11.15pm ToryDiary: Reshuffle speculation is getting out of control

6.30pm Dale Bassett on CentreRight: Social mobility cannot be achieved by decree

4pm WATCH: Four minute American video that argues that fiscal stimulus schemes have failed from 1930s America to 1990s Japan.

3.30pm Alex Deane on CentreRight defines "proportionate" in the context of Gaza

3.15pm Parliament: Robert Sturdy bemoans EU pesticides ban

Noon Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: What is proportionate?

Charles_walker_210.15am Parliament: MP of the day – Charles Walker for his speech on mental health

9.45am ToryDiary: Does The Telegraph have an infiltrator?

ToryDiary: Cameron ready to cut Commons by 60 MPs and make all seats of equal size

Peter Luff MP on Platform: We need fewer but more powerful select committees

Parliament: Liam Fox says we should be celebrating when the US military "takes out" al-Qaeda leaders in Pakistan

Nick Seaton on Local government: Bring back geography lessons

Seats and candidates: Search for 100 Peers: Simon Wolfson of NEXT

Picture_3 WATCH:

Tories 10% ahead as Brown bounce fadesTimes | Yesterday evening’s ToryDiary

David Cameron defends Alan Duncan

"In an Financial Times interview, the Conservative leader said Mr Duncan’s decision to go on a parliamentary skiing trip, rather than attend the Tories’ recession tour, came after he had been on duty over Christmas. “I don’t think it’s fair to criticise him – he works extremely hard,” said Mr Cameron. The Tory leader dismissed suggestions that he thought only a minority of his 31-strong shadow cabinet team had the experience and skills to serve in government. “It’s complete and utter rubbish,” he said. “People in my shadow cabinet are there because they’re good.”"

More of the FT interview here.

Westminster’s right-leading insiders recommend against return for Clarke

"David Cameron should not bring Ken Clarke back on to the Tory frontbench. That’s the strong verdict of right-leaning members of the PHI100 whose members include senior Tory MPs and key party strategists. But in a notably split judgement, left-leaning and liberal members of the expert panel think that the Tory leader would  strengthen his top team by including the former Chancellor."- Andrew Rawnsley on PoliticsHome

New Tory debt campaign

Debtcrisisheader "Every baby born in Britain will be saddled with a £17,000 debt thanks to runaway Government borrowing, Tory leader David Cameron claimed yesterday." – The Sun

> ConservativeHome’s verdict on the campaign: "Almost perfect"

Labour is considering £20bn loan guarantee scheme for small businessesBBC

Osborneheadshot George Osborne issued this statement: "With Conservative policies to help get unemployed people back into work and guarantee business lending now being adopted by the government, it is clear that the Conservatives are setting the serious policy agenda for the recession. We have been calling on Gordon Brown to introduce National Loan Guarantee Scheme for two months and while the Prime Minister has dithered dozens of businesses and thousands of jobs have been lost. Let us hope that they will properly implement this Conservative policy rather than a pale imitation, or else they run the risk of repeating the mistakes of their expensive temporary VAT cut and achieving nothing.”

£10,000 in loyalty payments for good teachers in England’s toughest schoolsBBC

Picture_4 The Blairites return to the heart of Labour and make peace with Brown – Nick Watt in The Guardian

The Times‘ Rachel Sylvester still sees fundamental disagreements between the Blairites and Brown.

[Guardian image].

It’s certainly not all rosy in the Labour family: Also in The Guardian is a report that Hilary Benn, Ed Miliband, Harriet Harman and John Denham all object to Brown’s likely green light for a third runway at Heathrow.

The Telegraph backs a third runway for Heathrow.

A new low for Liverpool’s Derek Hatton

"Left-winger Derek Hatton has made an astonishing attack on Baroness Thatcher, saying it was a ‘shame’ she had ever been born. The former deputy leader of Liverpool Council criticised the former Prime Minister’s mother for ‘not believing in abortion’." – Daily Mail

 And finally…

The 22 books you need to be like the Camerons – Guardian

The Independent also chooses its favourite features from the Cameron home.


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