4pm ToryDiary: Chris Grayling is an example to his colleagues | Watch him in action today

2pm ToryDiary: Any questions for you?

1.15pm Local Government: From The Sunday Telegraph’s Waste Watch column


Mark Wallace on Local government: It’s right that we elect the police

Alex Deane on CentreRight: Perhaps these are the final days of Zanu-PF and their evil dictator of a leader…

WATCH: Obama’s scientific team are strong supporters of consensus on global warming

Chris Grayling compares Brown to a "loan shark" after Government considers 26.8% interest for emergency loans to low income households

"Thousands of people are losing their jobs every week, and it is nothing short of extraordinary that the Government’s answer is to propose abandoning interest-free emergency loans, and start charging 27% a year instead. Gordon Brown and James Purnell are behaving like loan sharks." – Chris Grayling quoted by the BBC

"The maverick Tory" – Profile of David Davis in The Observer

Nick Bourne has few fans among Welsh Tories

Bourne_nick"There are others in the Assembly group who would like to see him go.
To that list you can probably add the entire 2007 intake. In fact,
excluding Chief Whip William Graham and Shadow Economic Development
Minister David Melding, it’s difficult to see which Tories in the
Senedd would take a bullet for their leader Outside it’s even
chillier. Of the three Welsh Tory MPs, David Davies (Monmouth) would
gladly dance a merry jig on Bourne’s political grave and Stephen Crabb
(Preseli Pembrokeshire) would not shed a tear. Only David Jones
(Clwyd West) is not actively anti-Bourne, and that’s because he
basically deems the Assembly an irrelevance anyway. David Cameron is
hardly going to come out fighting for him." – Matt Withers in Wales on Sunday

Brown’s ex-aide Charlie Whelan suggests June 2009 would be "ideal" time for ElectionSky

"Unemployment is rising faster in Labour’s most vulnerable seats and in the constituencies of nearly the entire Cabinet."Independent on Sunday

"Recession will hit middle classes hardest" – George Bridges in yesterday’s Telegraph

State will be lender of last resort for Jaguar after owners have exhausted funds warns MandelsonObserver | BBC

Killer fact of the day

"The number of people who have been on benefits for more than five years has increased nearly 30% under Labour." – The Sunday Times

Dominic Lawson questions the wisdom of more and more regulation

"The sad truth, however, is that even the most capable and well-financed regulators will not anticipate every act of fraud, just as the best police force can’t prevent every burglary. The other eternal truth, which both Williams and Cameron really should know, is that regulation is the opposite of morality. The more regulations there are, the more it is believed that none of us can trust another to behave well. That probably does describe the situation in the financial world right now; but it is an illusion to think that trust can be restored by more regulation." – Dominic Lawson in The Sunday Times

Death always beats the UN to the world’s troublespots – Mary Riddell in The Sunday Telegraph

And finally…

That Jacqui Smith is doing a fabulous job, her HUSBAND writes to newspaper – Mail on Sunday

Lord Tebbit is writing a book for children starring an "illegal immigrant" dog, Ben – Sunday Telegraph

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond is the butt of the jokes at this year’s Christmas pantomimes – Scotland on Sunday


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