5.45pm Local Government: When should councillors be deselected?

5.15pm Seats and Candidates: Will Quince selected for Colchester

4.30pm Local Government: Exeter Council spent £70,000 on lottery application never sent in.

4.00pm Parliament: Early Day Motions

4.00pm ToryDiary: Nick Herbert defends hate crime legislation

3.45pm ToryDiary: High IQ Greens, Low IQ BNP voters

3.30pm CentreRight updates:

2.30pm Gavin Lockhart on CentreRight: Sherlock Holmes Policing

1pm Parliament: Lord Glentoran on sports funding

12.15pm Local Government: Christmas banned in Oxford.

11.30am ToryDiary: Boris launches his plan to tackle youth crime

PlayPolitical: William Hague in Bosnia, Serbia and Georgia

JustinwebbAmericaInTheWorld: Justin Webb to deliver AmericaInTheWorld’s first annual address

Bbc_2 ToryDiary: Will serious policy follow David Cameron’s criticism of the BBC?

Ian Clement on Local government notes how Boris has ended City Hall’s war with the boroughs

CentreRight authors have been busy this morning:

WATCH: Obama ad: Colin Powell endorsed us, McCain gets Dick Cheney

Tories promise to cut NHS drug approval time by 15 months

Lansley2 "The Conservatives have promised to cut the approval time for the use of new drugs by the NHS from an average of 18 months to three." – Telegraph

"The Conservatives have criticised a "postcode lottery" in cancer care. The comments came after the Tories highlighted figures showing that some primary care trusts (PCTs) are spending more than twice as much as others on specialist drugs such as Herceptin." – ePolitix

Jeremy Hunt is interviewed by The Guardian

"Hunt is fluent in Japanese, was once voted "most fanciable MP" in a Sky News poll and only begrudgingly swapped Classic FM for the Today programme when he became an MP three years ago. But the most surprising thing about him is that he is a Tory who is capable of – on the surface at least – articulating a reasonably convincing new vision for the BBC and PSB." – Guardian

Boris Johnson today announces a bold plan to tackle spiralling youth crimeThe Sun

Bruce Anderson: The Conservatives should focus on waste

"The Tories could also talk more about waste. It is impossible to open a newspaper without coming across instances of contemptuous extravagance by government bodies or local authorities. One council uses anti-terrorism powers to sniff out the unlicenced sale of pizzas. Another spends tens of thousands in legal fees to silence a parrot. These individual maladministrations only consume tiny sums, but they are symptomatic of an attitude which is far too widespread in the public services. Spending public money ought to be a sacred trust, not a casual habit. If the Tories made that point, it is hard to know who would disagree." – Bruce Anderson in The Independent

Chorus of calls for 1% interest rate cutTelegraph

MPs conclude that opening of Terminal 5 was ‘national embarrassment’BBC

Downing Street Strategy Unit says social mobility IS improvingBBC

Gordon Brown’s tax raid on pension funds has snatched £17,000 from every worker’s retirement potDaily Mail

One day to go: McCain and Obama make their cases in articles for the Wall Street Journal

Daley_janey_blog"Whoever gets the White House, America will eventually return to being what it must be: the economic engine of the world and the greatest testimony to the power of human initiative in history. On both of those counts, it will once again be resented. But it will take a while longer to reach that point under Barack Obama." – Janet Daley in The Telegraph


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