11pm Ruth Lea on CentreRight: The EU’s climate policy is hijacked by economic reality

5pm Local Government: Eric Pickles demands list of local authorities exposed in Icelandic banking collapse

3.30pm CentreRight: Andrew Lilico makes the case for judicial corporal punishment

1.45pm CentreRight:

PlayPolitical: European children explain the values of the EU

Live blog of PMQs from noon

Canconvictory Noon International: At least Conservatives have won one North American election

11.45am Parliament: Mark Pritchard’s bill to ban keeping primates as pets and Michael Gove on lack of rigour in school exams

Greentaxesrip 10.45am Matt Sinclair on CentreRight: A referendum on green taxes returns a clear result

9.45am CentreRight: Julia Manning welcomes the scrapping of SATs for 14yos and Greg Hands MP is worried about one "deeply mistaken" change to banking regulations

ToryDiary: "Comment overwritten"

ConservativeInternational: Canadian Conservatives make gains but fall short of majority

Seanfearquote Sean Fear on Local government: Local Elections 09. How will we do?

Sam Freedman on Platform: Ed Balls finally gets something right

Glavotesrecord Parliament: Greater London Assembly keeps no proper record of how members vote

WATCH: Nigel Farage blasts Tory EU policy as indistinguishable from Labour’s

Today’s must-read: "In its undemocatic form it’s done more good than the Commons"

Michael Brown, in The Independent, makes the case for the retention of The Lords.

David Cameron says Brown ignored economic warning signs

Cameronsigning "David Cameron, the Conservative leader, privately acknowledging that his poll lead is likely to fall into single figures, accused the government of bad mistakes: "Over the past decade, the regulators haven’t regulated properly, the government hasn’t governed properly and that’s in addition to the bankers making big mistakes. Gordon Brown did something in 1997 we thought was wrong, and I still think was wrong, and I would put right: he basically took the Bank of England out of the scene of regulating debt in the economy. They’ve taken the institution that’s got the real clout in terms of regulating debt and taken it out of the picture." – Guardian

Simon Heffer: Redwood for Shadow Chancellor

Redwood_john "It has never been so clear that Mr Osborne’s principal qualification for his present portfolio is that he is Mr Cameron’s close chum. There is only one man in the parliamentary Conservative party who truly understands what is going on, and who has an idea of how to fix it over the next five years or so. That is John Redwood. Yet Mr Redwood is not allowed in the shadow cabinet because he is cleverer than all its other members put together and is therefore deemed difficult. He would come with a plan to rebuild not just our financial system and economic confidence, but also the credibility of capitalism. This would include spending cuts, tax cuts and using private capital from overseas to recapitalise banks." – Simon Heffer in The Telegraph

George Osborne denies leaking banking plan and attacks Brown’s "boot boys"BBC

Other economic crisis news

  • £37bn may not be enough says Treasury Select Committee Chairman – Times
  • Finkelsteindanny "The idea that boom and bust had been abolished was not a small claim among many. It was the central claim of this Government. It was the boast of boasts – the boast upon which all other boasts were built. And now it has been revealed as totally empty. Not triumph, then. Disaster. Not victory. Total, utter, dreadful defeat." – Daniel Finkelstein in The Times
  • Inflation set to add £3bn to public expenditure – FT

Conservatives to outline UK film policy at Screen finance

Brown will campaign in GlenrothesTelegraph

Security Minister Lord West reveals that authorities are monitoring "another great plot"

"The Conservatives said his comments, made in the House of Lords, were "reckless in the extreme". Neither the Home Office nor the Metropolitan Police – which leads nationally on terrorism issues – was prepared to confirm his claim. His comments raised questions over what exactly he was referring to and the prospect that the former head of the Royal Navy – who has a reputation for unguarded remarks – had once again spoken out of turn." – Sky

New opinion poll has Barack Obama ahead by 14%NewYorkTimes


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