9pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: I despair

8.30pm ToryDiary: Cameron backs George Osborne’s judgment

6.30pm Greg Hands MP on CentreRight: The Serious Fraud Office is investigating

5pm ToryDiary: Statement by George Osborne

4.45pm ToryDiary: A third Rothschilds letter?

4.15pm Parliament: Quote of the day from Lord Strathclyde

3.45pm Parliament: Ministers dilly dally on underage drinking

2pm WATCH:

1.30pm Charlie Elphicke on CentreRight: OECD report on "falling" rich poor gap is garbage

1pm Parliament: Government confusion over immigration

Indispensable 1pm ToryDiary: The indispensable George Osborne

11.30am Peter Cuthbertson on CentreRight: What the data says about the pay gap

ToryDiary: Boris believes election of Obama would represent massive breakthrough for race relations

Brooks Newmark MP on Platform: In debt to Brown

DavidcameronshouldrelaxStephan Shakespeare on CentreRight: Cameron should relax; he’s still on course for victory

Barrowquote Cllr Colin Barrow on Local government: A plan to tackle anti social behaviour in Westminster

Tory lead of 12% unchanged in ICM poll Guardian | Yesterday evening’s ToryDiary

Tory fundraiser alleges that George Osborne sought £50K donation from Russia’s richest man

Osborne_speaking "In his letter to The Times, Mr [Nathaniel] Rothschild alleges that Mr Osborne and Mr Feldman went on board Mr Deripaska’s yacht “to solicit a donation”. The claim is all the more sensational because Mr Rothschild has been involved in fundraising for Mr Cameron’s Tories and has been a close friend of Mr Osborne since they were at Oxford together." – Times

CCHQ denies that George Osborne attempted to solicit £50,000 donation from Oleg Deripaska – Daily Mail | Telegraph

The Today programme made this story their top 8.10am feature. Robert Peston, BBC Business Editor, said that there was another witness who backed Mr Rothschild’s allegation. Nick Robinson said that, behind-the-scenes, the Tories had been pushing Peter Mandelson’s links with Mr Deripaska and that the Rothschild letter was part of the ensuing storm.

“Criticism of George Osborne is fashionable and unfair” says John Redwood FT

> Jim McConalogue on CentreRight: Playing John Redwood up front will bring rewards

MPs want crackdown on the 25% of Britain’s 700 largest businesses who avoid corporation taxBBC

Mandelson under fire over plan to drop flexible working burdens on small businessesGuardian

Writing in The Independent Dominic Lawson wants a bonfire of planning regulations: "The English planning system is possibly the most cumbersome and dilatory in the developed world."

Steve Richards: It’s not true that Brown spent too much

"Public services are still nowhere near good enough. This is partly because some of the cash has been wasted. It is also because higher levels of investment take time to feed through. The cash is allocated and then distributed. Front-line staff are trained and recruited. Demands change, usually intensifying, so some of the additional cash is spent on merely standing still. More importantly, it takes years of sustained spending to make a profound difference. Sweden did not invest for a couple of years and then give up." – Independent 

Harriet Harman to block any vote on abortion during tomorrow’s Embryology debateGuardian

John Prescott still hasn’t decided if he wants place in House of LordsTelegraph

Rachel Sylvester: There is a creeping secularisation of British politics

Within her Times column, Rachel Sylvester comments on the Tory leader’s faith: "Although David Cameron sends his daughter to a church school, he describes his faith as being “like Magic FM in the Chilterns”, something that fades in and out, as if he is rather embarrassed by the whole idea."


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