5.30pm Robert Halfon on CentreRight: The Government allows yet another Islamist into the UK

5pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight reacts to today’s Tory tax plan: A socialist solution for a socialist age

4.30pm ToryDiary: "Too timid, too complex and poorly targeted"

3.15pm ToryDiary: Reaction to Tory recruitment subsidy

1.45pm Local Government: Boris delivers on pledge of free travel for war veterans.

1.15pm CentreRight:

Obama_outside_downing_st 12.45pm AmericaInTheWorld: Obama effect lifts America above France, Germany and Japan in esteem of Britons

12.45pm Alex Deane on CentreRight: Paul Dacre of The Daily Mail

12.45pm WATCH: David Cameron summarises the range of Tory tax reliefs

12.30pm Parliament: Lord Cope on VAT for building repairs

11.15am Parliament: David Cameron on Areas of Oustanding Natural Beauty

11.00am Parliament: Douglas Carswell’s bill for Justice Commissioners

10.30am Local Government: Guildford Council’s war on greasy spoons


ToryDiary: Tories to announce £2.6bn tax cut for businesses

Fieldwarning Mark Field MP on Platform: Time to tell it as it is

Cllr Daniel Moylan on Local government: Why are Councils funding a nannying promoter of the Metric system?

WATCH: A jokey David Cameron explains why he is increasing the number of women candidates and Gordon Brown talks to GMTV about tax policy

Tory lead down to 6%Yesterday’s ToryDiary

Tories want to frame the next election as a choice between responsibility and even more borrowing

"The Conservatives, however, are equally certain that they are following the right course with what they call the “housewife” strategy. Their case is that just as ordinary families are going through their weekly household budgets working out which standing orders to cancel, so the Government must tighten the purse strings rather than simply wave around a public credit card. For them Mr Brown’s decision to borrow more to invest is just another example of the recklessness that got us into this trouble in the first place." – Rachel Sylvester in The Times

"Plans to charge millions of motorists increased vehicle duty will be delayed as part of the Government’s tax-cutting package to revive the ailing economy" – Telegraph

Steve Richards: The Tories are incoherent

"Mr Cameron supports light regulation, is opposed to the nationalisation of financial institutions, still believes in the overriding efficacy of the markets against the state and yet, following the Blairite rule book from the mid 1990s, he has committed the Tories to Labour’s current spending plans, has admitted that nationalisation of banks might have to be an option and accepts that taxes might have to rise to sort out the current government’s mess. The recent opinion polls suggest that he is getting away with this incoherence so far, at least in England. He will not get away withit for much longer." – Steve Richards in The Independent

Brown sets out agenda for the incoming President

Obama_and_bush "Brown argued that the transatlantic special relationship was "a partnership for a purpose and the engine of effective multilaterism". He put forward an ambitious agenda for Obama to pursue: arms reduction; peace in Afghanistan and Iraq; an urgent world trade deal; a climate change agreement by next year; a peace settlement in the Middle East; and a worldwide reflationary strategy to minimise the threat of recession." – Guardian

Photographs of Bush and Obama –

MPs debate third Heathrow runway todayBBC

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