11pm Mark Field MP on CentreRight: A right to die or a duty to die?

5pm Ben Caldecott on CentreRight: Britain’s inadequate energy policy must be transformed

4.45pm Local government: Tories back powers for local authorities to stop lap dancing clubs

2.15pm AmericaInTheWorld: Obama confirms intentions to renew America’s relationship with Muslim world

1.30pm Parliament: Lord Renton asks the Government about its relations with Muslims


12.30pm Simon Chapman on CentreRight: Does it matter what causes death if it’s going to happen anyway?

ToryDiary: Today’s PMQs focuses on bank lending

11.30am Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: Economic contraction accelerating

11.30am Local Government: Tory Council bans swearing

ToryDiary: Do we need a ‘no cuts here’ list?

Borisontopgear ToryDiary: Jeremy Clarkson meets Boris Johnson

Matthew Elliott on Platform reviews Jesse Norman’s Compassionate Economics

Local government:

Peter Cuthbertson on CentreRight catches an advance screening of the Frost/Nixon film

Two video picks:

The Mail: We like the new, austere David Cameron

Dailymail "For Labour, Gordon Brown pumps up state spending and borrowing to truly terrifying levels – and hopes that with a little help from higher taxes (though not until after the election, of course) the future will take care of itself. Meanwhile, a new-look Tory leader is rising to challenge him. All but gone is the old David Cameron, the touchy-feely environmentalist who believed in ‘sharing the proceeds of growth’ (what growth?). In his place is emerging a figure of more substance, who condemns Labour’s ‘economic crimes’ and warns: ‘Taking action to control public spending is an urgent priority – right now.’" – Daily Mail leader

"Tory leader David Cameron’s call for caution over sky-high borrowing may conflict with expert opinion that we must spend our way out of recession. But isn’t he right to worry about the national debt which is now set to DOUBLE in the next four years? Should we not be concerned that state borrowing will soar to £1 TRILLION — which must be repaid in higher taxes?" – The Sun Says

> Watch Cameron deliver a key part of his austere message

The Times: How Tory economic policy changed

"The decision to drop the pledge to match Labour’s spending plans and to oppose the widely expected “fiscal stimulus” was taken at a meeting in the Tory leader’s Commons office overlooking the Thames in the week before the Pre-Budget Report. At the meeting were George Osborne, Matthew Hancock, his chief of staff and a former Bank of England executive, Oliver Letwin, Tory policy chief, Ed Llewellyn, Mr Cameron’s chief of staff, and Andy Coulson, Mr Cameron’s director of communications." – The Times‘ insidery guide to changing Tory economic policy

After months of fumbling the Tories now have a sound economic policy but it won’t be easy to sell – Times leader

The Tories have made progress in explaining their economic policy but still have further to travel – Independent leader

UK output slumps

"Output from factories, power stations, mines and the North Sea plummeted in October by 1.7 per cent, leaving it 5.2 per cent down from levels a year earlier. The speed at which the economy is shrinking has doubled to at least 1 per cent in the past three months, from an already severe 0.5 per cent officially reported for the third quarter, according to the National Institute of Economic and Social Research." – Times

Darling considers extension of taxpayer guarantees to cover business lending – FT

Daniel Finkelstein: Brown should call an election soon or face a very heavy defeat

Finkelsteindanny "The probability of a clear Labour triumph at the next election may not be very good, but it is far higher now than it will be at any time in the future. This is a Government that has presided over an economic catastrophe. How long does it think the current position – in which voters value experience and authority – will last? And when it comes to an end, boy will it come to an end." – Daniel Finkelstein in The Times

James Purnell to unveil welfare reform plansBBC

Statement from Chris Grayling: “These are Conservative ideas and they will need Conservative votes to overcome the likely Labour rebellion. The real tragedy has been the wasted decade when Labour promised change but failed to deliver it.”

Ed Miliband seeks bigger state role in energy supplyTimes

UK troops will be out of Iraq by June… to be replaced by AmericansGuardian

180,000 asylum seekers set to stay in UK because of human rights laws Telegraph

Boris Johnson loses fourth advisor

"In another blow to the Tory Mayor’s credibility, [David] Ross became the fourth of Mr Johnson’s personal appointees to leave their post in eight months. He resigned his seat on the board of Carphone Warehouse, the telecoms company he co-founded, on Monday after he admitted using his shareholding as collateral for personal loans – in a potential breach of City rules." – Independent

Butt out! The Telegraph rejects Labour’s latest attempt to reduce smoking

"We are weary of the social authoritarianism of this Government. The smoking ban in public places was imposed with a lack of flexibility that has driven many pubs to the wall, further undermining village and community life. A ban on handguns in response to a single atrocity left law-abiding shooters unable to practise their sport, put many traders out of business and did nothing to stop the rise in crimes involving firearms. An attempt to prohibit foxhunting left the law more confused than ever. Health advice and education are acceptable; but we have had enough of legislation designed to nationalise behaviour of which Labour disapproves." – Telegraph leader

> J P Floru on CentreRight: Lads’ mags and cigarettes: New Labour, new tyranny

The_queen_and_damian_green Green Queen greets Damian Green

The Sun has photographs of The Queen meeting Damian Green and Ann Widdecombe at a Buckingham Palace reception for MPs yesterday evening.

And finally…

A self-deprecating joke from David Camerpon: "My daughter was asked what I did by the deputy editor of the Times. She said, ‘My daddy reads the newspapers for a living. Sometimes when I’m watching cartoons on television, he switches over and watches himself instead’." (Re-told by Simon Hoggart in The Guardian).


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