6.30pm ToryDiary: Mayor claims victory as robberies fall on London buses

6.15pm Simon Chapman on CentreRight disassociates himself from the special interests arguing "If the government can find money to bail out banks, what about …"

5.15pm CentreRight:

4pm CentreRight:

Goodman_paul 3.30pm Paul Goodman MP writes his first entry for CentreRight: Trots against extremism!

Parliament: Alan Duncan on what the government has done to make the current crisis worse

2.30pm Seats and Candidates: Kevin Hollinrake resigns as candidate for Dewsbury

Jim McConalogue on CentreRight: Brown’s plan means British taxpayers bailing out banks across the EU

1.30pm CentreRight: Peter Cuthbertson responds to Peter Hitchens

12.15pm Local Government: How many of Britain’s councils have money in collapsing Icelandic banks?

Live blog of PMQs from noon.

11.30am WATCH: Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling on the bank bailout

11am CentreRight: Peter Hitchens replies to Tim Montgomerie

10am ToryDiary: Is this the best use of £50bn?


Pmqsreturns On CentreRight, Greg Hands MP previews today’s return of PMQs

Kara Watt on Platform: The Sarah Palin factor

Cllr Paul Scully on Local government: Why blogging is a useful thing for councillors to do

Seats and candidates: Cllr Alan Cullens adopted for Chorley

WATCH: John McCain refers to Barack Obama as "that one" in second debate

Telegraph leader: Faith in the government is shattered

Clarkekendarkshirt "The former Tory chancellor Kenneth Clarke observed yesterday that the Government is simply incapable of responding to the speed of events. He is right." – Telegraph leader

"The Bank of England must cut interest rates this week by a full percentage point" – Times leader

Michael White: Tories suffering from bout of cross-party unity

"MPs and peers returned to Westminster this week to confirm what Labour MPs hoped and Conservative colleagues feared on the party conference circuit last month: that the economic crisis has changed politics once again. As Ruth Kelly put it in an exit interview: "Gordon has regained the permission of the electorate to be heard again." Tory MPs agree." – Michael White in The Guardian

Boris has a new "sense of purpose" – Simon Carr, Independent, reviews the Mayor’s appearance before the Commons’ Culture Select Committee

Nick Herbert to address Prison Governors Association

Herbert_nick_mp “Governors will become responsible for a prisoner’s journey throughout the penal system, from when they arrive in prison until they are reintegrated into the community. Under our sentencing reforms, governors will decide on a prisoner’s suitability for release, subject to appropriate judicial involvement. They will have the freedom to innovate and the power to decide the full range of services the prisoner needs – from incarceration, through education and training to treatment and resettlement." – Advance remarks from the Shadow Justice Secretary, quoted in the Daily Express | Telegraph

Social policy issues were big on Tory conference fringe

"Last week, the party conference’s social policy fringes were big on values: they were peppered with earnest and unlikely references to the "limits" of capitalism, to the socially-ruinous behaviour of aggressive, impersonal corporations, such as those in the food industry and the Big Supermarkets. Concepts such as neighbourliness, civic engagement, work-life balance, co-production and social enterprise were bandied about with reverence and enthusiasm." – Guardian

Schoolchildren to be taught about dangers of extremismTimes

The Electoral Commission is a watchdog that neither barks nor bites – David Hencke in The Guardian

Cross-party group of MPs wants ban on smacking children in England and WalesBBC

And finally…

Jonathan Isaby has a photo of champagne being delivered to 11 Downing Street.


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