7pm WATCH: Haringey’s ex-social services chief Sharon Shoesmith attacks ‘reckless’ Ed Balls

6pm AmericaInTheWorld: Joe Biden points to continuation of Bush’s missile defence policy and new spirit of partnership in US foreign policy

Heathlong3pm ToryDiary: On this day in 1974 Ted Heath called a snap election

1.15pm ToryDiary: Liberal Democrats up sharply in ICM poll

ToryDiary: Cameron vows to create a good school in every community

Brooks Newmark MP on Platform urges us to remember the Forgotten crisis in the Central African Republic

Seats and candidates: Search for 100 Peers: Ashley Dearnley

Local government: Gloucestershire buys table salt

Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight on Tony Blair’s religious remarks: ‘Really Prime Minister; This is not America, you know’

WATCH: Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson describes Gordon Brown as a "one-eyed Scottish idiot" who lies to the British people

Sarkozy v Brown (and v Prague)

"Relations between Britain and France nose-dived yesterday after the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, branded Gordon Brown’s economic rescue plan a failure… If the British quietly fumed, the Czechs were furious after Sarkozy lambasted French carmakers’ operations outside France. "When a manufacturer – I won’t name names – sets up a factory in the Czech Republic to sell cars to French people, that’s unjustified," Sarkozy argued in flat contradiction of Europe’s single market." – Guardian


The rich men and dodgy money around David Cameron
– Peter Oborne in the Daily Mail

Interest rate cuts cause new funding problems for local authoritiesBBC

Britain’s top bankers prepare for grilling by the Treasury Select CommitteeTimes

Britain ready to follow U.S. lead on capping bank bonuses – Daily Mail

Sir Mark Thatcher says the BBC is behaving like the StasiTelegraph

Adrian Chiles gives The Sun an eye witness account of Carol Thatcher’s remarks: "Call me politically correct, but it’s totally horrible to call a black person a golliwog — and even worse to then try to duck it by saying it was a joke."

"Lord Reith must turn in his grave. The BBC is now estranged from most of those who fund it. Its wholesale reform is a matter of the utmost urgency." – Simon Heffer in The Telegraph

Labour MPs told to flood Twitter with messagesIndependent

The return of union militancy

"A rash of 1970s-style unofficial walkouts by British workers over issues such as tea breaks spurred employers to use foreign workers in the sector at the centre of a wave of industrial unrest in recent weeks, industry insiders have told the Financial Times."

Moderate Republican Senators knock $150bn off stimulus bill as part of deal with ObamaTelegraph

And finally…

"He is gagging for a fag so we shiver outside while he gasps down a scraggy roll-up, ranting against the smoking ban. If only a proportion of anti-tobacco energy, he says, were invested in pursuing the true source of the cancer epidemic: the chemical industry spurting out pesticides, hormone replicators and plastics." – Zac Goldsmith during an interview with The Times


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