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Villiers_theresa_nw_3 Theresa Villiers leads opposition to Heathrow expansion – and warns that a Tory Government would cancel contracts

"The Government was warned last night that it faced a long and bitter struggle to secure the expansion of Heathrow after giving the go-ahead to controversial plans for a third runway. Theresa Villiers, the shadow Secretary of State for Transport, warned building companies not to sign contracts. She said: "Make no mistake: we will find a way of stopping this from happening. Anyone out there thinking about signing up to this does so at their own risk." Having taken legal advice, the Conservatives are convinced that an incoming government would have the power to scrap all contracts agreed between the airports operator BAA and its sub-contractors, although compensation might have to be paid." – Independent

"Some opposition politicians believe there may be huge electoral gains from campaigning against Heathrow… The subject also poses risks for David Cameron, with some senior frontbenchers, including Patrick McLoughlin, Alan Duncan and Chris Grayling, all thought to be supporters of a third runway. Meanwhile, the Mayor of London proposes creating a new airport on wetland, something Mr Cameron opposes." – The Times

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The sketchwriters have a field day with John McDonnell’s "Mogwli moment"

"He picked up the Mace. He did not grab it but lifted it gingerly, as if his real purpose might be to dust under it. For a few long tantalising seconds, the elaborate golden object rested on his palms, held out almost as an offering. It looked wrong. Surely Mr McDonnell should be waving the thing about, brandishing it as Michael Heseltine had in 1976. That was a Tarzan moment. This, however, was a Mowgli moment." – Ann Treneman in The Times

"The natural use for the mace, to hit Mr Hoon over the head, was not open to Mr McDonnell, but he had already caused a tremor to run through the Chamber: the shock not just of someone breaking the rules, but of seeing a man beside himself with emotion." – Andrew Gimson in the Daily Telegraph

Tory call for ban on second jobs for police

"A political row has broken out after the Conservatives said they would consider preventing police officers from having second jobs. Shadow police minister David Ruffley said it was "hard to see" justification for police doing supplementary work… Police minister Vernon Coaker accused Mr Ruffley and other Conservatives of double standards, saying many on their frontbench had "well-paid jobs" in addition to being MPs." – BBC

Ainsworth_peter_new Peter Ainsworth: End crippling water bills for churches and community groups

"The Government must step in to stop vital community organisations being "unfairly clobbered" by exorbitant new water bills, the Conservatives have said… Some churches, Scout troops and sports clubs – which were previously exempt from surface water drainage charges – have seen their water bills rise by as much as 1,300 per cent to reach £5,000 a year… Peter Ainsworth, the Shadow Environment Secretary, said: "In a severe economic downturn the last thing voluntary bodies, community groups and churches need is a hefty new bill due to changes in the way their water is charged. These buildings are often the hub of the local community and provide vital support networks." – Daily Telegraph

Welsh Tories announce expenses clampdown

"The Welsh Conservatives are promising to introduce ‘robust guidelines’ for their assembly members expenses claims. An allowance committee will write the rules, following criticism of claims by party leader Nick Bourne, including one for an iPod which he has since repaid. A statement after a shadow cabinet meeting in Cardiff Bay said Tory AMs gave their leader "unanimous support". Mr Bourne maintains he has faced a "witch hunt", and said all parties need to address issues surrounding expenses." – BBC

Boris Johnson’s new ambassador for young people admits trying cannabis in his youth

"A Tory member of the London assembly who was appointed by Boris Johnson to tackle youth crime has admitted using cannabis in his youth. James Cleverly, the member for Bexley and Bromley, gave an interview with the London Paper yesterday in which he described trying "a little bit of dope" in his younger days." – Guardian

Two budding Tories with a hinterland in television

"Step forward Jimmy Buchan. The 49-year-old Scots skipper, best known for his starring role in the BBC’s Trawlermen television series, now hopes to trade 30 years’ experience of high seas and storms in the country’s most dangerous profession for the perpetually turbulent environment of Parliament. – The Scotsman | Jimmy Buchan selected for Banff and Buchan

Picture_2 "A former reality television contestant has been chosen by the Conservatives to contest the Waddon by-election caused by the untimely death of Croydon mayor Jonathan Driver. Clare Hilley, a 25-year-old trainee solicitor, starred on the BBC1 show Castaway in 2007. But she is no stranger to politics, having unsuccessfully contested two local elections, before her foray into television." – Croydon Advertiser

Government minister almost worked for John Major’s administration

"Lady Vadera, the business minister and one of Gordon Brown’s closest allies, discussed a job working in John Major’s Conservative administration, the FT can reveal. The talks happened when Lady Vadera was working for UBS Warburg, the investment bank, in the early 1990s. A “mutual City contact” introduced her to Sarah Hogg, at that time head of the Number 10 Policy Unit in Mr Major’s government." – FT

MPs defy the judges to keep ‘John Lewis’ expenses list secret

"Details of MPs’ claims for plasma televisions, furniture and cleaning bills will be kept secret after Harriet Harman bowed to backbenchers’ pressure to stop expenses claims being published. MPs are preparing to pass a new law next week that will exempt them from parts of the Freedom of Information Act, meaning that they will never again be forced to publish receipts for their claims, in defiance of an order by the High Court." – Times

UUP Assembly Member in attack on Tory "liberalistos"Belfast News Letter

Boris announces two new 2012 advisorsBBC

Treasury plans ‘bad bank’ to buy toxic assets Daily Telegraph

Ex-military top brass brand Trident "useless"Guardian

Eurozone interest rates cut to 2% BBC


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