6.45pm WATCH: ‘Anti-modernising Tory traditionalists are out to undermine George Osborne’

5pm CentreRight:

4.30pm ToryDiary: The tide is turning Osborne’s way

4.30pm Parliament: How important is the House of Commons?


3.15pm WATCH: David Cameron has a more trustworthy face than Gordon Brown

3.15pm Local Government: Baby P. No apology from David Lammy.

3.15pm Parliament: Is the Stormont stalemate about to be broken?

1.00pm Parliament: John Whittingdale calls for tougher controls on the Internet

Noon ToryDiary: What reckless borrowing does to sterling

Picture_511.45am WATCH RORY BREMNER: "Under a prudent Chancellor we’ve got our biggest ever debt"

11.30am Andrew Lilico writes the second of CentreRight’s Reasons for getting rid of Labour series: Economic mismanagement

10.30 am Local Government: Exeter Council’s £2,350 day at the races and Gateshead Council’s £1million bronze model

ToryDiary: Waste-funded Tory tax reliefs will deny Gordon Brown the disunity he seeks in our ranks

Burstbrownsbubble Charles Elphicke on Platform: Uh-oh, we’re in trouble – the recession’s come along and burst Brown’s bubble

Seats and candidates: Recent run of male selections disappoints CCHQ

Local government: Cllr Lee Rowley of Westminster Council on why we should break with social housing for life

Throughout This Week On CentreRight: Reasons For Getting Rid Of Labour
Tim Montgomerie kicks off the series with a post about Labour’s record on defence

Iain Duncan Smith recommends encouragements for marriage

Duncan_smith_december_07 "The report, from Mr Duncan Smith’s Centre for Social Justice, advocates using the law and other official mechanisms to discourage "informal" relationships. It links rising levels of family breakdown to the increase in cohabitation. The interim report recommends a series of measures to make marriage more attractive and divorce more difficult. It calls for pre-nuptial agreements – which set out financial and property rights before marrying – to be made legally binding to encourage more people to marry. It also recommends that divorce settlements should be more "consistent" and that grandparents will have access rights." – Telegraph

George Osborne’s economic strategy

"George Osborne will unveil an anti-recession package including some tax cuts, in a U-turn to allow the Tories to take the fight over the economy to a resurgent Gordon Brown. The shadow Chancellor is drawing up proposals to combat unemployment, reduce fuel bills for those on low incomes and limit the number of house repossessions." – Independent

Osborneonmarr "The Tory leadership remains confident that any short-term political gain to Mr Brown from the tax cuts will be outweighed by public anger against the incumbent administration at the next election. This explains why the shadow chancellor is ratcheting up his rhetoric against the government – setting out on Sunday what he clearly hopes will prove to be an election-winning dividing line: “Fiscal responsibility under the Conservatives; fiscal incontinence and imprudence under Labour.”" – FT

"Mr Osborne is looking for policies to seize the initiative but he was forced to drop plans for a petrol price “stabiliser" — cutting fuel duty as prices go up — when Labour pointed out it could end up costing drivers MORE." – The Sun

"It insults the intelligence to suggest Mr Osborne’s intervention could spark a ‘run on the pound’, given its value is already down 30 per cent in recent months. If there is, as Labour claims, a convention that senior politicians don’t raise fears about the health of our currency the last Tory chancellor Kenneth Clarke made clear yesterday he’d never heard of it." – Daily Mail leader

Janet Daley: Tax cuts increase economic growth

Daleyjanetblackbackgroun "The mantra about “sharing the proceeds of growth” between tax cuts and public spending always seemed to me to be absurd because it turns the logic of the relationship between taxation and growth on its head. So let’s say it again for good measure: the right kind of tax cuts cause national wealth to grow, which increases the amount of money that governments have to spend or to repay debt." – Janet Daley in The Telegraph

Bruce Anderson: Jealousy motivates many critics of George Osborne

"In 2005, when Mr Cameron was likely to become leader and Mr Osborne was already shadow Chancellor, there was a lot of muttering in Tory ranks. Ambitious MPs – that is almost a tautology – would inquire whether this meant that anyone over 40 was finished. Three years on, there are still occasional outbreaks of similar sentiments. In Mr Cameron’s case, that does not matter. He has stamped his authority on the party. But Mr Osborne has become the focal point for youth-ist resentments. One can understand why. In an ideal world, the shadow Chancellor would look older. In these chippy times, it would help if he had a different accent." – Bruce Anderson in The Independent

> Yesterday on CentreRight: ‘Move Osborne, bring back Clarke’ writes Ridley Grove

Jackie Ashley: Cameron, not Osborne, is our real target

"Osborne has, no doubt, many faults. He has made silly mistakes. But he is the whipping boy for a much wider failure of philosophy and politics. In a leader-dominated party that is the fault of one man. It is time to turn the spotlight not on George, but on George’s best friend." – Guardian

Did Saudi arms dealer channel donation to Tories through student daughter?

"David Cameron is facing questions over donations made to the Conservatives by the family of a billionaire Saudi ‘fixer’. The Tory leader was urged to ‘come clean’ after the student daughter of Syrian-born Wafic Said reportedly gave the Tories almost £50,000." – Daily Mail

Smith_jacqui_2 Jacqui Smith condemns businesses who use lap dancing clubsIndependent

The BNP is drawing up plans to win control over policing when the Government introduces direct elections for police authoritiesTimes

Andrew Keen: The US blogosphere isn’t so unconventional

"Yes, the blogosphere has been influential in shaping public opinion in the States. But most of the new aristocracy of political bloggers are all refugees from mainstream media who are culturally or intellectually indistinguishable from the newspaper journalists they seek to replace. Meanwhile, big media –, and – has also “discovered” blogs and user-generated video, and the interactivity of their sites are increasingly indistinguishable from popular blogs. Much has been made of the “YouTube election”. But what has been forgotten is that user-generated videos didn’t determine Obama’s victory. The most influential moments in the election were all captured and distributed by mainstream media." – Andrew Keen in The Independent

Barack Obama plans to speak to his fellow Americans each week on YouTube – Daily Mail

And finally…

"David Cameron has the most naturally honest face of Britain’s politicians" – Telegraph


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