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Cameron accuses Brown of bombing us to bankruptcy

"David Cameron ridiculed Gordon Brown’s call for Britain to adopt the Blitz spirit yesterday by accusing him of ‘bombing’ the country to the brink of bankruptcy. The Prime Minister has claimed that the looming recession is a test of character similar to that faced during the Second World War. In his New Year message to his Tory faithful, however, Mr Cameron turned the suggestion back on Mr Brown, claiming that his ‘tax and debt bombshells’ were to blame for the economic crisis." – Daily Mail

"The Conservatives must understand, and enunciate, three things: that those in socially unproductive roles in the public sector may also lose their jobs; that spending and borrowing will, in these conditions unprecedented in most of our lifetimes, have to fall; and that increases in taxation, in whatever form they take, will serve only further to depress an economy rather than to give it the kick start for which it is crying out." – Simon Heffer in the Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday’s ToryDiary included the full text of David Cameron’s New Year message

Jeremy Hunt: Lottery good causes cash diverted to Olympics

"A quarter of all money raised for good causes through the national lottery has been spent on the Olympics or on administration the Conservatives have claimed… Mr Hunt said that the good causes – which include grassroots sport, the arts and the British film industry – will have to wait until March 24 for "lottery freedom day" when the cost of the Olympics" – Daily Telegraph

Liam Fox: Labour failing to give our forces adequate training

"Armed Forces personnel are being sent into war zones without proper training because of cost-cutting, the Conservatives have claimed. Ministry of Defence figures show that 30 per cent of training exercise cancellations in the past year were put down to "savings measures"… Dr Liam Fox, the shadow defence secretary, said the figures were another sign of Labour’s failure to prioritise defence spending at a time of severe need." – Daily Telegraph

Tory anger over knighthood for top Treasury civil servant

"The Treasury’s top official, who was at the helm during the boom before the credit crunch, has been knighted for his role in dealing with Britain’s deepening financial crisis. The move, as the pound plunged to a record low against the euro and after another slide in house prices, prompted protests that the honour was premature and self-congratulatory… Michael Fallon, a Tory member of the Commons Treasury Select Committee, said: “This award looks premature: they haven’t solved the banking crisis yet or brought stability to the financial system.” John Redwood, the Conservative backbencher, said: “We don’t want to be claiming victory until the battle is won. This battle isn’t over.”- The Times

Chris Grayling: The DWP can’t even protect its own staff

"More than one assault takes place in Jobcentres every day, official figures have revealed… The Tories, who obtained the figures, warned the risks and costs of violence against staff were set to increase as more people lose their jobs and need state help. Chris Grayling, the Tory shadow work and pensions spokesman said the situation was "nothing short of a disgrace". – Daily Telegraph

Tory attack on "nanny state" parental advice on children’s alcohol consumption

"Rather than telling parents how to bring up their children, they should be looking at the wider issue of the damage their 24-hour drinking policy has caused to society. There is no doubt that parents should act responsibly when giving alcohol to their children but this is common sense. This is yet another example of this Government’s nanny state behaviour by telling people what they should be doing in their own homes." – Mike Penning quoted in the Daily Mail

Tories’ plan to raise cash for regeneration of big cities

"Britain’s big cities could be given powers to raise millions for regeneration by selling loans on money markets if the Conservatives win the General Election. The idea is one of a series of radical measures in a local government shake-up being considered by Eric Pickles, the shadow communities secretary." – Birmingham Post

75p "insult" to pensioners in care homesDaily Mail

Private firm may track all email and callsGuardian

Labour considers car speed-limitersIndependent

Ministers’ pension pot soars to £7.4mThe Sun

"Globetrotting" MPs under fire over £1.4million "fact-finding trips"Daily Mail

Britain still the Euro-capital of teen pregnancyDaily Express

And finally… Tesco already selling Easter Eggs

"Shoppers at a Tesco store were stunned to see Easter eggs on sale — four days after Christmas. Customers burst out laughing as staff put out “Easter Treats” displays of daffodils and chocolate goodies on Monday. Stephen Roland, 31, said: “I couldn’t believe it. Selling Easter eggs three or four days after Christmas is ludicrous — particularly when Easter is in April next year.” – The Sun


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