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7.15pm WATCH: My job is to tell the British people the truth about the UK economy says Osborne

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Osborneonmarr_410.15am ToryDiary: Geoge Osborne hits back at critics on Andrew Marr Show

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9.30am Mark Wallace in Local Government: How York and Edinburgh councils are failing their residents

ToryDiary: It is both the right and duty of the Opposition to hold the Government to account

ToryDiary: Ken Clarke adds to heavyweight backing for George Osborne

Oliver Letwin drafted in to draw up a package of Tory spending cuts

"Mr Letwin has been drafted in by David Cameron to draw up a key plank of the Tory fightback on the economy… The plans, to be announced in the next 10 days ahead of the Alistair Darling’s pre-budget report, are likely to focus on cutting Whitehall bureaucracy and other spending which does not boost the economy." – Sunday Telegraph

Mixed messages from two Sunday opinion polls

"The financial crisis has cut the Conservative lead over Labour to its lowest this year, according to a YouGov survey for The Sunday Times. The Tories are on 41%, down two on last month, while Labour is up three at 36%, with the Liberal Democrats unchanged on 14%" – Sunday Times

"A poll for the ‘IoS’ showed the Tory lead over Labour had grown to 11 points. The double-digit Tory lead suggested Gordon Brown’s "bounce", through his handling of the financial crisis, was flagging. The ComRes survey for the ‘IoS’, carried out last Wednesday and Thursday, showed the Tories up three points from last month to 43 per cent, while Labour gained one point." – Independent on Sunday

> Last night’s ToryDiary threads on the Sunday Times poll and Independent on Sunday poll

Speculation over George Osborne’s position continues…

"George Osborne was at the centre of a political storm last night after being accused of lacking judgment in predicting a ‘run on the pound’ amid Britain’s gravest financial crisis since the Thirties. The shadow Chancellor was forced to defend himself after Labour aides and small business organisations accused him of talking down sterling." – Observer

"The future of George Osborne as shadow chancellor was under renewed scrutiny last night amid attacks by party members who claimed he risked undermining sterling." – Sunday Times

…as the Mail on Sunday details his voice-coaching lessons…

"George Osborne has had voice-coaching lessons from a £100-an-hour expert in London’s Harley Street in an attempt to improve his image, it was revealed last night. Some observers claim that in the past year his voice has dropped in tone and his speaking style sounds less posh." – Mail on Sunday

…while Osborne himself makes another robust attack on Gordon Brown

"When Gordon Brown claimed he had abolished boom and bust, it was not only one of the greatest frauds perpetrated on the British people – it also meant that no one in government was looking for the boom or preparing for the bust. As a result, the country now faces what is forecast to be the deepest recession of any major economy in the world." – George Osborne writing in the Sunday Telegraph

> ToryDiary threads on the backing Osborne has received from Ken Clarke and other colleagues

Tories to oppose ban on display of cigarettes in shops

"There’s no evidence that that will actually stop people smoking and there’s a lot of evidence that it will actually destroy local corner shops and newsagents that are already suffering now. It’s a legal product – why are we pushing it under the counter? It’s not the answer to the problem." – shadow health minister Mike Penning quoted in the Sunday Telegraph

Tories pledge to end ‘scandalous waste’ of fish thrown back into sea

"The EU Common Fisheries Policy limits the quantity of fish that fishermen are allowed to catch, in an attempt to improve dwindling stocks. But it also bans fishermen from landing any fish, caught inadvertently, that are not included in the quotas. The Conservatives will seek EU support for a pilot scheme that would require UK fishermen to land and report all fish caught and killed in the catching process, including fish that were over-quota, juveniles and low-value fish." – Sunday Telegraph

Boris ready to sue over third Heathrow runway

"Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, has threatened to take legal action against the government if ministers go ahead with plans to build a third runway at Heathrow. He and a coalition of local authorities representing 4m people believe expansion, which would increase the number of flights at Heathrow from 480,000 to 700,000 a year, would breach European Union laws on pollution." – Sunday Times

Tories face questions over "proxy" donation

"The Conservatives face questions over the use of “proxies” to make donations after the teenage daughter of a foreign arms dealer apparently gave £47,000 to the party. The donations were made in the name of Rasha Said, the daughter of Wafic Said, the multimillionaire businessman who, as a non-UK resident, is barred from making donations to political parties in Britain." – Sunday Times

Tory MSP under fire over claims on accommodation allowance

"A wealthy Tory MSP has denied rearranging his half-a-million pound property portfolio in a bid to cash in on the Holyrood expenses system. John Lamont has made a plea to parliament for overnight expenses in Edinburgh despite owning a flat in the capital." – Sunday Herald

Gordon Brown prepares to unveil tax cuts for Christmas Sunday Telegraph

Lord Mandelson is earning more than Gordon BrownNews of the World

And finally… You couldn’t make it up: "Working With Liam Byrne" by Liam Byrne

"Gordon Brown’s new Cabinet enforcer has issued an astonishing 11-page document to civil servants spelling out exactly how they should treat him. In a series of detailed instructions that would embarrass the most demanding showbiz diva, Cabinet Office Minister Liam Byrne tells officials precisely what types of coffee he likes, and just when the drink should be served; exactly how his office should be laid out, with papers arranged just so; and how his diary must be cleared by Thursday evening so he can return to his constituency home for the weekend." – Mail on Sunday


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