7pm Seats and Candidates: Tory-UUP Alliance to seek broad range of candidates – who are in it for the long term

12.30pm Robert Halfon on CentreRight: We sang God Save the Queen and rallied for peace against Hamas Islamist Terror

10.30am ToryDiary: Highlights of David Cameron’s interview with Andrew Marr this morning


Bernard Jenkin MP on Platform: "The end of the Parliamentary term left the Damian Green affair hastily
and shoddily shoved aside, but the important issue at stake remains,
not the future of the Speaker, nor what the Home Secretary knew, nor
even whether Damian Green is innocent or guilty.  The most important
issue may seem arcane; it is parliamentary privilege."

Also on Platform: Rupert Matthews writes the second part of his examination of ‘What would happen if Britain tried to leave the EU?’

Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Give Harry a break

Local government:

Seats and candidates: Search for 100 Peers: Andy Street

Parliament: Dan Hannan objects to EU working hours cap

International: Canada’s Conservatives join the rush to fiscal stimulus

WATCH: Anti-Israel demo in London descends into violence

Today’s must-read: Nick Cohen on the transfer of wealth from young to oldObserver

John Redwood’s recipe for hastening the end of the recession

"Mr Brown should invite the Financial Services Authority, the Bank of England, the Treasury and the commercial banks to a meeting to hammer out the right mixture of regulation, loans and guarantees so that they can restore normal lending levels more quickly." – John Redwood in The Telegraph

Strong criticism of George Osborne from David Smith

"Every day, sometimes on several occasions, an e-mail arrives in my inbox on behalf of George Osborne, the Conservative shadow chancellor. Issued in response to a minor economic indicator or flaky forecast, these missives, apart from rather demeaning the office of shadow chancellor, are usually harmless enough and can be safely ignored… Osborne and his leader, David Cameron, have had a bad crisis. Baited by Brown as the “do nothing” party, they have been provoked into small, largely irrelevant initiatives. Even Brown’s enemies do not hold him entirely responsible for the worst advanced-country downturn since 1945. Cameron and Osborne, overplaying the blame card, invite ridicule and allow Brown to get away with things he should carry the can for, such as over-spending in the good times." – David Smith, The Sunday Times’ Economics Editor

Damian Green set for promotion after he is cleared
Telegraph | Yesterday evening’s ToryDiary

Iain Martin: The TaxPayers’ Alliance and Global Vision offer a right way forward for Eurosceptics

"The economic crisis has changed the world, and the resulting tensions in the eurozone are creating stress fractures that could easily force several countries to leave it this year. If that happens, it will transform the debate about the future direction of the EU and open up the possibility of a looser relationship for states that choose it. Some patience is required. Until then, the new campaign by the Taxpayers’ Alliance and Global Vision should guide the Tories. Best point out, calmly, how expensive the grand project of the EU is, at a time when there is so little money around. The Eurosceptic way to voters’ hearts should this time be through their wallets." – Iain Martin in The Telegraph

> Yesterday’s ToryDiary: UKIP could take 10% of Tory vote in Euro elections

The Observer highlights Alan Duncan’s outside interests

"Alan Duncan, the shadow business secretary under fire for spending too much time on outside business interests, is contracted to work four weeks every year for an oil company. The MP for Rutland and Melton is being paid £35,000 a year to work 20 days by Arawak Energy, an exploration company with interests in Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan." – Observer

Green campaigners urge David Cameron to keep Peter Ainsworth

"The Tory leader faces fierce resistance from the environmental community if he removes Peter Ainsworth from his Defra brief. Mr Ainsworth is among those tipped for the sack, but campaigners warn that sacking the well-respected MP would confirm fears that Mr Cameron has ditched his commitment to the environment." – Independent on Sunday

Peter Ainsworth writes for The Independent on Sunday about his Green Energy Bill and its aim "to cut bureaucratic blockages in the planning system, making it easier for people, farms and businesses to install renewable energy."

George Osborne considers tax breaks for investors in green causes – Telegraph

Tories "sideline" Party Treasurer, Michael SpencerMail on Sunday

Scottish Tories deny budget deal with SNPSunday Express

Matt Lewis apologises for ‘Madeleine bad taste costume’

""I completely regret my behaviour that night and since, and cannot express how sorry I am for the incredible hurt I have caused. Whilst my actions were not meant to be malicious, I fully understand the pain they have brought." – Sky News | CF Diary discussion thread

Gordon Brown wants to give a peerage to Alistair CampbellIndependent on Sunday

Alan Milburn to join Team Brown with mandate to examine mobility into professions – Telegraph | BBC

George Bush rejected Israel’s request for bunker busting bombs for Iran raidNew York Times


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