11.30pm WATCH: John McCain explains why he opposes President Obama’s expensive stimulus

9.30pm Graeme Archer on CentreRight blogs on media manipulation of Jade Goody et al

Brineondoorstep8pm Seats and candidates: Steve Brine launches YouTube channel in his battle for Winchester

2pm ToryDiary: Cameron calls for bank bonuses to be limited to £2,000 and contracts ripped up if necessary

1pm ToryDiary: David Cameron tells Iain Dale that extra state
funding of political parties is "last thing you want to spend money on"
during these tough times

Noon WATCH: UK Libertarian Party highlights erosions of British freedoms

10am ToryDiary: Who will be the first politician to tell the truth about Britain’s public finances?

ToryDiary: Polls predict Tory majority of 70+ (but can’t agree on strength of LibDems)

Neil Wilson on Platform: Towards a better definition of Unionism

Mark Wallace on Local government: We need a better system for funding the police

Labour’s welfare guru defects to the Conservatives

"Sir David Freud, architect of Labour’s planned benefit system shake-up, is expected to be appointed shadow welfare minister by Tory leader David Cameron. Party sources say Mr Cameron plans to nominate Sir David for a peerage and make him Lords spokesman on welfare." – BBC

> Last night’s ToryDiary: The defections have started

David Cameron sets out his answer to the West Lothian Question

"He promised to set up a special English-only committee at Westminster which would be closed to MPs from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and which – apart from exceptional circumstances – could not be overruled by the Commons as a whole. ‘For English-only legislation, we would have a sort of English grand committee,’ he said." – Mail on Sunday

Osborne and Clarke to lead attacks on Brown so Cameron doesn’t put off womenSunday Telegraph

Labour has wrecked the nation’s public and private finances – Michael Fallon MP in The Sunday Telegraph

"Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), bailed out with billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money, hired top sports stars on “reckless” contracts to entertain clients as part of a £200m sponsorship binge." – The Sunday Times  

"Lord Digby Jones, until recently the minister of state for trade, uses a television programme tomorrow night to describe the UK economy as in a state of "emergency" and to question key pledges made by the government to help people find work." – Observer

Breakdown Britain

"Britain is doing low-life better than almost all other developed countries. A growing segment, which Charles Murray in a pioneering investigation for this newspaper called the underclass, is devoid of the values and morality of a civilised society which foolishly provides the financial incentives to behave badly. We saw it in the case of Karen Matthews, who drugged and imprisoned her daughter to extract money from the public and the media, and we see it again now." – Sunday Times leader

"The advantage of marriage is confirmed by the social statistics. Children cared for by two parents usually do better at school, are less likely to truant, are less likely to get into trouble with the police or to take drugs and are likely to enjoy better health. It is difficult enough for two parents to bring up their children, but for one person to do so alone is naturally much harder." – William Rees-Mogg in the Mail on Sunday

William Hague on David Cameron’s cohesive team

"There is no problem between myself and George Osborne over David
Cameron describing me as his deputy. George Osborne is indispensable to
everything David has achieved, so it’s no slight on him in any way.
I’ve never known a team in politics to be as cohesive and to be on such
good personal terms. I think that will continue because nobody is
jostling for position and thinking about who is going to be the next
leader." – William Hague during the course of an interview with the Mail on Sunday

"Out of depth" Jacqui Smith may lose the Home Office

"The Home secretary, Jacqui Smith, has privately indicated that she fears for her political future, amid Tory claims that she is “out of her depth” and speculation among MPs that Gordon Brown may want to replace her." – The Sunday Times

Neighbours question how much time Jacqui Smith spends at sister’s house – Mail on Sunday

Only Alan Johnson as Labour leader can hold back the Tories
– John Rentoul in The Independent on Sunday

Andrew Rawnsley predicts huge divides within the Labour Party once its out of power The Observer

MPs have increased the “golden parachute” payments they will receive when they leave parliamentThe Sunday Times

And finally…

Imagine if the Tories had won the 2005 General Election and Michael Howard had had to navigate Britain during these treacherous economic times – Iain Martin in The Sunday Telegraph


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