6.15pm Mark Field MP on CentreRight: MPs must set the lead on public sector pensions by agreeing to a one-third reduction in their own benefits

6pm WATCH: Why on earth didn’t Labour prepare for the bust? asks George Osborne

4.45pm AmericaInTheWorld: Obama approves first controversial military action of his Presidency

1.45pm Local Government: 22% increase in Council staff on over £50,000 a year

1.45pm WATCH: Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse discusses opposition to the third runway at Heathrow and the idea of a ‘Boris Island airport’

Picture_311.15pm AmericaInTheWorld: Barack Obama’s first executive order requires closure of Guantanamo

1pm Parliament: Written answers round-up

12.30pm ToryDiary: George Osborne targets Labour’s "endless announcements" as fears grow of recession worse than the 1980s

11.30am Parliament: Alan Duncan does Business Questions then calls for disclosure of MPs’ expenses

10.45am Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Thank God that Barack Obama wasn’t aborted

10am Parliament: Julian Lewis MP says MPs should NOT face disclosure of rejected expense applications

ToryDiary: The self-evident nonsense of Gordon Brown

Dontreduce John Leonard on Platform: Don’t reduce our representation at Westminster

Local government: What makes a city an investment destination? and BNP defeated in Bexley by-election

Seats and candidates: Search for 100 Peers: Don Porter

"Arrogant", "disrespectful", "aggressive", "condescending"
Simon Chapman on CentreRight reflects on David Miliband’s recent trip to India

Michael Fallon: Treasury must declare the true cost of bank bailout or face consequences from ratings agencies

Fallon_michael "Michael Fallon, the senior Conservative on the [Treasury] committee, said there was concern among MPs over the lack of information available at a time when the Treasury balance sheet was changing almost by the week. He said: “Public companies are required to publish quarterly data on their accounts and, given the scale of public investment, the taxpayer deserves no less information from the Treasury. Mr Fallon said that it was in the Treasury’s interest to get the figures out. “Eventually they will run into trouble with credit rating agencies if they are not clear about the extent of liabilities on the public purse.”” – Times

Cameron: Britain could run out of money very soon

"In his strongest remarks to date on the financial crisis, the Tory leader said if the Government continued on its present course, ‘the money will run out’. He refused to predict when national bankruptcy could occur but warned it could come ‘very soon’." – Daily Mail

Grayling warns that Labour has no answers to rise in acquisitive crime in "credit crunch crime wave"

Grayling_chris "Burglaries, fraud and robberies at knifepoint have risen steeply, in the first sign that the recession is fuelling an increase in crime…. Chris Grayling, the Shadow Home Secretary, said: “The statistics show the harsh consequence of Gordon Brown’s economic downturn. This is made much worse because the Home Secretary clearly has no idea how to deal with this credit-crunch crime wave.”" – The Times | Independent

A health service memo – leaked to the Conservatives – says Labour is "rattled" over the "failure" to eradicate mixed-sex wardsBBC

Ed Vaizey MP on the licence fee

"While we support the licence fee, and believe it is the best way to fund the BBC for the foreseeable future, we believe the level of the licence fee is at the top end of what is acceptable to the public." – Ed Vaizey MP in The Independent

The success of British broadcasting has been as much thanks to competition as to subsidy, argues Jeremy Hunt in The Telegraph

Left reacts to avid Cameron’s ‘Progressive Conservatism’

"Cameron’s speech may have sounded as if it was about political philosophy. Yet it was at least as much a speech about politics. In particular, it was a speech about how Cameron wants to govern. Towards the end, Cameron makes it clear – I paraphrase – that he wants to campaign for office as a progressive conservative and then, in office, to govern as a progressive conservative. The parallel with Blair’s "campaign as New Labour, govern as New Labour" is hard to miss." – Martin Kettle in The Guardian

"Cameron has set out his stall. He is a leader who believes in a small state and that by doing less his government will succeed in bringing about progressive outcomes. The economic crisis has reinforced his view rather than challenged it: "The recession doesn’t vindicate big government… It hammers the final nail in the coffin." You will hear a different take from those banks, rail companies, car manufacturers and others who are pleading for the Government to do more." – Steve Richards in The Independent

> Yesterday’s ToryDiary: Introducing ‘Red Toryism’

Daniel Kawczynski MP ‘rushed’ to complain about police before getting his facts together

Kawczynski_daniel "Michael Martin, the Speaker of the House of Commons, has ticked off Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski who complained about the police entering his office without a warrant. He told Mr Kawczynski that he ought to have waited to get his "facts together" before rushing to tell the Commons about the incident in a late night intervention." – Telegraph | The Herald

High marks for Alan Duncan from Quentin Letts reviewing his first Business questionsDaily Mail

The Commons Standards and Privileges committee finds Peter Hain guilty of "serious" failuresSky

Backlog of asylum cases doublesBBC


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