4.45pm Dr Crippen on CentreRight: Get our nurses back to nursing

2.45pm  Local Government: Pickles backs weekly bin collections

1.45pm Seats and candidates: Andy Morgan adopted for Bolton South East

1pm International: Eastern Europe wins concessions from Sarkozy on coal-fired power stations

ToryDiary: Waste, over-spending and poor revenue strategies contribute to CCHQ’s deteriorating financial position

William Mason on Platform: A recipe for saving £15bn of taxpayers’ money

Seats and candidates: Michelle Tempest adopted for Durham North West

Local government: Tory councillor speaks out on IRA past

David Cameron receives warm applause during speech to UUP

WATCH: David Cameron talks about the new UUP-Tory alliance

"To wild applause from nearly 700 UUP delegates, Cameron promised that Northern Ireland MPs would soon ‘have a real prospect of holding office as ministers in a Westminster government’. Cameron’s speech, on his third anniversary as Tory leader, consolidated the ties between the Tories and the UUP. The parties will field joint candidates in Northern Ireland at the next European and Westminster elections." – Observer

Trimble defends Croydon Tory councillor with IRA past – Observer

David Cameron: How I’ll mend Britain’s broken society

"Yes, we do need tougher punishment, longer sentences and more prison places. But it’s not enough just to treat the symptoms of social breakdown – we need to treat its causes. The Conservative plan starts with supporting families. We have some of the highest rates of family breakdown in Europe – and some of the worst social problems in Europe. Don’t tell me these things aren’t related." – The Conservative leader writing in the Mail on Sunday

James Purnell’s welfare reforms are tougher than those of the Tories? – Fraser Nelson in the News of the World

The Sunday Times lists James Purnell’s plans on welfare:

  • "Reform housing benefit to ensure the jobless can no longer live in large houses courtesy of the taxpayer.
  • Allow companies to bid for contracts to place the long-term unemployed in work.
  • Introduce a medical testing regime for people on incapacity benefit.
  • Impose US-style “work-fare” schemes forcing those who refuse to take jobs to work in return for benefits."

Chris Grayling plans for whole family of welfare-dependents to be examined – Observer

Three years of David Cameron

"Cameron’s achievement in the past three years has been substantial. He inherited a party that had rarely been above 40 points in the polls for a decade. In the 25 polls undertaken since late September and Labour’s party conference, the Conservatives have dipped below that 40 mark just twice." – Iain Martin in The Sunday Telegraph

> Yesterday’s ToryDiary reviews three years of accomplishments and remaining challenges

More than thirty MPs no longer have confidence in Commons Speaker Michael MartinBBC survey

I will go on and on, says defiant Speaker – The Sunday Times

"The Government is preparing new laws to allow investigators to mount parliamentary searches without a warrant." – Independent on Sunday

The Queen’s Speech reveals how few decisions Parliament has left to make – Christopher Booker in The Sunday Telegraph

Royal Navy cuts betray our brave sailors – Liam Fox in The Sunday Telegraph

Dominic Lawson: Savers won’t forgive Brown

"There are many more savers than borrowers in this country, and the millions who are net savers are increasingly furious about Brown’s dogged pursuit of the votes of those who have borrowed to the hilt. Somehow they have managed to put a bit aside, despite all the blandishments to do otherwise, and now the reward for their self-restraint is to be told to subsidise the I-want-it-now generation, while seeing the return on their savings being reduced to pin money." – Dominic Lawson in The Sunday Times

Gordon Brown has admitted to being thrashed by his headmaster while at High SchoolSunday Telegraph

Andy Burnham, the Culture Secretary, spent almost £50,000 on providing hospitality for just 20 guestsSunday Telegraph

Northern Rock is accused of selling off 1,100 repossessed homes at bargain pricesMail on Sunday


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