6.00pm Local Government: How has Boris coped with the snow?

5.30pm Local Government: Lib Dem councillor blocked ambulance

4.45pm Latest from Parliament:

3pm WATCH: David Cameron accuses Gordon Brown of playing to people’s fears with his ‘British jobs for British workers’ expression

2.30pm Charlie Elphicke on CentreRight: YouGov marginals poll vindicates Cameron-Osborne on borrowing

1.15pm Parliament: Highlights from Justice questions

12.45pm ToryDiary: YouGov poll of marginals points to Conservative majority of 60 or 70

ToryDiary: Is ‘Tories are talking Britain down’ the new attack from Labour?

11.15am Seats and candidates: Will the Cameroons really trust the people?

Osborne_cameron ToryDiary: Cameron-Osborne’s bravest decision

Andrew Young on Platform: Losses on all sides in Northern Ireland’s Troubles need to be recognised

Seats and candidates: Search for 100 Peers: Sir Stephen Sherbourne

Local government:

International: Australian Liberals attack reckless stimulus

AmericaInTheWorld: Hillary Clinton affirms special relationship with Britain

Andrew Lilico reflects on Carol Thatcher’s golliwog remark on CentreRight: On chains of psychological association

Cash jackpot for Tory finances after supporting softer gambling laws

"The Conservative Party accepted £200,000 from a slot machine tycoon’s businesses shortly after calling for softer rules on arcade gambling." – Times

Osborne and Cameron more right than Clarke and Brown on ‘broke Britain’

"Clarke, famous for his unwillingness to do the hard work required to master any issue, has contradicted his more cerebral shadow cabinet colleagues: his intuition tells him that the British economy is not in such dire straits as Cameron and Osborne believe. The Tories are paying a high price for Cameron’s decision that a touch of blokeyness is a necessary offset to the Etonian tone of the shadow cabinet." – Irwin Stelzer in The Telegraph

"David Cameron’s ‘moral’ capitalism is no better than socialism" – Simon Heffer in The Telegraph

> Yesterday evening’s ToryDiary: Is Simon Heffer paid according to the number of rude words he can use against David Cameron in a single column?

David Willetts: Labour has failed on skills

Willettsdavidsocc "Britain has failed to equip young people with the skills they need to succeed during tough economic circumstances, Conservatives have claimed. Tories highlighted official figures showing the number of young people not in education, employment or training, as they accused Ministers of presiding over an “endless process of change” which had left employers and students confused." – Birmingham Post

Tories lack idea for reform of care and support for adultsGuardian

"Whether it’s the credit crunch, strikes over migrant workers or the House of Lords row, Westminster is useless" – Alice Miles in The Times

Home Secretary holds ‘burglary summit’ in advance of expected credit crunch crimewaveBBC

Labour fails to meet even half of its 20% emissions targetGuardian

Jon Cruddas warns Labour leadership that they are gifting the BNP

"Jon Cruddas, the unofficial leader of the Labour left MPs, warned: “If we’re simply caricaturing this [dispute] as being about protectionism and xenophobia, we’re completely ignoring some material issues in this and, in doing so, we hand over what this is about to more pernicious forces.” Mr Cruddas told the FT: “Trite comments about protectionism or xenophobia do not address the whole question of equality [for British workers] before the law. If the Labour party can’t grasp this and articulate that, then other forces will.”"

"Unions risk stoking up extremism by striking over foreign workers, a senior MP warned last night. Labour’s Keith Vaz admitted Gordon Brown triggered the row with his empty promise of “British jobs for British workers”. The ex-Minister said the phrase and wildcat strikes played into the hands of the Far Right." – The Sun

‘British jobs for British graduates’

"The Government may restrict the number of highly skilled migrants allowed into Britain because ministers fear many of the record 400,000 graduates leaving university this summer will fail to find work in the recession. Phil Woolas, the Immigration minister, wants to tighten the points-based system for people from outside the EU so they do not take jobs that might otherwise go to British graduates." – The Independent

BBC accused of double standards over the sacking of Carol Thatcher

"Conservative MP Phillip Davies, who sits on the media select committee, said: ‘Carol’s comments are indefensible and if she has caused offence then it is the BBC’s right to remove her. ‘But, it does seem to me to be the height of double standards. Are the BBC saying that Carol’s comments are more offensive than when Jonathan Ross called up a 78-year-old and shouted lewd messages detailing sexual acts with his granddaughter. ‘It does seem there is one rule for Ross and another for others." – Daily Mail

Simon Burns MP fined £400 for cycling accidentTimes

Obama seeks to dilute ‘Buy American’ components of stimulus bill Times | EU and Canada complain

And finally… Downing Street flies Union Flag upside down

Brownupsidedown"Downing Street was forced into making a grovelling apology yesterday for displaying the Union Flag upside down during an official ceremony… Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell said: “It’s an unbelievable flaw in protocol by Number 10. You’d think they would know which way the flag was flown. Whoever is responsible for this should know better.”" – Daily Express


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