5.15pm Parliament: Michael Gove says case details of child deaths should be published in full

5pm Parliament: What has the Government got to hide on anti-extremism project?

4.15pm ToryDiary: Andrew Gilligan now turns his attention to how taxpayers’ money is being spent by the Johnson regime at City Hall

4pm ToryDiary: Why are the Tories ‘back’?

3.15pm Jonathan Isaby on CentreRight: Fleet Street seeks a "Tory Euro Row" where none exists Updated with statement from Ian Taylor MP of the Conservative Group for Europe

2.45pm WATCH: Man who threw shoes at George Bush is jailed

12.15pm Jeremy Hunt MP on CentreRight: Loss of local newspapers is bad for democracy

12.15pm Parliament: Anne McIntosh brings in Bill to tackle shoplifters

11.30am Parliament: Is the Government doing enough to help Wales through the recession?

11.15am Julia Manning on CentreRight: A chocolate tax isn’t the answer

ToryDiary: Andrew Mitchell wants Britain to stop sending financial aid to China

Helmeralarmism_graphic Roger Helmer on Platform: The whole climate alarmist scare is a media-driven frenzy

Seats and Candidates Search for 100 Peers: Stanley Fink

Local Government:

JP Floru on CentreRight: Brown and the EU must be blamed for the increasing number of jobs going abroad


Coverage of yesterday’s announcement that Conservative MEPs will leave the EPP before June’s European election

Mark_francois "Yesterday, Shadow Europe minister Mark Francois confirmed the Tories would withdraw from the EPP when the European Parliament dissolves ahead of the elections in June… Many Tories have been uncomfortable about aligning themselves with the EPP, which wants to see Europe adopting common immigration, defence, and foreign policy, and is opposed to Britain having a referendum on the EU Treaty." – Daily Mail

"The Conservatives have been threatening to quit the EPP since David Cameron became party leader in 2006, with Hague regarded as an arch-exponent of a policy that critics and the opposition see as a move voluntarily pushing the party to the fringes of European politics." – Guardian

"The move – fulfilling a pledge made by Mr Cameron in his successful campaign to be Tory leader – will delight the predominantly eurosceptic party faithful. Political rivals accused Mr Cameron of a move that could jeopardise Britain’s interests if his party won national power." – FT

> You read this news first here on ConservativeHome yesterday morning

David Cameron thanks the Commons for its messages of sympathy…

"Grieving David Cameron returned to the Commons yesterday to thank wellwishers in the wake of son Ivan’s death. The Tory leader told hushed MPs he and wife Samantha received thousands of messages of support from the public. And he thanked PM Gordon Brown for his comments that “came straight from the heart” two weeks ago when Ivan, six, died. He added: “It meant a great deal to Samantha and I.” – The Sun

…and demands an inquiry into Binyam Mohamed’s allegations of torture

"David Cameron has called for a senior judge to investigate claims that British intelligence agents colluded in the torture of terrorist suspects. The Tory leader’s intervention piles further pressure on the Prime Minister, who has refused to sanction a full judicial inquiry into accusations involving former Guantanamo Bay detainee Binyam Mohamed… "We all want to eradicate the potential stain on Britain’s reputation, but the question is whether an investigation into criminal conduct by the Attorney General is enough," he said. "We need to look at what procedures and processes are in place to ensure that Britain cannot knowingly or unknowingly be implicated in torture." – Independent

> Yesterday’s ToryDiary on a subdued PMQs

Paterson_owen_2 Owen Paterson: "The actions of a small number of violent criminals must not be allowed to provoke anyone to undo the progress that has been made in Northern Ireland"

"Despite the progress that has been made, Northern Ireland still has some way to go before normal security arrangements are appropriate. Parts of Northern Ireland remain more divided than ever. I have seen peace walls being extended in contentious inner city areas. Gangs are involved in extensive fuel smuggling, drug running and racketeering. So-called ‘loyalist’ paramilitaries have yet to decommission and remain involved in criminality… An unrepresentative minority of dissidents are determined to undo the good work of the past fifteen years. It is incumbent on us all to respond to these shocking murders by going about our business normally but with increased vigilance; there should be no sudden or precipitate changes in policy. The good work of recent years must continue." – Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary Owen Paterson writing on the Daily Telegraph website

