8pm ToryDiary: Tory lead narrows slightly in new Populus poll – but party remains 12% ahead of Labour

Gove_michael_red_tie7.30pm ToryDiary: Michael Gove moots expansion of state boarding school provision for the most vulnerable children

6pm Alex Deane on CentreRight is sick of the BBC’s coverage of the miners’ strike and is keen to share Allister Heath’s editorial about the banking system in today’s City AM

5.30pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: "For the next twenty years the British government may spend more than
half the economy… but eventually
the attractions of private capitalism will call to us – and those who
remember how to implement a private capitalism economic order should be
ready when the moment comes."

5pm WATCH:

4.15pm Douglas Carswell MP on CentreRight: We are living in a parasite state which rewards us with sheer incompetence

Policy_exchange_new_logo3.45pm Jonathan Isaby on CentreRight notes that Policy Exchange has been rebranded

2.45pm Seats and Candidates Diary of a PPC: Mid Norfolk PPC George Freeman writes about his week

1pm ToryDiary: George Osborne welcomes Sir James Sassoon’s recommendations for a radical overhaul of financial regulation

Peter_bone_mp_212.15am Parliament: Peter Bone calls for change in the law to speed up redundancy payments

11.45am Parliament: The Government doesn’t know how many kids drop out of schools

11.30am Local Government: Which Councils invested with Bernard Madoff?

11am Parliament: Government oppose Peter Luff’s bill for small businesses

10.15am ToryDiary: Ed Vaizey proposes a national library card as part of the party’s library strategy

Johnson_boris_red_backgroundToryDiary: Boris tells Panorama that he wants tax revenue from London’s 500,000 irregular migrants

Mark Field MP on Platform: Whitehall must look in its own backyard for savings

Ben Caldecott in Local Government: Councils spend £500 million a year cleaning up litter, so what should be done to reduce it?

Plus: Should councillors get pensions?

International: ‘In foreign policy you have to stick by your friends’

Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Twittering

Tories could return banking regulation to Bank of EnglandIndependent

"The Financial Services Authority should be overhauled and might even be replaced, according to a review commissioned by the Conservative party. In the review of financial services regulation, Sir James Sassoon, who was Alistair Darling’s City envoy, calls for “fundamental reform” of the tripartite – Treasury, FSA and Bank of England – regulatory structure set up by Gordon Brown, the prime minister." – FT

Tory inheritance tax pledge becomes cheaper because of recession

"A drop in personal wealth over the past nine months, due mainly to falling property prices, means the Tory pledge to exempt all but millionaires from inheritance tax is now forecast to cost £1.3bn for 2011-12, according to Treasury figures." – FT

X-factor internet party is launched

Juryteam_3 "A former Tory tycoon yesterday launched an X-Factor-style political party which he claimed would restore the public’s faith in Parliament." – Daily Mail

> Jonathan Isaby on CentreRight yesterday: Sir Paul Judge’s "Jury Team" is hardly Sir James Goldsmith’s Referendum Party

EU membership costs each Briton £2,000 a year, Taxpayers’ Alliance claimsTelegraph

Obituary for Andrew Rowe: Europhile Tory MP who served as aide to Edward HeathIndependent

Trevor Kavanagh: Some things Brown should apologise for

"Is he sorry for opening the door to millions of unchecked migrants now in cut-throat competition for British jobs? Is he sorry for selling off our gold at rock-bottom prices and wrecking private pension savings while bloating the public sector’s. Will he apologise for refusing to build nuclear power stations? Or new prisons to hold those dangerous criminals now roaming free? Does he regret the failure of schools to educate our youngsters properly for the tough times ahead? No. After 12 years in charge, he can’t say sorry." – Trevor Kavanagh in The Sun

Nick Clegg attacks Tory plans to cut public spending [NOT official policy] as "economic madness"BBC

Picture_13_033335 And The Independent analyses the LibDem leader’s new haircut: "When Nick Clegg appeared on stage yesterday, party delegates were taken aback by a change in look for the leader. Mr Clegg took to the platform in Harrogate without the foppish, Cameronesque, side-parting that he has sported for his entire political career. In its place, he was sporting a somewhat macho buzz-cut more akin to the US Army recruit than the Liberal Democrats. Aides denied the new look was an attempt to fend off suggestions that Mr Clegg, 42, is seen as too young in the eyes of some voters and needed to toughen his image. "We didn’t take any polling on it; it was just something he did before conference because he had some spare time as a result of his paternity leave," said one aide. "He used the same hairdresser and everything."

Czech leader, Klaus, joins meeting of climate change deniersGuardian

Regulation not greed has pushed banks to the edge of ruin – Eamonn Butler in The Times

Stimulus = protectionism

"The US government’s relation to its carmakers is beginning to look like the UK’s to British Leyland in the 1970s – it can have a government-nourished auto industry or none at all. In the absence of global co-ordination – which, to be fair, Mr Brown has consistently urged – “stimulus” and “protection” are two names for the same thing." – Christopher Caldwell in the FT


Is Tory rhetoric on the economy too feeble?

UUP leader Sir Reg Empey brands the Conservatives "no longer a right-wing party"

William Norton: The Government is wasting about 15p in every £1 it spends

Pauline Neville-Jones analyses the foreign policy implications of a prolonged global recession

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key on the merits of limited government

Dan Lewis: We need a Gordon Ramsay approach to the quangocracy


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