5.00pm Parliament: More than One in Ten MPs used to be a lobbyist

Picture_54.15pm International: Time for change message reaches New Zealand tomorrow

3.30pm Parliament: Written answers round-up

3.00pm Alex Deane on CentreRight: If you’re going to make the case for "environmentally friendly energy", you have to be honest about it

2.30pm ToryDiary: Cameron announces measures to limit powers of bailiffs

Glenrothes470 2pm WATCH: David Cameron welcomes end of "Salmond bounce" and concedes that it’s "always hard work for Conservatives in Scotland"

Theresa_may_21.15pm Parliament: Theresa May and Business of the House Questions

12.45pm Parliament: Peter Ainsworth on Heathrow

12.30pm Seats and Candidates: Chris Grayling responds to the Glenrothes result

11.45am Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: America’s other election results

10.30am Local Government: Yesterday’s local government by-election results

Osbornegreentie_3ToryDiary: Grassroots have a message for George Osborne

Seats and Candidates: The morning after the night before in Glenrothes

Terry Arthur on Platform: The Failure of the British pensions system

Local Government: Right to Buy suspended in Aberdeenshire

Louise Bagshawe on CentreRight: The third party in Scotland

International: Grand New Party traces the Republicans’ path to recovery

Support for George Osborne collapses

The slump in Mr Osborne’s ratings is the sharpest recorded by ConservativeHome and will increase pressure on David Cameron to move his close friend in the next shadow cabinet reshuffle. – Telegraph

Shadow Cabinet revolt over David Cameron’s plan to ban outside earnings

David Cameron may be forced to shelve plans to curb the outside earnings of his Shadow Cabinet after a revolt by frontbenchers who do not want to give up their lucrative jobs outside politics, The Independent has learnt. – Independent

Big Glenrothes by-election win for Labour rocks Nationalists

Maurice Golden, the Tory candidate, said: "It is clear that people are rejecting Alex Salmond. The bubble has well and truly burst." He also praised [Labour victor] Mr Roy as a "genuine maverick" and added that his victory had been one for "unity and the United Kingdom". – Scotsman

All honeymoons come to an end and Alex Salmond’s was unlikely to defy gravity for ever. The SNP First Minister had made the most of the political weather in Scotland until the global storm swept across the financial markets, claiming one of Scotland’s most powerful banks and weakening even the mighty Royal Bank. – Herald

Boris shelves £3.5bn London transport plans

London’s mayor, Boris Johnson, has shelved £3.5bn of transport schemes in the capital, including the Thames Gateway bridge, and announced a multibillion-pound cost-cutting drive. – Guardian

> Yesterday’s coverage of the story on our Local Government blog

Banks urged to pass on huge cut in interest rates

Britain’s banks came under intense pressure to cut mortgage rates last night after the Bank of England stunned the City and cut the base rate to a 54-year low to fight off recession.  – Times

George Osborne, the shadow Chancellor, said the rate cut would be passed on only if the financial system was working properly. "It’s got to be the financial system in the end that feeds through. The transmission system has to work," he said. – Independent

Nursery schools struggle with troubled and violent children

There were more than 4,000 suspensions of children aged 5 and under in England last year, prompting calls for teachers to have greater powers of restraint over violent and disruptive pupils… Michael Gove, the Shadow Education Secretary, who obtained the figures in a parliamentary answer, was staggered by the number of suspensions given to very young children. – Times

Jacqui Smith lays down authority to appoint Met chief

The Home Secretary’s comments mark the latest development in a power struggle with Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, over who has the final say over the selection of the country’s most powerful policeman. – Telegraph

Fingerprinting charge to double cost of ID card to £60 as plans to launch scheme are scaled down

"We already know that ID cards will do nothing to improve our security but may make it worse. Now we see that the already substantial cost is going to increase. This is particularly outrageous given the current economic crisis. – Dominic Grieve quoted in the Daily Mail

National road toll devices to be tested by drivers next year Times


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