4.45pm ToryDiary: Stuart Wheeler defects to UKIP with £100,000 donation

4pm ToryDiary: ICM finds Conservatives 13% ahead and public split on timing of inheritance tax pledge

3.30pm CentreRight: Tim Montgomerie explains why he won't be celebrating tonight's Earth Hour

3pm ToryDiary: Cameron will meet Obama on margins of G20

12.30pm ToryDiary: Opposing the VAT cut was my toughest call says Osborne

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ToryDiary: Cameron must be first to champion the anti-politician mood

Seats and candidates: Candidates receive poor service from CCHQ

Matt Woods on Platform: A glut of government advertising could point to an early general election

International: Berlusconi's new People of Freedom party aims to dominate Italian politics

Local government:

Chile's leader inadvertently echoes Tory attack on Brown's failure to prepare for good times

"Chile President Michelle Bachelet said her government had been able to introduce a significant fiscal stimulus because it had "saved in the good times". Although the comments came as she praised the Prime Minister's leadership, it sounded uncomfortably like David Cameron's charge that he did not "fix the roof while the sun was shining"." – Sky News

George Soros: Britain may have to seek IMF rescue – Times

"Don't panic" – The FT's leader-writers warn against over-reacting to events like this week's failed gilts auction

Peter Oborne: Brown's G20 dream is in tatters

"For the past three months, Gordon Brown has truly cared about only one event: the G20 economic summit he will host in London next week. He resolved that he would use this gathering of world leaders to save the global economy, salvage his own diminishing reputation and provide Labour with a launchpad to win the next General Election… The last few days have seen a series of brutal, debilitating and totally unexpected humiliations as one world leader after another has come out and rubbished his idea of extra spending." – Peter Oborne in The Daily Mail

David Cameron's Friday letter to email subscribers sees the Mervyn King warning as "defining"

The Tory leader also uses his email to praise Dan Hannan's "brilliant" speech –

Dan Hannan is not a Cameroon – Julian Glover in The Guardian

David Cameron backs reform of Royal Rules of Succession

"It does not make sense in the 21st century to say that men have priority over women when it comes to inheriting the throne. It does not make sense to say that the king cannot marry a Catholic. So we do need change but we have to recognise that the Queen is not just our queen. She is also the Queen of all the Commonwealth countries that have her as their head of state, so this is not an easy change to make. There is a lot of talking and listening that has to be done first." – David Cameron quoted in The Independent

Sayeeda Warsi explains what makes her a Conservative

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"The vision that if you work hard then you can be anything you want. Dad always said what this country does is provide you with the opportunity to move on from the situation you started in. He said you will embarrass me the day one of you comes home and decide not to take a job and sit at home and sign on instead." – Sayeeda Warsi interviewed in The Guardian

Andrew Grice: The Tories should thank Mervyn King from saving them from a bigger tax row

"Mr Cameron got lucky this week because the spotlight moved on from his party's stance on death duties to the Government's economic woes. He should send a thank-you note to Mervyn King, the Bank of England Governor and a fellow Aston Villa supporter, who declared there was no scope for another big fiscal stimulus in next month's Budget. The Tories should learn lessons from their inheritance tax wobble. It showed how quickly their policies can "become the story" – and that they need to have clear answers ready. As the election nears, they won't be able to muddle through." – Andrew Grice in The Independent

David Norgrove, former adviser to Margaret Thatcher, takes £500 a day job to oversee Low Pay CommissionGuardian

Simon Heffer: The Tories should put Labour in the dock by calling votes of confidence and for reductions in culpable ministers' payTelegraph

Matthew Parris writes the goodbye speech that Brown should now deliver

"I took the helm just as we faced a time of unprecedented anxiety and economic trouble. I said I'd steer and I did. I took the hard decisions. I know they were right. The worst is over, and I'm confident Britain will understand this in the years ahead. But in politics if you do wade in, if you do get to grips with difficult and unpopular measures, if you do tell unwelcome truths, you must become associated in the national mind with times of crisis and trouble. The page my name heads is a dark page. I would love to be the man who turns it. But it would be better if the baton now passes, and a fresh figure takes us onward. This is the sacrifice I must make.” – Matthew Parris in The Times

Gordon Brown says Falklands sovereignty not up for discussion in his talks with ArgentinaBBC

Forty MPs have signed motion calling for delay in next week's planned rise in fuel dutyTelegraph

Thirty years ago the Callaghan government lost a vote of confidence in the Commons

Lord (David) Steel remembers that vote in the Daily Mail.


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