5pm ToryDiary: CCHQ launch new campaign materials

2pm ToryDiary: We shouldn’t bash the Tories but leave them behind in the battle of ideas says Peter Mandelson

1pm Ben Rogers on CentreRight: Damian Green’s arrest severely undermines democracy


Paul Goodman MP on CentreRight reports from Delhi: Terror in India

Nick Seaton on Local government reveals A threat to close good schools in Stoke

Seats and candidates: Caroline Johnson adopted for Scunthorpe

Tories hit 45% and are 15% aheadYesterday evening’s ToryDiary

Quote of the day

"’If this approach had been in place when Gordon Brown was in opposition, he’d have spent half his time under arrest." – Michael Howard referring to the Prime Minister’s reputation for handling leaked documents when he was in opposition.

Blunkett leads attack against police ‘overkill’ after Green’s arrest Guardian

The Sun is suspicious of Labour’s denials of knowledge and focuses of Alicia Green’s ordeal

"London Mayor Boris Johnson, Speaker Martin and David Cameron were warned about the arrest. Yet Ms Smith and Gordon Brown insist they knew nothing. Is it likely a Shadow Minister would be seized without the Home Secretary or PM knowing? MPs from Mr Brown downwards have used leaked documents to grab headlines. It’s part of politics. Mr Green’s arrest stinks." – The Sun Says

"The wife of Tory MP Damian Green last night described her ordeal when counter-terrorism cops raided the family’s home. Alicia Green revealed how the couple’s 15-year-old daughter broke down in tears when she arrived back from school to find officers searching the house. The barrister told one pal she feared her husband had been in an accident when cops arrived at the house in Acton, West London, at 1.35pm on Thursday. She said: “My blood ran cold. I thought something terrible had happened.”" – The Sun

More on Damian Green

"Police seized his mobile phone, his BlackBerry, bank statements, computers containing confidential details of constituents, and were only prevented from carrying off legal documents by his wife, a barrister. Officers even leafed through the couple’s love letters. " – Daily Mail

Sir David Normington, Permanent Secretary at the Home Office: "The Home Office has suffered a number of leaks of sensitive information over an extended period … this was clearly a matter of serious concern in that it risked undermining the effective operation of my department." – Quoted in The Independent

"The civil servant at the heart of a Whitehall leak investigation was in hiding last night as a political storm raged over the arrest of the Tory frontbencher Damian Green. The 26-year-old civil servant was detained at his home in Middlesex at 6am on November 19. The assistant private secretary, who has been suspended from his job, is being looked after by the Home Office at a secret location because it owes him a “duty of care”, officials said." – The Times

"The draconian anti-terror legislation it has introduced alone has given the police so much power that it has been used to detain an elderly heckler at a Labour party conference, stop protests and, last month, to freeze the assets of Icelandic banks. The government must stop making free with civil liberties." – FT leader

David Cameron’s promise to underwrite bank lending

"David Cameron called on the government to offer to underwrite all new business lending as the Tories on Friday signalled an end to their bipartisan support for Gordon Brown’s handling of the banking crisis… Ministers are understood to be resistant to the Tory idea, fearing the banks could offload too much high-risk lending on to the scheme, leaving taxpayers with billions of bad debts." – FT

> Yesterday’s ToryDiary on the Conservative leader’s "monetary activism"

Lord Mandelson draws up list of businesses Government should save from collapseTelegraph

"Was it the sheer insouciance over his £100billion tax bombshell? Or was it simply his peculiar rictus grin? Either way, wasn’t there something unsettling about the Prime Minister’s attitude to the pre-Budget report? It’s almost as if he relishes the doom and gloom enveloping this country. There’s a new swagger to his step that’s as unfamiliar as it is inappropriate." – Amanda Platell in the Daily Mail

LibDems may have to repay £2.4m stolen donation

"The Liberal Democrats may be forced to pay back a record donation of £2.4m after a jury decided the party’s biggest donor was a con man… Nick Clegg, the party leader, said: "We took that money in good faith. We did all the due diligence checks we could have done, totally unaware of the crimes of which Michael Brown has now been indicted. Beyond that, I can’t comment."" – Independent

‘Beckham of the City’ who preyed on banks gave Tories £30,000 – Daily Mail

And finally…

David Cameron’s signature worth more than Gordon Brown’s – Telegraph


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