10pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: Could the next election be the end for the Labour Party?

5.15pm ToryDiary: Conservatives pledge further help for small businesses

3.45pm Parliament: Why shouldn’t cabinet ministers come from the House of Lords?

3.30pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight on the practice of quantitative easing

3pm John Hayward on Platform: George Osborne is right – debt is a recipe for inevitable disaster

2.45pm WATCH: John Prescott explains why Lord Mandelson’s "green custard" assailant should have been arrested

2.30pm ToryDiary: Conservative vice-chairman in Northern Ireland quits Tory-UUP joint committee

1.30pm Seats and Candidates: Darren Caplan selected for Hackney North and Stoke Newington

Picture_1_21pm Jonathan Isaby on CentreRight: Who has Ken Clarke branded an "idiot"?

11.30am International: The state of European opinion

10.45am Local Government: Council byelection results

10.15am Parliament: Nirj Deva says EU aid to Africa should be ring-fenced and monitored properly

10am CentreRight updates:

Greg_clark_210am Parliament: Greg Clark says Government complacent on gas storage

ToryDiary: George Osborne warns of hard years ahead

Rob Wilson MP on Platform: We need to stand with Pakistan in her hour of need

Kate Davies on Local government: Housing associations need more freedoms

Also on Local government:


Fifty_pounds Parliament: Tory MPs lobby Harriet Harman and Speaker for debate on ‘quantitative easing’

"The Bank is to inject up to £150 billion, almost double the annual education budget, to kick-start the economy. It will buy up debt with the government and companies recycling the resulting funds into the economy. Advocates say this does not involve literally printing money. But what else can you call it when the government increases the supply of money so dramatically? This is nothing less than a catastrophe. The already wrecked public finances will take the brunt, the currency will be further debauched and inflation will take off, hitting hard within several years. Then interest rates will rise." – Iain Martin in The Telegraph

Readers could borrow from any library in the country, under plans set out by Ed Vaizey MP

"Readers would be able to borrow books from any library in the country, under Conservative plans for a national library card." – Telegraph

Jacob Rees-Mogg apologises for plagiarising The SunThe Times

The Economist overviews Boris’ mayoralty

"Londoners might well emerge from recession craving a new, gentler life, and this may chime with Mr Johnson’s distaste for the boundless growth and development pursued by his predecessor. A left-winger who became a fan of the City, Mr Livingstone was “a curious mix of Trotsky and Thatcher”, says Tony Travers of the London School of Economics. Mr Johnson, by contrast, has pledged to improve Londoners’ quality of life and courted voters in leafy outskirts who felt ignored by Mr Livingstone’s urban focus." – The Economist

Nick Clegg wants bank directors disqualified

Cleggmakingapoint "Directors who were running the banks Northern Rock, HBOS, Royal Bank of Scotland and Bradford & Bingley when they were rescued by the taxpayer should be disqualified from sitting on company boards, Nick Clegg said yesterday." – The Times

Peter Riddell in The Times reacts to the Liberal Democrat leader’s call: "It is not just narrow populism for taxpayers to demand that such directors face some reckoning because of their serious errors. Mr Clegg is correct that mainstream politicians need to respond to such anger. But, as he has discovered in his 15 months as leader, heading a third party requires as much patience as being the father of a newborn baby."

Brown will say the SNP is "fixated on separating Scotland from the UK at any cost"BBC

"Labour and the Conservatives backed a Liberal Democrat call for the SNP to ditch its plans for an independence referendum, and the amendment was carried by 72 votes to 47." – FT

"Moving the UK to a low-carbon economy will create 400,000 new jobs over the next eight years, Gordon Brown is expected to say."BBC

"Gordon Brown’s management of his government remains chaotic"New Statesman leader

Martin Kettle: Brown must say sorry

"It is fine for Brown to work his socks off in Washington and at the G20, and it is right to stress that voters have not sealed the deal with David Cameron yet. But this is not enough. Brown also needs to regain the right to be listened to. He will only do this by being more honest about Labour’s errors. This is not the Tory trap that he imagines. It is the threshold he must cross in order to regain the public’s attention and maybe even to survive the verdict of the looming June elections." – The Guardian

> CCHQ launches ‘Sorry from Gordon’ website

Jacqui Smith admits over half of people have no confidence in the police to tackle crimeTelegraph

"The number of offences committed by youngsters aged ten to 17 in the last year was 277,986  –  more than one every two minutes." – Daily Mail

Lobbyists may be forced to reveal meetings with MPsIndependent

700 mandarins earn more than £100,000 a yearDaily Mail

Barack Obama’s $4trn manifesto

"It is a manifesto to usher in a new age of government activism that involves levels of borrowing and spending never before seen in the US and is a document of such staggering ambition and risk that even some of Mr Obama’s Democratic supporters are suddenly beginning to feel a little queasy." – Tim Reid in The Times


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