11.45pm Greg Hands MP on CentreRight: A curious statement from Gordon Brown about the Damian Green affair

11.30pm ToryDiary: When did ministers know?

10.45pm ToryDiary: Damian Green was acting in public interest

Green_damian_blue_background9.30pm ToryDiary: Cameron "supportive" of Damian Green and angry at "Stalinesque" treatment of him

8.45pm ToryDiary: Treasury mole leaking to Damian Green?

7.15pm ToryDiary: Brown’s standing slides after PBR

5pm ToryDiary update: The results of today’s poll on the 45p tax band has been added to this morning’s ToryDiary post

2.30pm ToryDiary: Boris scraps westwards extension of congestion charge

_45245158_ap_hospital4662.15pm Suli Shah on CentreRight: We stand united with India

1.45pm Parliament: The Government refuses to say how much it is spending on individual banks

1.30pm Parliament: Grant Shapps calls for more housing

12.45pm ToryDiary: What should the online Brown shop sell?

12.45pm Laurie Thraves on CentreRight: The cap on fees must go

George_osborne_212.45pm Parliament: Highlights from the Pre-Budget Report debate

11am Local government: Should the LGA be defending all councils, including Haringey?

ToryDiary: What should be Tory policy on the 45p tax band?

Nigel Evans MP on Platform: Why I’m supporting the Save the Pub Campaign

Stewart Jackson MP on Local government: Vast sums are being wasted reorganising the fire brigade 

Statefunding International: Canadian Conservatives say spending restraint should begin with political parties

Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight notes that Labour is increasingly owned by the unions

Seats and candidates: Angela Jones-Evans selected for Cardiff West

Sunsays Today’s must-read from The Sun: "Forgive our heroic troops in Iraq and Afghanistan today if they shake their heads in disgust. Lesbian squaddie Kerry Fletcher has been given £186,000 compo for being pestered by a male sergeant — more than maimed soldiers receive. Sexual bullying is wrong. But how can hurt feelings be worth more than lost limbs? Private Jamie Cooper, who suffered stomach wounds, picked up £57,000. Marine Ben McBean, who lost an arm and a leg in Afghanistan, was offered £161,000. Kerry’s award smacks of the worst political correctness. If she has the Army at heart she will hand over half to Help For Heroes."

Tories warn of 20% VAT

"Alistair Darling yesterday faced accusations the government had considered raising VAT to 20% to plug a "black hole" in the economy which the Tories claim will be deepened by his £20 billion emergency Budget." – Scotsman

"According to the Tories, the Treasury is banking on £100billion more in tax revenue over the life of the next Parliament but has not said where the extra cash will come from." – Daily Mail

Fraser Nelson: Tory victory is close

"Fraser Nelson says that the Pre-Budget Report killed off New Labour without landing a punch on the Tories. It has paved the way for a new Conservatism, in which Cameron woos aspirational voters, focuses on government debt and looks for responsible spending cuts." – Fraser Nelson in The Spectator

"Is George Osborne "nerdy", "nasty" and "overpromoted", as his Conservative critics would have it, or the potential saviour of his party and a future leader?" – Martin Bright in the New Statesman

Cameron hints at phasing out public sector pensions

"Generous final salary public sector pensions would be phased out by an incoming Conservative government, David Cameron has signalled, in comments that could presage a huge battle with up to 5m NHS staff, teachers, civil servants and local government officers. The Conservative leader has told businessmen that he wanted to switch public sector workers away from final salary schemes and into money purchase – or defined contribution – schemes." – FT

Mandelson New Labour not dead, says MandelsonBBC | Sky

"Yes, New Labour is over, but it is about more than a tax rise – it is part of a sea change in the west" – Ken Livingstone in The Guardian

Blair gives £7,500 to LabourScotsman | Yesterday’s ToryDiary on the latest political funding numbers

Simon Carr: Don’t say anything interesting

"Brown takes opposition remarks, Photoshops them into a different background, recolours them and presents them as a free confession of turpitude. So, "The recession must run its course!" That quasi-philosophical remark from John Maples is now an admission that the Tories are "a do-nothing party". Andrew Lansley has attributed to him the idea that the recession might produce some good as well as hardship. That is the only interesting thing Andrew Lansley has said in 40 years and he was made to apologise for it. You can see why they play this game but it does have a morbid effect on the national conversation, not being allowed to say anything interesting. Thus, I suppose, Boris." – Simon Carr in The Independent

SNP must alter strategy to benefit from a changed battleground – Letter to The Herald

Frank Field attacks violent and broken society and harks back to ‘Golden Age’ of the 1950sDaily Mail


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