10pm ToryDiary: Tory members want Cameron to join Obama, Key, Harper and Rudd in offering tax cuts

9pm Matthew Sinclair on CentreRight: Renewables policy in ruins

6pm Seats and candidates: Mark Menzies adopted for Fylde

3.45pm ToryDiary: 13% lead confirms Tory belief that Britain is ready to vote for real change

1pm ToryDiary: At 10pm we’ll be releasing the results of our members’ survey on tax

12.30pm CentreRight: Andrew Lilico fears he may have to go on TV to welcome Labour’s anti-recession tax policy

ToryDiary: Will there be a black PM in Downing Street any time soon?

Local government: Neil Rafferty says its not just Redbridge Council to have shown anti smoking zealotry.

International: Right wins big victory in New Zealand


Alan Duncan opens new front in Tories’ Post Office campaign

"Sub-postmasters have already warned that 3,000 post offices could close if Royal Mail loses the Post Office Card Account (POCA) contract, which is worth £200million a year. But John McFall, the chairman of the Treasury select committee, said that as many as 6,000 branches could close if the organisation lost the contract, cutting the network from 11,500 to just 5,500… Writing on the Telegraph’s website today, Alan Duncan, the shadow trade and industry secretary, says a Conservative Government would keep the contract with the Royal Mail." – Telegraph

Theresa Villiers says ‘take the train for your European holiday’ Times

> Yesterday ConHome noted that by 65% to 22% Tory members support Ms Villiers’ proposal for a high speed rail line instead of a third runway.

Euphoria at No 10 greets stunning Labour win in seat it had written off Guardian

"Thursday night’s by-election victory for Labour will go down in history as a seismic event. Glenrothes has reshaped Britain’s political landscape, marks the final stage of the rehabilitation of Gordon Brown and paves the way for a possible General Election next spring.  Most important of all, it may have saved Great Britain herself. For, until Thursday night, the union was badly threatened by the secessionist Scottish National Party (SNP)." – Peter Oborne in the Daily Mail

"It may be frustrating for the Tories to see the party whose policies have helped create the recession begin to claw its way back in the polls, but they have the means to counter it in their own hands. They need to get on to the front foot, hold the Government more forcefully to account for its handling of the financial crisis and convince voters that a Tory government will represent something genuinely new and transformational." – Telegraph leader

"It is our own Sarah — Prime Minister’s wife Sarah Brown — who is praised for helping Labour to a sensational victory in Thursday’s Glenrothes by election. She quietly worked the constituency where the expected defeat would have put her husband’s job on the line again. But with her help Labour INCREASED its vote and Scottish Nationalists were seen off with their tails between their legs." – The Sun Says

 Dan Hannan’s recipe for Tory revival in Scotland

"Two circumstances are necessary for a revival of Right-of-Centre
politics north of the border. First, fiscal autonomy; second, a
genuinely indigenous free-market party. Happily, there is a way for the
Holyrood Conservatives to bring about both these outcomes at the same
time. If they lent their votes to the SNP and the Greens, they could
push for a new settlement based on full tax-raising powers for
Edinburgh. The question of whether this should be accompanied by formal
independence – armies, embassies and so forth – would be settled by a
referendum. Scottish Conservatives would campaign for a "No" vote in
such a referendum and would almost certainly win. But, by having
championed genuine home rule, they would finally have laid to rest the
idea that they were local proxies of an English party, and thereby
positioned themselves to gain from the new politics that would follow
once tax-cuts became an issue." – Dan Hannan in The Telegraph

Tory activists turn on George OsborneDaily Mail | Yesterday’s ToryDiary

The PM is planning a wave of surprise cutsThe Sun

Andrew Grice on the alleged lack of Tory economic policy

"If taxes are reduced here, many Tories will rue Mr Cameron’s refusal to adopt a radical "tax cuts for growth" strategy. Indeed, some Tory MPs are starting to wonder whether they have any strategy at all on the economy. Even those Brown advisers who respect Mr Cameron’s presentational skills (and secretly wish Mr Brown had them) are describing the Tory leader as a "polo mint": attractive round the edges but with a big hole where his economic policy should be." – Andrew Grice in The Independent

Unlike Blair, Obama has a sense of history

"The Tony Blair message, in essence, was that everything from 1066 to 1997 had been a dark period in our island story, best forgotten. His policies may have been moderate, but his hatred of the past was like that of a Communist. In his speech in Grant Park, Chicago, Barack Obama made history the frame of everything he said. "The dream of our founders" was in his first paragraph, and the whole speech was about what began, and made, and remade and will remake again the nation that he will soon lead. He got in Lincoln and slavery and Pearl Harbor and "E pluribus unum" (though not in Latin) and the New Deal and the Civil Rights movement." – Charles Moore in The Telegraph

Will Obama use his considerable skills to win re-election or to promote left-wing causes?

"During his presidential campaign, Barack Obama put electoral considerations first. He diluted his position on the Iraq war, retreated from his opposition to offshore drilling, offered tax cuts, endorsed anti-terrorist surveillance legislation and even backed elements of George W Bush’s faith-based initiative. But what if he now styles himself as Josiah Bartlett of West Wing fame and attempts to realign American politics? The world’s most prominent, articulate and popular politician would – if true to his record and the values of his party – advocate protectionism in trade, regulation in finance, redistribution in tax policy, moral liberalism towards family structure and multilateralism in world affairs. Every free-trading, socially-conservative Eurosceptic should be worried at that prospect." – Tim Montgomerie, Comment is free

Maurice Saatchi advising Government on privacy data issuesTelegraph


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