8.30pm Harry Phibbs on CentreRight: How many anti smoking officers does the NHS employ?

6.45pm ToryDiary: Stuart Wheeler has been expelled according to The Telegraph

6.15pm WATCH: Stuart Wheeler encourages Conservatives to support UKIP during interview for the Politics Show

6pm Graeme Archer on gambling and Stuart Wheeler: "The haunted faces of men, outside the numerous bookmaker shops that my impoverished borough boasts, is one of the most depressing in urban life. Yes, yes, I know, free will, no, of course I would not ban it, but look at the face of the man who has lost his money, again, and tell me you do not think: someone is making money from this misery."

2.15pm ToryDiary: Government can't ignore family break up, says Cameron

TAYLOR IAN1.45pm ToryDiary: Pro-Europe Tory MP calls for Stuart Wheeler to be expelled

12.30pm ToryDiary: Eric Pickles must expel Stuart Wheeler

10.45am WATCH: Jacqui Smith in new furore as her husband claims for adult movies from parliamentary allowance


Tim Loughton MP on Platform: Labour's ContactPoint child protection database should be scrapped

Mark Wallace on Local government: Westminster council has abandoned its common sense, low tax principles and even good manners in introducing a bike parking tax

Local government: How should councils reduce absentee-ism?

Peter Cuthbertson on ConservativeInternational discusses "the uneasy, and underexplored tension between the free economy, social
change and the small state": "It is easy to imagine the tensions and
questions that this trilemma raises being central to conservative
debates across the English-speaking world in years to come – if they
aren't already."

Martin Parsons on CentreRight: Home Secretary advocates free speech for Islamists the same day as government restricts free speech for Christians

ICM 17-46-45
Conservatives 13% ahead in ICM survey for The Sunday Telegraph
Last night's ToryDiary

Anti-EU donor Stuart Wheeler gives £100,000 to UKIP Observer | Last night's ToryDiary

Tory spokesman says party policy won't be influenced by donors

"Our policies on Europe are robust and we are committed to a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Conservative policy on Europe – as on other matters – is decided by David Cameron and his Shadow Cabinet and not by any donors." – A Tory spokesman quoted in the Independent on Sunday

Stuart Wheeler: The EU is more expensive than the recession

"The well known economist Patrick Minford and the merchant banker Ian Milne put the cost at about £1,000 per annum for every man, woman, child and baby in this country. Others think it is far more. Let us stick with £1,000 i.e. £4,000 for a typical family of four which, if it has only one breadwinner, has to live on an average of about £17,000 a year after tax." – Stuart Wheeler in The Sunday Times

George Osborne: Britain in worse situation than America

"Paul Volcker, President Obama's senior economic policy adviser, said a few days ago that the banking crisis "is probably worse in the UK"… We borrowed even more than America. Our households became more indebted, our banks were more highly leveraged, and our housing bubble was bigger." – The Shadow Chancellor writing in the Independent on Sunday

William Hague under attack for his use of taxpayers' allowances

"William Hague claimed £61,995 in taxpayers’ cash to help pay for a
£1million second home in London – while pocketing around £800,000 a
year from part-time jobs." – Sunday Mirror

'How Jacqui Smith's husband watched pornographic movies… paid for by the taxpayer' Mail on Sunday

"The whole wretched panoply of allowances should be ended and replaced with a strict scheme of legitimate and modest expenses backed with checkable receipts. And if MPs are to be paid more, then let the money be found by reducing their numbers and so increasing their quality." – Mail on Sunday leader

"Instead of closing up loopholes and clamping down on excesses [MPs] have simply SCRAPPED the strict rules that have tripped MPs up, sparking the recent wave of scandals." – News of the World

Britain has colluded with torture – David Davis in The Observer

France Maude benefits from company that benefits from government advertisingThe Sunday Telegraph

(But Mr Maude opposes more government advertising so ConHome can't see what TheSunTel is making an issue of).

'Robocop' Ray Mallon: Police efforts to deal with anti-social behaviour are being crippled by Government diktats

In a report for Iain Duncan Smith's Centre for Social Justice, "Mr Mallon, who became famous for his zero-tolerance policing as a
Detective Superintendent in Hartlepool and Middlesbrough, warns that
officers are in the grip of an ‘arrest or ignore’ culture." – Mail on Sunday

Annabel Goldie: Prisoners in Scottish jails should all face mandatory drug testingBBC

Scotland's largest building society collapsed after incurring losses last year estimated at £26mBBC

Darling wants to use Budget to top up tax credits for lowest earners Observer

Germany suspected of leaking draft Brown plans for $1.4 trillion G20 stimulusSunday Telegraph

"Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, last night led the assault on the prime minister’s “global new deal” for a $2 trillion-plus fiscal stimulus to end the recession. “I will not let anyone tell me that we must spend more money,” she said." – Sunday Times

"The G20 will “agree” some fluffy nonsense. When Brown can’t get agreement in his own government, what hope of a 20-nation deal?" – Fraser Nelson in the News of the World

Picture 3
Army launches campaign after three soldiers apparently commit suicide in Iraq
Sunday Telegraph

> Liam Fox recently made a speech on the mental health services within the military

Rise of sea levels is 'the greatest lie ever told' – Christopher Booker in The Sunday Telegraph


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