasury warns about the dangers of spiralling
costs." – The Times

Eric Pickles's U-turn on expenses after TV "car crash"

"Conservative Party chairman Eric Pickles has performed a swift U-turn over his stance on MPs' expenses, after an embarrassing television appearance. Mr Pickles described his performance on BBC1's Question Time last week as a "car crash" after he was mocked for seeking to defend the system that allows MPs to claim for second homes near Westminster. He said he now thought a "completely different system" was needed, rather than just increased transparency and auditing." – The Scotsman

Philip Hollobone
The Independent meets Tory MP Philip Hollobone, "Britain's thriftiest MP"

"There is one parliamentarian who has forgone the trappings of office in favour of taking the radical approach of opening his own letters, answering his own phone and travelling, like the rest of us, in standard class, saving the taxpayer about £100,000 in the process. Philip Hollobone, the Tory MP for Kettering, Northamptonshire, has retained his title as Westminster's thriftiest MP." – The Independent

Google Maps reveals disparity in neighbouring MPs' expenses claimsThe Guardian

Labour MP defends using thousands of pounds inviting constituents to coffee morningsLancashire Evening Post

How MPs avoid an average of more than £54,000 a year in tax on parliamentary expenses claimsDaily Telegraph

Jeremy Hunt: The BBC got off lightly with its £150,000 fine for Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand's calls to Andrew Sachs

"Shadow culture secretary Jeremy Hunt would not be drawn on whether the two presenters should pay the fine, but said the BBC had got off 'much more lightly than they deserve'. He said the BBC's safeguards were ' riddled with holes' and added: 'The public needs to know that this is never going to happen again'." – Daily Mail

Ken Livingstone claims the world is about to get more Left-wing

“The whole world is about to go more left wing as a consequence of what we are living through. In the same way that in the late 1970s the Thatcher/Reagan shift brought an end to the postwar social democratic consensus, what you're getting now is an end to the neo-liberal era.” – Ken Livingstone interview in The Times

Charles Moore: After inspiring Churchill in 1929, America holds the key to recovery once againDaily Telegraph

Stephen Harper and David Cameron
David Cameron is Canadian PM's "UK Mother Ship"

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper doesn't have as many friends as he once had on the right of the political spectrum. But as he shook hands with Britain's Conservative opposition leader Friday — a man who could become the U.K.'s next prime minister — Harper quipped that he had just visited "the mother ship." Harper welcomed David Cameron to a downtown hotel Friday morning for a half-hour chat before departing London after the conclusion of the G20 summit." –

> Yesterday on International: Harper and Cameron hold first meeting

Treasury select committee recommends government bailout for charities which lost deposits in Icelandic banksDaily Express

Senior law lord: The ECHR is trying to create a "federal law of Europe"BBC

Obama to snub Czech politicians for romantic dinner with MichelleThe Times

Ann Widdecombe on why she wants to retire to Dartmoor

"I decided on Dartmoor as I love walking in the wild. When I was deciding to retire I narrowed the choice to Dartmoor and the north west Highlands of Scotland. Although there is some magnificent scenery in Scotland, I decided it was too remote for me in my old age… When I retire I want to write more books and walk the dogs on the moor and I will probably join the WI." – Devon Herald Express


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