IDS advises US Republicans on how to rebrand

"Iain Duncan Smith, the former Conservative party leader, has briefed influential Republicans on how their party can fight back by learning from David Cameron’s Tories. In an address to the Heritage Foundation, one of Washington’s pre-eminent conservative think tanks, entitled "Conservatism and Society", he argued that there were "compelling parallels" between his party’s predicament in 1997 and the Republican party’s current situation. Mr Duncan Smith said that Conservatives after 1997 and Republicans now both had "reputations for sleaze, incompetence and narrowness of interest" while there was more than a passing similarity between Tony Blair and President Barack Obama." – Daily Telegraph

Tory Primary result in Bethnal Green and Bow overruled

"Tories hoping to snatch Left Wing MP George Galloway’s constituency in London’s East End at the next General Election have scrapped the results from the open ‘primary’ they held. A ballot of local party members failed to endorse the candidate selected at the earlier open ‘primary’ meeting… The association was hit by “concerns over organisational issues” in the run-up to the primary held at a church hall in Stepney’s Commercial Road. So party officials declared the result null and void." – East London Advertiser

> Yesterday’s Seats and Candidates post on the Bethnal Green and Bow non-selection

Leigh_edward_mp Edward Leigh brands offender tracking project a "spectacular failure"

"A ‘masterclass in sloppy project management’ led to the failure of a huge government computer system designed to track inmates through the prison and probation system, it was claimed yesterday. Public spending watchdogs attacked spiralling costs and delays in the National Offender Management information system (C-Nomis). The £234m system had been designed to track offenders "end to end" through prison and the probation service. But within two years the C-Nomis project was two years behind schedule and its cost increased to £690m, the National Audit Office found. Edward Leigh, chairman of the Commons Public Accounts Committee, said the project had been a "spectacular failure". – Independent

Review of creative industries to form basis of Tories’ election manifesto

"David Cameron wants to outflank Labour on new technology and make the UK the "creative industries capital of the world" if the Conservatives win the next General Election. Tory HQ believes that the recent report on Digital Britain from Communications Minister Lord Carter lacked proper detail and ambition… One Tory source said: "Just as London beat off the competition to become the leading financial centre, we believe Britain can become the creative industries’ capital of the world"… The review of the creative industries, announced by Mr Cameron in January, will be launched next month and will form the basis of the Tories’ election manifesto." – The Herald

Tories demand answers on whether some NHS funding will be shifted to social care budgets

"Redirecting NHS funding to social care budgets should be a key part of the government’s upcoming green paper, shadow health minister Stephen O’Brien has insisted. However, Mr O’Brien stressed that shifting NHS funding to social care was not a Conservative policy commitment. He told   a Local Government Association onference on Tuesday that detailed proposals for preventative spending
had a vital role in the green paper, expected to be published by the
summer. "It’s vital that we all continue to challenge the
government of the day to come up with a concrete, costed proposal of
what’s going to change," he said. "I hope it will say whether or
not there will be some consideration of whether the NHS budget will be
regarded as something that needs to be reallocated towards the funding
of social care." – Local Government Chronicle

Fraser Nelson: Our newly nationalised banks are being politicised

"The worlds of banking and politics have collided, and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that we have just witnessed what the financiers call a reverse takeover. The money flows suggest that it is not the taxpayers owning the banks, but the banks who own the taxpayers. Their losses are now our problem. As John Redwood puts it, Britain has become a mammoth bank attached to a struggling medium-sized government. And this, lest we forget, is what David Cameron will inherit." – Fraser nelson writing in The Spectator

Iain_martin Iain Martin: Gordon Brown broke Lloyds, and it should break him

"The catastrophe at Lloyds-HBOS is the ultimate New Labour scandal. It has the lot: cronyism, back-scratching, destructive micromanaging by Gordon Brown and an unimaginably large loss of public money… Brown wanted to avoid the collapse of HBOS because it could have taken him down with it. And Sir Victor [Blank] can only have wanted to be helpful and become, in the process, a titan of finance. Protestations about the public interest are hokum. Now we are left holding a bill of £80 billion or more for their selfishness and ineptitude. The term "national scandal" suffers from overuse, but if this is not one worthy of the name, I do not know what is." – Iain Martin in the Daily Telegraph

New report from Lord Laming on child protection will suggest there was insufficient action on his previous recommendationsGuardian

Mandelson admits that negotiations over help for carmakers have gone too slowlyTimes

A school playing field was sold every day last year The Sun

Brown looks to Obama to rescue a demoralised Labour PartyTimes


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