9.15pm ToryDiary: Den Dover MEP expelled for breaking European Parliament expenses rules

6.45pm Local Government: Lincolnshire Labour County Councillor defects to Tories

6.30pm ToryDiary: David Davis – A panicked David Cameron repeatedly tried to stop me resigning

5.45pm Parliament: Anne McIntosh on landfill

5.00pm Local Government: Why David Cameron was right to get angry over Baby P.

4.30pm AmericaInTheWorld: Blaming America for everything

4.00pm WATCH: Highlight’s of John McCain’s first post-election TV appearance on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show

3.45pm Latest from CentreRight:

Punktaxcutting_2 2.45pm ToryDiary: Punk tax cutting?

12.30pm ToryDiary: Brown and Cameron clash at PMQs over Baby P

12.30pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: The Bank of England Inflation Report: Grim and Grimmer

11.30am Jill Kirby on CentreRight: Was that the tax cut?

11.15am Seats and Candidates: Stephen Holland selected to fight Stockport

10.45am Parliament: Sir Malcolm Rifkind on NATO

Babyp 10.15am Local Government: No Haringey social workers to lose jobs over dead toddler and Julia Manning on CentreRight: Another child tragedy that WAS preventable

9.30am ToryDiary: Unemployment rises to 1.82 million

ToryDiary: Newspapers brand the latest Tory tax plans as unambitious

James Elles on PlatformWhy I want to lead the Conservative MEPs

Local Government: Redbridge councillor defends the ban on smokers from fostering children

WATCH: Sarah Palin says she might run for the White House in 2012

Cameron_looking_left David Cameron and Gordon Brown seek to outflank each other on tax

David Cameron and Gordon Brown sought to outflank each other on the key battleground of tax yesterday – in the process leaving themselves open to attack. A Conservative proposal to cut payroll taxes for businesses that take on unemployed people was dismissed by the Prime Minister, who argued that it would not inject new cash into the economy. Mr Cameron, meanwhile, cited Mr Brown’s own speeches as he rejected unfunded tax breaks, insisting that “irresponsible” handouts would risk Britain’s stability. – Times

The Labour versus Tory tax cut race backfired on both parties last night. Both Gordon Brown and David Cameron set out to promise tax breaks for millions of people. But within hours, a senior Government minister admitted taxes will have to rise later to pay for tax cuts now. – The Sun

As the two main party leaders went head to head yesterday, Mr Cameron announced a £2.6bn scheme to give employers a £2,500 tax "holiday" through lower national insurance payments if they recruit someone who has been out of work for three months. He said the "keep Britain working" plan would create 350,000 jobs and would be funded through savings in unemployment benefit. – Independent

"I expect that if the Government has imagination, they will look at this at think ‘yes, this is a very good idea’. In the battle of ideas, it is the Conservative party that has come up with scheme after scheme that the Government first rubbishes and then picks up." – David Cameron quoted in the Telegraph

Osborne’s head on the menu for party diners

Too young, too inexperienced, too prone to political point-scoring, too careless in his choice of rich holiday friends. Barely a year after Conservative MPs heaped superlatives on George Osborne for his election-saving inheritance tax plan, the shadow chancellor is again dominating Tory chatter in Westminster’s restaurants and bars. – FT

Villiers_theresa_nw Tories brand Heathrow runway debate a "sham"

Consultation over the need for a third runway at Heathrow has been a "complete sham", the Conservatives have claimed. In a Commons debate on Heathrow expansion, shadow spokesman Theresa Villiers said the government had already made up its mind to go ahead. – BBC

Tory MP Philip Davies slams Caerphilly council for warning staff that the word "British" could be found offensive

“The term British is a unifying term not a divisive one and we ought to be promoting the idea of everybody feeling British rather than looking for reasons to drive us apart.” – Express

Jobless total may top 1.8 million

New figures are expected to show the jobless total has topped 1.8 million, the highest level since 1998, a year after Labour came to power. – Express

15,000 violent prisoners to be released from jail early

Nearly 5,000 violent offenders will be let out of prison early to ease overcrowding, it was revealed yesterday. – Mirror

MPs to take a close look at themselves

MPs are planning a year-long investigation into the complexion of the Commons amid worries that its members are seen as a narrow, self-serving elite who bear no relation to the population as a whole. – Guardian

Picture_3 EU to allow sale of "odd" shaped fruit and veg

Curvy cucumbers, knobbly carrots, wonky aubergines and ugly artichokes will go on sale in shops again after unpopular European Union rules dictating the size and shape of fruit and vegetables are scrapped. But the notorious regulation which dictates that "straight" bananas must be "free from malformation or abnormal curvature" will remain in place because "no objections from banana growers, buyers, traders or consumers have been received regarding this requirement" – Telegraph


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