6.15pm Parliament: How should we elect MPs?

5.30pm Jim McConalogue on CentreRight: "On the pan-European £1.17 trillion plan, I would suggest that the spending spree amounting to £1.17 trillion may turn out to be the biggest historic gamble of taxpayers’ money in recent European history."

Goldie_annabel5pm ToryDiary: Scottish Tories claim "romantic dream of independence [has] crashed to the ground"

4.15pm Local government: LibDem peer in glass house throws stones at Tory councils

1.45pm ToryDiary: “I want us to do even more to encourage the risk takers”

1.30pm Parliament: The indomitable Lord Tebbit

1.15pm Paul Goodman MP on CentreRight: Envy is worse than greed

11.45am Charlie Elphicke on CentreRight: Labour’s economic mismanagement cost us all dear III – the Price

9.45am Local Government: Councils deposits with Icelandic banks: Can we really just blame John Prescott?

Torythinking470ToryDiary: Tories prepare ‘Brown rescued the banks but not the real economy’ message

ToryDiary: David Davis’ champagne moment

Helmer_roger Roger Helmer MEP on Platform: Stop worrying about global warming

Local government: Tower Hamlets’ Cllr Ahmed Hussain explains why he defected from Respect to the Conservatives

International: Canada votes today

Graeme Archer on CentreRight: "If put into practice [The Precautionary Principle] would have the effect of causing us to do nothing, ever. I’d really rather not live my life like that, and I certainly wouldn’t vote for a party were its economic platform based on such scare-mongering."

Watch: Cameron promises responsible opposition during economic crisis

Now is the time to invest in big capital projects – Boris Johnson in The Telegraph

Phillip Johnston: The Tories can no longer rely on Labour collapse

"This crisis has left the Tories in a terrible political bind. They have been busily devising policies that emphasise less state control, more individual responsibility, greater local decision-making, tax cuts when growth allows and increases in public spending. They have even given it a name: the post-bureaucratic age. Yet we could be entering an era where the helping hand of the state is welcomed by frightened people who blame the excesses of untrammelled capitalism for the fix they are in. More than that, the Tories have been relying on the continued and inevitable decline of Mr Brown’s premiership, a death by a thousand cuts. Yet now he is lionised as the saviour of the banking system. He will be far more difficult to prise out of Number 10 as a result." – Philip Johnston in The Telegraph

Tories warn they will not honour decisions over Stansted expansionGuardian

Ian Oakley, former Watford candidate found guilty of hate campaign, avoids jailGuardian

Pritchard Mark Pritchard MP will call for ban on primates being kept as petsePolitix

How much has Labour bounced?

"Labour has advanced from a low of 26 to 27 per cent between May and August, according to the average of all published polls, to above 30 per cent in seven of the last eight polls, and an average of 31 to 32 per cent so far this month. But this has been largely at the expense of the Liberal Democrats, as the Tories have slipped only from 45 to 46 per cent to an average of 43 to 44 per cent." – Peter Riddell in The Times

Speaker launches probe into Tony Blair’s Ecclestone/ F1 exemption

"Mr Martin promised to intervene after Conservative MPs John Maples and Peter Luff told the House the new evidence proved Mr Blair had misled Parliament." – Daily Mail

Inflation will exceed 5% in new statistics due todayTelegraph

600 anti-airport protestors attempt to storm parliamentBBC report and video

As Europe slumps, is the far Right rising? – Richard J Evans in The Times

And finally…

Quentin Letts in The Daily Mail watches Peter Mandelson become a Lord: "The House was full, as it often is at the start of the day. They get paid for turning up, of course, but there was genuine wonderment. There have been precedents. We have had appalling Eurocrats before in the House. But none with such a record of disgrace and devilment."


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