10pm Ruth Lea on CentreRight: The climate change bill: a futile and very costly folly

4.30pm PlayPolitical: McCain ad says Obama’s plan to spend and tax America further into recession proves he isn’t ready

4.15pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: "What kind of people do they think we are?"

4pm Matthew Sinclair on CentreRight: British taxpayers’ money is being used to fuel hatred in the Middle East

20080512_israelflag 2.15pm Parliament: Terrorism in Israel

1.45pm Parliament: Conservative dissent on climate change

1.30pm CentreRight:

1.15pm ToryDiary: Have your say in the latest ConservativeHome survey

12.30pm Parliament: Giving prisoners a purpose


11Huntjeremy1ashx_2am ToryDiary: Jeremy Hunt calls for broadcasters to help fight alcoholism and other social ills

10.30am Local government: Former Lib Dem Mayor explains her defection to the Conservatives

ToryDiary: George Osborne defines his anti-recession policy in 78 words

Iantaylormp Ian Taylor MP on Platform: Is tackling climate change compatible with maintaining energy security?

Afterdefeat International: What next for America’s Republicans?

Local government: Who will scrutinise the scrutineers?

Greg Hands MP on CentreRight: Is the Euro making a comeback?

Britain passes first legally binding national emissions reduction target

"Mid-sized companies face mandatory reporting of their carbon emissions from 2012 after MPs on Tuesday night passed sweeping legislation setting ambitious targets to tackle climate change. The climate change bill, approved by a clear Commons majority, commits Britain to slashing greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent by 2050, in what is the world’s first legally binding national emissions reduction target." – FT

"Osborne escapes investigation into donation discussions"Guardian

The Daily Mail has another photograph from George Osborne’s youth.

Brown and Cameron condemn Russell Brand’s offensive call

"Gordon Brown and David Cameron last night weighed in to the row over a series of offensive telephone calls made by Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand to the veteran actor Andrew Sachs on their Radio 2 show as the media regulator Ofcom launched a major investigation into the incident." – Independent

> Yesterday’s ToryDiary on the controversy.

Profile of Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones

"He rails against supermarkets and rural poverty and has his own Black Farmer food range. Steven Morris meets Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, an unlikely Tory candidate." – Guardian

Backbench Tory MP David Davies slams Black Police Association

"A Tory MP has provoked fury by accusing Britain’s black police leaders of being racist. David Davies said black police representatives in London had behaved worse than the apartheid regime in South Africa by urging ethnic minorities not to join the Metropolitan Police force. In a speech to the National Black Police Association annual conference, he also slammed the organisation for not allowing white people interested in fighting racism to become full members." – Daily Mail

Barely two months after Russia invaded Georgia, Peter Mandelson accelerates trade with RussiaTelegraph

"Lord Mandelson is staying in a £5,500-a-night luxury suite at one of Moscow’s most sumptuous hotel" – Daily Mail

EU Commissioners fail to deliver on transparency

"Pledges made in 2005 to tighten the code, after an outcry over a cruise on a Greek tycoon’s yacht enjoyed by José Manuel Barroso, the Commission President, seem to have fallen by the wayside." – Times

"There is a scandal that has been revealed by the events on a yacht off Corfu this summer that both Conservatives and Labour can agree on, namely the shocking laxity of rules governing the gifts and hospitality lavished on commissioners. Lord Mandelson observed them to the letter – and, of course, this was not hard. They are toothless. Mr Barroso must now acknowledge that they give his Cabinet too much freedom to abuse their posts, and he must fix them." – Times leader

Tony Blair earns £12m since leaving Downing StreetTelegraph

Bookmakers point to neck-and-neck contest in GlenrothesHerald

"Gordon Brown is expected to make one final campaigning trip to Glenrothes before next week’s by-election in an attempt to provide the extra impetus his party needs for victory." – Scotsman


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