9pm WATCH: David Cameron says Gordon Brown’s refusal to regret search of Damian Green’s office is "very, very disappointing"

8.45pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight examines leaking and makes this important observation:

"We should also keep separate the almost equally important, but different, constitutional principles involved in the police searching a Commons office and the police arresting an opposition MP for being embarrassing.  They are both important, but I fear that MPs may become over-focused on the former (which the ordinary public will not understand) to the detriment of the latter."

8.30pm Local Government: "Local Democracy Bill" means more box ticking Government gimicks imposed on Town Halls

5.30pm WATCH: Michael Martin explains his role in consent for raid on Damian Green’s office

4.45pm ToryDiary: Government and banks agree up-to-two-year mortgage holiday if you lose your job

4.30pm WATCH: Mandelson launches counter attack against Tories on Damian Green

3.45pm Local Government: Because we’re worth it? Councillors allowances league table for London published

3.30pm ToryDiary: Highlights of David Cameron’s response to Queen’s Speech

3.30pm ToryDiary: The Sergeant-at-Arms can’t have ever watched Juliet Bravo

2.45pm Parliament: Reflections on the Queen’s Speech

Picture_8 2.30pm ToryDiary: Police entered Commons without warrant, Sergeant-at-Arms rather than Speaker consented to search

2.30pm WATCH: Tony Blair interviewed on CNN about Hillary Clinton’s appointment as Secretary of State and the immediate challenges in the Middle East

1.45pm Greg Hands observes on CentreRight that Angela Merkel is starting to sound like Margaret Thatcher

11.15am ToryDiary: "The first thing I want to talk to you about today is the Queen’s Speech. I’ve read it, but I can’t tell you what’s in it – as I would be arrested."

11.15am Seats and candidates: Loanna Morrison adopted for Bermondsey and Old Southwark

ToryDiary: Credit crunch forces job cuts and pay freeze at CCHQ

Jesse Norman on Platform: We need to reexamine the basis of economic policy itself

Cllr Leah Fraser on Local government: Lib Dem/Lab run Wirral Council raise Council Tax but slash services

International: Sarah Palin helps Republicans to victory in Georgia

WATCH: Opposition MPs seek full debate on Speaker’s handling of Damian Green’s arrest and office search

AmericaInTheWorld: Condoleezza Rice pays tribute to "special" US-UK relationship and plays piano for The Queen during final official visit to Britain

Michael Howard and Ken Clarke set to lead questioning of Speaker

Howardmichael "Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs are planning a joint assault on the authority of Speaker Michael Martin over his role in allowing a police raid on the Parliamentary office of Damian Green… Former Tory ministers including Ken Clarke and Michael Howard are expected to spearhead the backlash over Mr Green’s detention." – Daily Mail

"The Damian Green affair is a political gift to the Conservatives, because it lays bare Brown’s Britain. Parliament itself has been corrupted, shamed by an assault on its historic freedoms. There will be no need for synthetic indignation in the Commons chamber this afternoon — the anger of MPs is almost as great as that of the rest of us. Michael Martin has presided over one of the most deplorable episodes in modern parliamentary history. It is hard to see how his Speakership can survive it or deserve to." – Max Hastings in The Daily Mail

David David and Lord Foulkes debate Speaker on Radio 4’s Today programme – BBC listen again

Jacqui Smith blasts Dominic Grieve as she denies knowledge of Green’s arrest

Smith_jacqui "Jacqui Smith last night accused David Cameron of being “entirely unfit” to be a Prime Minister — as the Damian Green row turned personal. The Home Secretary blasted the Tories’ “mischievous” claims that she DID know cops were probing an MP." – The Sun

"Britain’s most senior civil servant has reminded Whitehall staff that it is their duty to serve the Government of the day, following the arrest of a Home Office official for allegedly leaking documents to the Tories." – Telegraph

Michael Gove: We need a Swedish education system

"We would encourage new providers to locate in areas of disadvantage – through a pupil premium rewarding schools for taking children from the poorest backgrounds. There is already evidence that what has worked in Sweden can work here. In Hackney new schools have been created outside bureaucratic control. One of them, Mossbourne, is one of the best comprehensives in the country." – Michael Gove in The Independent

Tory council education chief quits after admitting working with the IRA in the 1970sDaily Mail

Cllr Maria Gatland’s resignation was discussed on the Local government pages yesterday.

Tory-UUP deal is good for Unionism

"Although Mr Cameron is unlikely to agree with the position taken by many Ulster Unionists — including Sir Reg Empey — that the Conservative Party has made “many mistakes” in Northern Ireland in the past, he has certainly give a powerful boost to the staunchly pro-Union tradition within the Conservative Party." – Letter to the Belfast Telegraph from David Shiels

Peter Mandelson, will set out plans for a new age of "industrial activism"Guardian | FT

"Banks will face huge fines if they do not treat their customers fairly, under a crackdown to be announced by the Government today." – Independent

"Former Cabinet Minister John Redwood said households must cut back on extravagant lifestyles to cope with the economic downturn." – Daily Mail

Full tax-raising powers ruled out by review of Scottish devolutionTelegraph

Tory grandee Sir Paul Judge sued by former wife over £14m charity agreement Telegraph

William Hague’s mother dies at eightySheffield Star


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