11.15pm Simon Chapman on CentreRight: This crisis is not a failure of market economics

4pm ToryDiary: Now it’s John Prescott’s turn to launch a Labour-supporting website

12.30pm ToryDiary: Daniel Kawczynski MP persists in his complaint about police’s arrival in his office


Seats and candidates: The ConservativeHome Selection Surgery with Roger Evans

Robert Halfon on CentreRight: A different definition of ‘Love Bombing’

Today’s must-read: Gordon Brown’s City Ministers launches strong attack on bankers

"With figures yesterday pointing to a longer and deeper recession than feared, lasting into 2010, Lord Myners says that banks have been mismanaged and delivers the strongest attack so far on those responsible. He also reveals that the banking system was close to collapse before the first bailout was announced. “We were very close on Friday, October 10. There were two or three hours when things felt very bad, nervous and fragile. Major depositors were trying to withdraw — and willing to pay penalties for early withdrawal — from a number of large banks.”" – Times

How many Tory MPs will rebel on Heathrow?

Philip Davies, Peter Lilley and Ann Widdecombe are among potential rebels according to The Independent.  Chris Grayling and Alan Duncan are said to be unhappy in the shadow cabinet.

Liberal Democrat peer targets Lord Ashcroft’s tax status in economic debate

"In yet another attempt to target the likes of Tory peers Lord Ashcroft and Lord Laidlaw, Lord Oakeshott, a Liberal Democrat peer, said during a debate that the UK was facing an economic "war" and compared non-domiciled peers to draft-dodgers." – Herald

Tory hedge fund donors made £12m short-selling on Barclays as its share price plummeted – Daily Mail

"The Tory heavyweight"The Independent profiles new Party Chairman Eric Pickles

Gordon Brown wins race to be first European leader to speak to President ObamaBBC

International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander complains to BBC about decision not to broadcast Gaza appealTimes

Should Labour be more regretful about recent economic mistakes?

""We haven’t got our language right," one senior [Labour] figure told me. "We’ve got to be more open about what went wrong on our watch. Then we can move on and focus on the choice between us and the Tories about how to put it right."" – Andrew Grice in The Independent

Government shelves plans to introduce all black shortlists for parliament

"The Labour MP Keith Vaz said without the special measures it could take decades before the Commons looked like the country it is supposed to represent. Vaz, who chairs Labour’s ethnic minority taskforce and who sits on Labour’s national executive committee, said: "They have not put it in the bill because they thought they would not get it through parliament, but I think we would have. It has the support of the Liberal Democrats and I don’t think the Conservatives would have opposed it because it does not compel any party to have it, it just stops it from being unlawful.’" – Guardian

Labour plan to base council tax bills on social backgroundDaily Mail

BBC report Brian Wheeler records ten lessons from spending a week with MEPsBBC

Special Relationship still counts in the Barack Obama era – Christopher Meyer in The Telegraph

And finally… Simon Heffer rants against the Scots

"The sooner the bunch of Scots who govern us are booted into history the better. I don’t say that the English would be any better, but at least we would be paying for our own mistakes rather than someone else’s. Never has the case for English independence from the Scots been so overwhelming. Sadly, I suspect that in the present state of penury England will be saddled with them for another 302 years of high-end welfarism at least." – Simon Heffer in The Telegraph


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