8.45pm WATCH: Cameron tells Channel 4 that taxes ALWAYS rise after Gordon Brown wins elections

5.30pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: “Four years after the Constitution, one year after the LisbonTreaty: Is the EU being held hostage by its citizens?”

4.30pm Local Government: The Lib Dem Council banning doormats and Super sewer: Is this the worst value for money infrastructure project ever?

4pm Peter Cuthbertson writes the third of CentreRight’s Reasons for getting rid of Labour series: Foreign policy

3.30pm ToryDiary: Special ‘Politics of Recession’ poll

3pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: A time for austerity

Kirkhopetimothy_2 2.45pm ToryDiary: Timothy Kirkhope returns to lead Tory MEPs for European Elections

2.30pm ToryDiary: A snap for a snap election?

2.15pm ToryDiary: Peace may be about to break out in our party

2.15pm WATCH: Only spending restraint will defuse the borrowing bombshell, says Cameron

2pm Helen Rainbow on CentreRight: The direction of European health reform

1pm ToryDiary: Tory lead trimmed to 3%

Trixie_gardner_21pm Parliament: Baroness Gardner of Parkes calls for inheritance tax relief

12.30pm Parliament: David Ruffley asks about the use of headcams to reduce crime

12noon Parliament: Michael Gove asks about child protection in Haringey


10.45am Local government: Now the BNP target Bexley

10.30am Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: Where now for the "fair fuel stabiliser"?

Johnson_boris_pointing ToryDiary:

Cllr Eveleigh Moore-Dutton on Local government: What gets a councillor out of bed in the morning?

Seats and candidates: Robert Jenrick adopted for Newcastle-under-Lyme

Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: The Baby P tragedy is far from over

AmericaInTheWorld: Obama promises end to torture and closure of Guantanomo Bay

David Cameron warns of £1,500 tax bombshell from Labour’s borrowing

Camerononmarr2008"David Cameron predicted that soaring government borrowing would result in a £1,500 "tax bombshell" for average earners. In fiery Commons exchanges with the Conservative leader, Mr Brown acknowledged for the first time that the world could face the first period of falling prices since the Great Depression of the 1930s. That would risk a recessionary spiral in which people did not spend because they thought prices would fall further, and interest rates could not be cut to stimulate demand once they fell to zero." – Independent

"Believing that the current crisis means you can go on an unfunded borrowing spree when you’re already up to your ears in debt flies in the face of common sense." – David Cameron writing in The Guardian

A better news day for George Osborne

Yesterday ConHome argued that The Tide Is Turning George Osborne’s Way. The newspapers seem to vindicate that judgment this morning…

Leading the way is The Times’ Peter Riddell who notes that "Mr Osborne has focused on the right issues".

Rachel Sylvester in The Times says that George Osborne’s real problem is that the Right is gunning for him: "Over Europe, gay marriage and grammar schools, they have flexed their muscles in vain – and they are now seizing on the downturn to demand unfunded tax cuts. It is nothing to do with the recession. These right-wing Tories do not want a fiscal stimulus of the sort advocated by Gordon Brown – they are ideologically committed to tax cuts to reduce the size of the State."  This is also the theory of The Times’ Phil Collins.

The leader-writers at The Independent reach similar conclusions: "It would be silly of the Tories to remove Mr Osborne, who has done so much to reform the party, not least because it would smack of panic. But now the shadow Chancellor and his leader face their biggest test since winning control of the party. They urgently need to articulate the purpose of the Conservative Party in an era of unprecedented economic turbulence and uncertainty."

Steve Richard also warns against those inside and outside the Conservative Party who would underestimate George Osborne – Independent

The Sun backs unfunded tax cuts

Sunsays "What Britain’s sickly economy needs is a real shot in the arm NOW. That means cutting either income tax, VAT, stamp duty or National Insurance contributions. There may be no money in the kitty — but the evidence is that they would pay for themselves as the economy bounced back. And unlike crippling stealth taxes, that boost would be swift and permanent . . . just when we need it most." – The Sun Says

Tory pledge to help poor families with energy bills

"Hard-up families could wipe hundreds of pounds off energy bills under new Tory proposals. A Conservative government would make it illegal to levy “unfair” charges on six million people with pre-pay meters, saving them up to £250 a year. Suppliers would be made to offer their cheapest rates — or “social tariffs” — to all vulnerable households, Shadow energy secretary Greg Clark said." – The Sun

Grieve_dominic_nwDominic Grieve attacks Labour failure to control net immigration as it rises towards 200,000paTelegraph

Boris Johnson pledges £15,000 for legal challenge to Heathrow expansionTelegraph

Iain Duncan Smith is right about marriageTelegraph leader

Why all politicians should study some science

Dan Hannan MEP welcomes the news that Conservative MPs will be given a basic grounding in science.  Regular ConservativeHome readers will remember Dr Philip Lee’s recent post, urging adoption of more Tory candidates with backgrounds in maths and science.

Sixty Labour MPs have signed motions urging Brown to scrap his new levy on empty propertyFT

Airline pilots threaten to strike over ID cardsIndependent

Lord Bingham: US and UK acted as ‘vigilantes’ in Iraq invasionGuardian


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