6.45pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: On the merits of an official state religion

4.30pm Seats and candidates: News of the World "misrepresented" incomplete Ipsos MORI research

3.15pm Dan Hamilton on CentreRight: How would you reform the House of Lords?

2.45pm ToryDiary: Hague calls for Israel to stop its action against Hamas

2.15pm WATCH: James Brokenshire MP discusses the thirty-year high in fatal stabbings

2.15pm Ridley Grove on CentreRight: The Right was right Dave. You were wrong.

11.15am Local Government: Worst Council of the year? Hackney’s late entry

10am ToryDiary: Public expenditure control (not tax) is now the number one challenge for George Osborne

10am Louise Bagshawe on CentreRight: Reviewers wanted for Political Book of the Year

ToryDiary: Grassroots want the ‘big beasts’ in the shadow cabinet

Local government: Cllr Patricia O’Brien defends Suffolk Conservatives’ schools policies

Robert Halfon on CentreRight: If we want an enduring peace in the Middle East, then Israel must be allowed to defeat Hamas in Gaza

Today’s must-read: "Out of the Gaza bloodshed the real winner is…Iran" – Michael Burleigh in the Daily Mail

Osborne talks of trio of Tory tax cuts

"The Tories are preparing a tax cuts agenda to prove they have the right ideas to rescue Britain from the economic slump. Chief
among them will be a vow to reverse Labour plans to increase National
Insurance contributions by more than  £5billion after the next election. But there will also be help for savers and pensioners." – Daily Express | ToryDiary

Tories step up economic critique of Labour

Picture_4[Image from Christmas Eve’s Sun]

"Yesterday, David Cameron and Mr Osborne foreshadowed their winter
offensive against the Prime Minister, stepping up their attacks on
Gordon Brown’s stewardship of the economy. Mr Cameron accused Mr
Brown of "economic crimes", insisting that the Prime Minister had
driven Britain to "the brink of bankruptcy". Mr Osborne said the
Government’s spending policies were turning the country into "a
bankrupt country on the verge of becoming the sick man of Europe again
with high unemployment"." – Independent

"Most Britons believe the recession will last for two years, according to a Financial Times/Harris poll."

More than 1,600 people will lose their jobs every day during 2009 – Telegraph

"More than 100,000 families are receiving benefits payments worth more than the average worker’s take-home pay" – Telegraph

Business leaders want freeze in minimum wage – BBC

Michael Gove highlights massive breakdown in school discipline

"Thousands of children are being suspended from schools for offences that could warrant expulsion, the Tories have said." – Yorkshire Post

"More pupils are likely to answer male teachers back in the classroom and disrupt their lessons. Female teachers report a drop in rowdy behaviour, though they are more likely to be harangued by aggressive parents." – Independent

"Fatal stabbings have risen to their highest level in three decades, say the Conservatives"BBC

Tory MEP slams China for its trade in dog and cat fur

"A Scottish Conservative MEP has warned China it must ban the trade of dog and cat fur if it hopes to join the "civilised" world. Struan Stevenson, a long-time campaigner against the fur trade, issued the call just days before the trade will be banned across Europe." – The Herald

The government has rejected criticism by five Anglican bishops who questioned the morality of its policiesBBC | Video

> Yesterday’s ToryDiary: Cameron’s attacks on Labour excess supported by chorus of bishops

"Will Standpoint fall at the first hurdle?"The Independent overviews Standpoint magazine’s prospects after its first six months.

"The number of civilians killed by violence in Iraq has fallen by two thirds in 2008"BBC

ToryDiary: Theresa Villiers deserves to stay in the shadow cabinet

Seats and candidates: 119 of 120 Tory candidates in marginal seats support repeal of hunting ban

Charlie Elphicke on CentreRight: What’s your New Year message to Gordon Brown?


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