3.30pm ToryDiary: Choose Brown’s ‘We Not Only Saved The World’ gaffe as your mobile ringtone

2.15pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: Tax cuts or spending increases as a fiscal stimulus

Equitable_life_21.15pm Parliament: Gordon Brown breaks his promise on Equitable Life

12.45pm Parliament: Michael Gove on hilarious form

12.15pm J P Floru on CentreRight: One penny spent by the state is one penny not spent by you

Noon Parliament: Timothy Kirkhope says the Lisbon Treaty hasn’t changed

11am Parliament: How much has the public sector grown under Labour?

Theresa_may_mp_310am Parliament: Theresa May calls for a debate on the economy

10am Local government: LibDem North Yorkshire County Councillor joins Tories

9.45am Local Government: Council byelection results

9.45am Parliament: Alan Duncan calls for a delay in VAT payments

9.45am Seats and candidates: Andy Stranack adopted to take on Harriet Harman

ToryDiary: Another bad day for the EU

International: German CDU joins attack on Gordon Brown’s unfunded fiscal stimulus (as Angela Merkel becomes ‘Frau Nein’)

Local government:

Antonia Cox on Platform: What the aircraft carrier delays tell us about Labour’s defence failures

Dublinyes WATCH: Ireland is asked to vote again on Lisbon but an unpopular government in Dublin will struggle to secure a ‘yes’

Camerontotelegraph David Cameron gives a wide-ranging interview on Woolsworths, economic strategy and his shadow teamTelegraph   


Telegraph praises Tory economic strategy

"Mr Osborne, in his response to the pre-Budget report last month, and David Cameron, in his LSE speech this week, have shown that they have now found the language to expose the enormous risk in the Government’s recovery strategy. These rushed and panicky measures, built on an ever-growing mountain of debt, threaten to make the recession deeper and longer." – Telegraph leader

US car bail-out fails in Senate BBC

Peter Luff MP warns of ‘energy crunch’

"The UK now faces the very real risk of an ‘energy crunch’ in the coming years, as vital investments are delayed as a result of the recession. We have concluded that the Government’s faith in the market to deliver new gas storage, generating capacity and other infrastructure is misplaced." – Peter Luff quoted by Sky

Cheryl Gillan MP tops 2008 private members’ bill ballotePolitix

Gordon Brown delays consent for Civil Service handover talksTimes

"The plan by David Cameron, the Conservative leader, to prepare his party for government faced a setback on Thursday when it emerged that Gordon Brown was holding up moves by the shadow cabinet to meet top mandarins from next month. The Tories claimed that it breached a written pledge made more than two years ago by Tony Blair, when prime minister, to Mr Cameron that such meetings could begin well ahead of the last possible date for an election." – FT

Jacqui Smith warns of a mass influx of Zimbabweans to the UK amid cholera outbreakBBC

Miliband rejects calls for EU troops to avert humanitarian catastrophe in CongoGuardian

More comment on the Cameron family Christmas card

"In today’s beauty contest of political life, it is not enough just to be clever and good. You must be a clever, good, handsome, virile, caring type of Dad-man with ostrich egg calves and the ability to look pious yet cosy on the front of a Christmas card.  So far, the latter is something that only the baby Jesus has managed, but David Cameron ain’t giving up yet. In contrast, Gordon Brown is away in a manger with the fairies. In this slick and shallow world, he hasn’t got a prayer." – Jan Moir in The Daily Mail

> Video: The Times’ Ben Macintyre compares the family Christmas cards of David Cameron and Tony Blair


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