8.30pm Commenting on Lewis Hamilton becoming the Formula One World Champion, David Cameron said:

“Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton who has made everyone in Britain so very proud. One of the most dramatic races in Formula One history ended with the right man winning the World Championship. Lewis is not just the youngest ever winner of the FI Drivers Championship he is now officially a British sporting legend and a role model for what you can achieve if you follow your dream.”

1.30pm ToryDiary: Owen Paterson defends Belfast celebration of Royal Irish Regiment’s Afghan service

12.30pm WATCH: Sarah Palin falls victim to prank call from radio host pretending to be Nicolas Sarkozy

11.30am Local government: Camden Conservatives want Christmas celebrated

11.15am Dan Lewis on CentreRight: Defence – economic circumstances and saving service lives demand cost-effective procurement

CameronshadcabincommonsToryDiary: Shadow cabinet unhappy at Cameron’s plan to stop outside interests

Liam Maxwell on Platform: How the internet took Obama back to the 1950s

Local government: Mark Wallace on Aberdeen – a case study in bad local government: "Councillors can spout as much rhetoric about fiscal responsibility as
they like, but as long as they continue to think it is a good idea to
spend thousands of pounds teaching bin men to be in touch with their
spiritual side, things will never improve."

Seats and candidates: Damian Collins runs campaign to remember WWI

AmericaInTheWorld: William Hague sets out the major foreign policy challenges awaiting the next US President

Tories 14% ahead in BPIX pollYesterday evening’s ToryDiary

Tories plan range of measures to clip the BBC’s wingsTelegraph

10am: Speaking on Andrew Marr’s programme, the BBC’s Director General said that a senior shadow cabinet minister had called him last night to say that The Sunday Telegraph’s story was exaggerated.

But writes Bruce Anderson in The Sunday Telegraph: "David Cameron often tells BBC executives that he alone stands between them and the Tory party’s wrath. They could make a similar point to him. Recently, a very senior Murdoch employee urged Mr Cameron to exploit the Ross affair and was disappointed by the measured response. Said the Tory leader: ”I’ve an election to win." But if the Tories have their way, the next election will be the last one that the BBC fights in its present form."

BBC paid John Prescott £40,000 for his programme on class system – Sunday Express

Yesterday’s CentreRight: Charles Moore will not pay his licence fee if Jonathan Ross is kept on

Picture_10 David Cameron unlikely to sack Caroline SpelmanIndependent on Sunday

John Rentoul: George Osborne’s inconsistencies

"Until last week, the most important thing he did as shadow Chancellor was to reject demands from his own party for tax cuts and to  promise that a Cameron government would stick to Labour’s public spending plans for its early years at least. Last week, he promised tax cuts – only he called them timely and targeted interventions – and that a Cameron government would abandon Labour’s irresponsible spending plans as soon as it could." – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

Michael Portillo: Expect an early election

"Be ready for an early election. The economy will sink lower throughout 2009
and before long we will start to forget that Brown saved the world. He ought
to call a vote sooner rather than later. Yesterday’s man of caution has
become today’s reckless gambler." – Michael Portillo in The Sunday Times

Lord Carey criticises Brown’s constitutional policies

"The former Archbishop of Canterbury has accused Gordon Brown of undermining the identity of Britain. Lord Carey of Clifton criticised the Prime Minister for railroading t hrough changes to the country’s ancient constitution, damaging institutions such as the Monarchy and the Church of England." – Mail on Sunday

Lib Dems call for ‘riot act’ as RBS plans bonusesIndependent on Sunday

Trade unions want right to expel BNP membersObserver

Another day, more government lost data Sky News

"Ministers have been forced to order an emergency shutdown of a key Government computer system to protect millions of people’s private details. The action was taken after a memory stick was found in a pub car park containing confidential passcodes to the online Government Gateway system, which covers everything from tax returns to parking tickets. An urgent investigation is now under way into how the stick, belonging to the company which runs the flagship system, came to be lost." – Mail on Sunday

Leading Scottish businessman says independence would cost jobsScotland on Sunday

And finally…

"When he defected from the Conservatives to the Labour party, Shaun Woodward, the richest MP in the Commons, accused the Tories of having a “them and us” attitude. Perhaps he had forgotten h is jibe when he flew to Marrakesh with 50 of his friends last weekend to celebrate his 50th birthday. On the day when it was confirmed that Britain was entering a recession and ministers were urging restraint, the Northern Ireland secretary embarked on a three-night extravaganza amid the exotic passages and spice-laden souks of Marrakesh." – Sunday Times


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