7pm ConservativeHome is not featuring round the clock coverage of the US elections. We recommend PoliticsHome USA, which has teams in London and Washington monitoring all six networks and all major blogs, aggregating what you need to know about the election as it happens.

6.45pm Parliament: Andrew Lansley on health top-ups

5.30pm Local Government: Say no to the Thames Water £2.5 billion super sewer

5.15pm ToryDiary: "Membership of the Royal British Legion is no longer limited to current and former members of the Armed Forces but is now open to all."

5pm Seats and candidates: Jonathan Clamp selected for Lewisham East

3.45pm Graeme Archer on CentreRight: My Mensa years

Baroness_hanham_31pm Parliament: Baroness Hanham on the DNA database

12.45pm Parliament: Eric Pickles uncovers cost of 2011 Census

Noon Parliament: Tory MPs slam Quentin Davies

Noon AmericaInTheWorld: David Cameron launches AmericaInTheWorld video

ToryDiary: 65% of Tory members say "never" to Britain joining the Euro

Graeme Brown on Platform: The greatest debates

Local government: Cllr Margaret Eaton – new Chair of the Local Government Association – explains her mission to champion localism

Johnson_boris_red_background AmericaInTheWorld: The whole world still needs America to tackle the bad guys says Boris


Is David Cameron signalling retreat on ending the BBC’s monopoly of the licence fee?

"The Tory leader, speaking on Radio 4’s World at One, said: "I’m sceptical of that. I think we need to look at this issue of top-slicing but I think there are quite a lot of difficulties with it. On the whole I think we should celebrate the success of British broadcasting. It is based on the fact that the licence fee goes to the BBC, advertising income is available for Channel 4 and ITV, and subscription flows into Sky" he added." – Telegraph

Mark Hoban MP presses for Iceland inquiry

"Tory leaders are stepping up the pressure for an independent inquiry into the Government’s handling of the Icelandic financial crisis following claims that the Treasury had been secretly monitoring developments for six months before a banking collapse that threatened British savers and local authorities with heavy losses." – Telegraph

MPs Richard Bacon and Edward Leigh lead concerns about community sentences

"Richard Bacon MP, a Conservative member of the committee, said the Ministry of Justice was "clueless over the effectiveness of community orders. The Ministry cannot say whether offenders are completing their orders or not". Edward Leigh, the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, added that there was a "chronic lack of information about community sentences"." – Telegraph

David Cameron is facing a battle with his shadow cabinet over plans to rein in their lucrative second jobsDaily Mail

Daviesquentin Tory MPs lead attacks after Quentin Davies offends families of dead servicemenPress Association

Gains in social mobility will not last, warn gloomy ToriesGuardian

Students are leading the revival of Conservatives in LiverpoolLiverpool Daily Post

"This is no time for a novice. Oh yes it is"

Gordon Brown’s favourite slogan will be seriously undermined if the American electorate vote for change – Rachel Sylvester in The Times

Gordon Brown’s promises of a large number of new “green” jobs for the UK are unlikely to materialiseFT

UKIP has "unanimously rejected" an electoral pact with BNP at next year’s European electionsBBC

And finally… Simon Cowell wants to bring X-factor to politics

"Of course it had to happen. Simon Cowell says his next venture is politics. He wants to stage X Factor-style election debates instead of "those tedious party conferences" which are "boring" and "mean nothing". "It’s just not entertaining," the pop impresario complained this weekend. Mr Cowell says he has met David Cameron and "he’s very showbusiness". Gordon Brown isn’t, although Cowell thinks he’s interesting." – Melissa Kite in The Telegraph


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