9pm ToryDiary: Tories will announce fully funded tax cuts on Tuesday

7.45pm Ben Rogers on CentreRight: Nick Herbert has hit the nail on the head

5pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight is less unhappy about Tory economic policy

4.45pm Local Government: Hazel Blears insults bloggers while her department tells more councillors to blog.

3pm PlayPolitical music video: O’Reilly, O’Hara, O’Leary, Obama… there is noone as Irish as Barack Obama…

PoppyGreg Hands MP on CentreRight: Was World War One a "good war " or a "bad war"?

ToryDiary: Labour has maxed out Britain’s credit card, says Cameron

Seats and candidates: Colin Broom adopted for Erith & Thamesmead

Local government:


Yesterday evening’s ToryDiaries:

Sunday Telegraph: Tories to announce "funded" tax cut in next few days

"A senior party source said the new "funded" Tory tax cut, which could
be announced within days, would be aimed at staving off unemployment.
It would be a "recession-alleviating measure" and would be paid for by
cutting government spending elsewhere, he added." – Sunday Telegraph

David Cameron writes for the News of the World: "This government has maxed out our nation’s credit card—and they want
to keep on spending by getting another. We believe we need to get a
grip, be responsible and help families now in a way that doesn’t cost
us our future."

Call for Alistair Darling to cut Vat to 12.5% to boost economy – Sunday Times | Endorsed in a ST leader

Brown claims Obama victory is good for the Left

"The people of America made their choice last week. They picked a
progressive President, inspiring the world with their belief that in
difficult times people need their government to ensure more – not less
– help and security is available for families and business. I’m looking
forward to co-operating with the President-elect in building a new
global society in which the advancement of people – their homes, jobs,
savings and pensions – is always put first." – The PM writing in The Observer

"It’s funny to see David Cameron and Gordon Brown now struggle to associate themselves with Obama. Cameron says “people want change” and brown says “people want government to help them.” I don’t quite remember Obama banging on about “government”- pretty much a swear word in America. But both Obama and Brown have responded quickly to the economic crisis, while both Cameron and McCain seemed lost for words.’ – Fraser Nelson in the News of the World

> On CiF, Tim Montgomerie wrote that Obama’s win was good for immediate Tory prospects but should worry conservatives in the medium term.

Analysing the Brown bounce

"Three critical questions stand out: will the current Labour unity
hold; what happens when the Tories recover their voice; and how will
Brown cope when the immediate economic crisis is over and the daily
news is of economic woes? The general election is still likely to see a
Tory victory with a majority of 20-30, but only a fool would now write
off a Brown victory entirely." – Anthony Seldon in The Sunday Times

Cameron calls for honesty about state of the Union

"I believe we should be honest about the problems our union faces. It’s
not just that the SNP are running Scotland; it goes deeper than that.
There is no doubt that the number of people who see themselves as
British – ahead of Scottish, Welsh or English – is in decline." – the
Tory leader quoted in Scotland on Sunday

Nick Herbert: Tories will replace the Human Rights Act

"Instead of adding to the Human Rights Act, we will replace it with a
new British Bill of Rights which puts rights in context, makes clear
Parliament’s intention, and constrains the influence of Strasbourg case
law. This solution must protect liberties in this country, respect
legal inheritance, and help restore the place of Parliament." – The Shadow Justice Secretary writing in The Sunday Telegraph

"The government must give prisoners the right to vote or the next general election will be illegal under European law." – Observer

Jack Straw is challenged over energy firm’s cash gift  – Sunday Times

‘Elite’ MPs’ £13,000 salary hike will land taxpayers with £1.5m billMail on Sunday


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