8.45pm ToryDiary: Tory lead down to 6% in Populus survey

6.30pm Parliament: Andy Burnham on the X Factor


5:00pm AmericaInTheWorld: Popularity can never be the primary objective of US foreign policy

4.15pm Henry Featherstone on CentreRight: "The NHS simply doesn’t have the resources to care for two thirds of the population – so more effort needs to be directed at healthy eating and increasing the country’s levels of physical activity."

4pm Seats and candidates: Edinburgh’s youngest councillor selected to unseat Alistair Darling

3.45pm Local Government: Oratory in the Council Chamber

1.15pm Seats and candidates: Final six for Hexham

1.00pm Parliament: Overseas residents banned from Big Ben

12.15pm Local Government: If the RoSPA Chief says Health & Safety has gone too far then what do Tory Councils think?


ToryDiary: Brown is lovin’ his recession

ToryDiary: The Tory tax cut must not be a mouse

Howard Flight on Platform: The Conservative response to the banking crisis and its implications

Local government: Council housing. A lifetime in dependency?

Peter Cuthbertson on CentreRight: "When was the last GOP ticket to win the Presidency without a Bush or a Nixon on the ballot? 1928."

Watch: Tony Blair worries that expectations are too high for President-Elect Obama

Labour plan £15bn of tax cuts

"Tax cuts for the poorest in society are expected to be unveiled in this month’s Pre-Budget report. The cuts are expected to total up to £15 billion and will see the 10p tax band rebate extended for another year." – Scotsman

Janet Daley: Tax cuts still work

Daley_janey_blog "There is only one lesson that both parties can justifiably take from the US election: promising tax cuts wins votes. Both parties were offering them over there: Obama to most of the population (with some dangerous exceptions among the investing and wealth-producing classes), and McCain to all of it." – Janet Daley in The Telegraph

Trevor Kavanagh: Recession has exposed Cameron’s sloppy thinking

"Belatedly, Mr Cameron is now talking about cutting tax and putting money back into hard-pressed family budgets. But this is not cutting-edge thinking. The whole world is doing the same to stop the economy seizing up. Even Gordon Brown, who at any other time would rather swallow poison, is ready to use this month’s Pre-Budget Report to cut tax. The speed of this downturn has exposed lots of sloppy assumptions. One was the belief that, with Tony Blair gone, the Tories could sit back and wait for Gordon to hand them the keys to Downing Street. And it almost worked." – Trevor Kavanagh in The Sun

A British football team at the 2012 Olympics?

"Tory leader David Cameron has suggested a football team to represent Britain at the 2012 London Olympics could be decided by a home nations tournament." – BBC

Shailesh Vara: The taxpayer has spent £33.47 for each submission to a consultation on the government’s forthcoming legislative programme

5705 "Shailesh Vara, shadow deputy leader of the Commons, said the government’s approach to the consultation suggested it had been a “sham exercise,” which ministers had “never intended to take seriously”. He said the decision to restrict submissions via the official website to 500 characters left limited scope for considered input. He also questioned the way the programme of events had been run, saying it was unclear how many members of the public – as opposed to the usual lobbyists – had been aware of the meetings." – FT

Mandelson ‘did discuss trade with Deripaska’

"His spokesman said that in his former role as European trade commissioner, the subject of timber duties came up during conversations with the billionaire, who owns one of his country’s biggest wood processing and lumber companies." – Telegraph

Council homes for life ‘to be scrapped’

"People living in council houses will no longer be entitled to a subsidised tenancy for life under Whitehall proposals to address waiting lists. New tenants would have fixed-term contracts under the plans, with regular reviews every few years, The Times has learnt."

Ban pub happy hours and supermarkets selling alcohol at a loss say MPsBBC

MPs demand decision on future of Post Office Card AccountGuardian

Fugitive Lib Dem donor Michael Brown to stand trialTelegraph

Brown to warn Obama against protectionism

Obamawaving "Gordon Brown will tonight urge Barack Obama to reject pressure from his Democratic Party to put up trade barriers to protect American jobs." – Independent

Obama will begin Presidency by overturning Bush positions on oil drilling and stem cell research – Guardian

And finally… Michael Gove offers the President-Elect some advice on choosing a puppy

"My advice to Barack is do what we did – and get a Jack Russell/whippet mongrel. It’s a very Anglo choice – reaffirming the special relationship. Its also a progressive pick. The Jack Russell is a Whig dog – named after the great reforming Victorian premier. And whippets are, in every sense, a workers’ animal. Our own dog, Mars, is affectionate, resilient and loyal. And if the President-elect knows anything it’s that there won’t be many appointees who have all those virtues standing by him every step of the way over the next eight years." – Michael Gove in The Times


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