3.30pm ToryDiary: Britain needs Conservative social policies more than ever

2.30pm CentreRight updates:

12.45pm Local Government:

David_mundell_mp_211.30am Parliament: David Mundell’s bill to establish equal UK-wide status for Scottish banknotes

11am Parliament: John Bercow on the importance of tackling bullying

10am Parliament: Edward McMillan-Scott condemns Government on Tibet

10am Julia Manning on CentreRight: Public Health confidence booster

Threequestions ToryDiary: "It is politically essential that Cameron-Osborne show that they aren’t just prepared to cut things that hurt others but that they are prepared to cut things that will be seen to be uncomfortable for Conservatives too – either personally or politically."

Patrick Mercer MP on Platform: The counter-terrorism lessons we should learn from Northern Ireland

Nick Seaton in Local Government: Scrap Contextual Value Added measures for schools. Plus: Tory councillor facing hate charges over gypsies comments

WATCH: Shadow Chancellor George Osborne has told Sky’s Jeff Randall that the latest bank rescue plan will not encourage bank lending

Private sector workers hand Tories double-digit leadTimes | Yesterday’s ToryDiary

Tories pledge new academy boarding schoolsGuardian

> Last night’s ToryDiary: Michael Gove moots expansion of state boarding school provision for the most vulnerable children

The £585bn bank bailout has failed, say ToriesThe Herald

Owen Paterson’s statement on the murder of a policeman in Northern Ireland

Paterson_owen_2 “This is shocking news and our thoughts and deepest sympathy go to the family and colleagues of the murdered policeman. We all owe a huge debt to these brave men and women in the PSNI. This killing is brutal and will not achieve its political aims. It is vital that everybody helps bring these evil murderers to justice; they must not be allowed to divert us from the great progress made in recent years. We must all be vigilant, but continue to go about our normal everyday business.”

Polly Toynbee calls on Labour to ride the anti-rich mood

"Next month’s budget will be Labour’s last chance to catch the public mood. Why not raise top tax, not to the puny 45% after the election, but 50% now? The well-paid who keep their jobs are flourishing as mortgage rates and prices tumble." – Guardian

Jobless professionals could be fast-tracked into teaching within six monthsTimes

Howard_john_grey_suit Former Australian PM John Howard warns against Gordon Brown’s nasty medicineTelegraph

Steve Richards: The decline of political parties is not healthy

"The rise of David Cameron has been accompanied by an increase in the membership of the Conservative Party, but not one that compares with Labour’s soaring membership in the early years of Tony Blair (the last time a political party breathed with deceptive life). The decline of the bigger parties is not a healthy development. Already the consequences are depressingly evident. They include the lack of any credible candidates to be Labour’s next leader, the limited talent on the Conservative benches and the rise of fringe parties, with the BNP expected to perform well and possibly pick up a seat or two in the European elections this June." – Steve Richards in The Independent

[Steve is wrong about Tory membership numbers. They are actually DOWN].

MPs have praised the Prison Service for saving £120m in five yearsBBC

Lord Mandelson: Migrants work in jobs unemployed Britons are unwilling to takeTelegraph

Prime Minister’s rubbish ‘stealth tax’ nets £1bn for TreasuryDaily Mail


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