9pm Ben Rogers on CentreRight: Cameron makes first major speech on international human rights

8.30pm Parliament: Douglas Hogg MP tells Commons that Government has gutted all three of the Speaker’s promises

7.45pm ToryDiary: Conservative lead down to 4% in Populus poll for tomorrow’s Times

6pm Parliament: Attempt to widen the remit of the committee considering the Damian Green arrest defeated by four votes

4.45pm ToryDiary: Conservative Research Department unaffected by recent economies

4.30pm Seats and Candidates: Gurcharan Singh selected for Ealing Southall

4.15pm Local Government: Tory Council using anti-terror laws to spy on paper boys with the wrong permit

4pm Jonathan Isaby on CentreRight: Thailand’s new Prime Minister – the Cameron (and Boris) connection

3.30pm Nick Bosanquet on CentreRight: "The Government’s response to the banking crisis has been inconsistent and overly punitive."

3.15pm  Local Government: Labour run Nottingham Council bans Shetland ponies from Cinderella and Labour’s tax on tree houses

1.45pm Parliament: Scottish Conservatives promise to scrutinise Climate Change Bill

12.30pm Latest on CentreRight:

Gove_michael_nw_3 Noon ToryDiary: Michael Gove condemns proposed changes to primary curriculum

11.45 am Local Government: Shannon Matthews: Kirklees Council accepts "review"

10.45am Parliament: How will modern technology further change politics?

ToryDiary: Is it time for another Tory Speaker?

Jeffrey Peel on Platform: Changing Northern Ireland’s political landscape

Seats and Candidates: Judith Pattinson selected to fight Workington again

Dan Hamilton on CentreRight agrees with Dr Crippen: It’s time to get our nurses back to nursing

Martinmichael_6 Speaker weakened yet further as Commons debates Damian Green’s arrest today

"The future of Michael Martin, the Speaker of the House of Commons, was in the balance last night after David Cameron suggested that he no longer had confidence in him. Support for Mr Martin was falling away as he faced a cross-party assault on his integrity over his handling of the police raid on the office in the Palace of Westminster of Damian Green, the Shadow Immigration Minister. Calls for his departure grew after a former Deputy Speaker, Lord Naseby, said he was “amazed” that Mr Martin had failed to stop the police entering the office without a warrant." – The Times

"Mr Martin’s spokeswoman indicated he would be prepared to carry on as Speaker after the next election, but stressed he would listen to the concerns of his constituencies in the House of Commons and his Glasgow parliamentary seat. Critics reacted with alarm, as a survey of backbenchers carried out by the BBC found 32 of the 90 MPs who took part said they had lost confidence in Mr Martin, with 50 believing he was "culpable". Some MPs warned that backbench critics of the Speaker would try to vote down his reappointment if he tried to retain his job after the next election." – Independent

Davis_david_2 "Whether it was chaotic mishandling of the first order by the police, the Home Office, and the House of Commons authorities, or the inevitable consequence of a weakened Commons and over mighty Executive, or something even more sinister, we may never know. Whatever the cause, it must never, ever, happen again." – David Davis writing in the Daily Telegraph

"The Green affair is not just about Speaker Lenthall and Charles I and what happened in 1642. I am angry because it is about the confidentiality of my constituents’ correspondence and matters of national interest in 2008. MPs individually are not above the law, but Parliament encapsulates the law on behalf of the voters. This must be protected." – Bill Cash writing in The Times

"Michael Martin may, as his critics complain, be vain, greedy, touchy, stupid, nasty to his staff and out of his depth in the chamber. But none of these is a resigning offence. He is on trial now, not because he is unpopular but because he has failed spectacularly to discharge his primary function: to defend the prerogatives of his chamber." – Telegraph leader

Cameron_david_official Further coverage of David Cameron’s successful trip to Belfast at the weekend

"As David Cameron bustled his way around Belfast on Saturday, the icy incline up to the Stormont Hotel seemed suddenly symbolic. For political parties moving their moorings, as with the recast connection between Ulster Unionists and Conservatives, can also prove a slippery slope. Given the open-to-all opportunity to question the potential next Prime Minister (though people had to apply online) the atmosphere at the ‘Cameron Direct’ event could have been distinctly frosty. But Cameron came, he thawed and, mostly, he conquered." – Belfast Telegraph

"Mr Cameron reiterated that if the alliance is formally agreed that the "new force" will contest every Westminster constituency, which would rule out a pact between Ulster Unionists and the DUP to try to take the SDLP seat of Alasdair McDonnell in South Belfast and of Sinn Féin’s Michelle Gildernew in Fermanagh South-Tyrone." – Irish Times

> WATCH: David Cameron in Belfast talking about the new Tory-UUP alliance

Grayling_chris_nw Grayling to announce new approach to breaking benefits dependency cycle today

"Shadow work and pensions secretary Chris Grayling will announce a new "whole family" approach to ending benefit dependency and "generational worklessness" where the children of jobless parents grow up unable and unwilling to get work." – Daily Telegraph

Cameron stamps on ‘recession rhetoric’

"David Cameron is determined to impose tight controls on his party’s “recession rhetoric”, Conservative insiders say. The Tory leader will disown any comments by his MPs that might suggest they do not care about victims of the downturn and force high-profile offenders to apologise, the insiders said." – FT

Being good won’t do. Cameron must become a great prime minister

"Cameron has carried himself impressively through the first months of this [economic] crisis. But he must find it as sobering as we do to contemplate the prospect that we shall need not merely a good prime minister to steer us out the other side, but a great one. The challenge that he will inherit is greater than that which Thatcher faced in 1979." – Sir Max Hastings writing in The Guardian

Tory campaign centre in Coleshill faces axe

"A high-tech Conservative Party campaigning centre in Warwickshire is to close with the loss of 40 jobs. The site, at Coleshill, was equipped with sophisticated computer technology used to identify target voters across the country, and played a key role in the party’s 2005 general election campaign." – Birmingham Post

> Yesterday’s ToryDiary: CCHQ’s deteriorating financial position

Labour GLA leader lodges complaint about BorisBBC

Irish will hold second Lisbon referendum next yearDaily Telegraph

Alarm as Labour praises the euroExpress

Downturn will wipe out Labour’s anti-poverty gainsIndependent

Wealthy Lib Dem peer quits party over tax policyTimes

Straw to overhaul Human RIghts ActDaily Mail

Frontline police officers in declineDaily Telegraph

Report suggests scrapping history, geography and religious studies from primary curriculum  – Times

Anti-airport protesters cause chaos at Stansted this morningBBC

Brown, Sarkozy and Barroso in London summit todayAFP

Picture_4 And finally… How purple became the new colour of politics

"Purple has become the go-to colour for political gravitas. By which I mean, Gordon Brown is wearing it, on his ties… But it is not just him. Darling is also in purple. In October, Brown and Miliband were in purple on the same stage, in Brussels. The broadcaster Adam Boulton decided it was the "colour of recession". Or maybe they normally ring each other up, to check they won’t clash or match, only because of the recession they can’t afford to." – Guardian


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