11pm ToryDiary: Tories 9% ahead in YouGov poll

5.45pm Matthew Elliott on CentreRight: The BBC needs to take a range of offensive behaviour far more seriously

5.30pm ToryDiary: Russia’s neighbours cannot rely on the EU, says Hague

5.15pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Could Brand and Ross be prosecuted?

2.30pm Parliament: Round up of written answers

12.45pm Parliament: Jeremy Hunt on the 2012 Olympics

12noon Parliament: Richard Bacon on food labelling

9.45am PlayPolitical: Barack Obama’s half-hour prime time campaign ad

ToryDiary: George Osborne’s non-Treasury roles

Local government: Should paving front gardens be allowed?

Jeremy Lefroy on Platform: The independence of the Office for National Statistics

Tories accused of £8bn shortfall in NHS policyTimes

Lawson says tax cuts are not solution to slump

Lawson_2"Speaking at a House of Lords economic seminar, he said: "There is lots of bad news still to come and lots of bad debts yet to be revealed. I would be astonished if this is not at least as bad as the early 1990s. In fact I think it will be worse than that – and longer-lasting." The solution, he added, is "monetary policy, and very low interest rates which should be globally-concerted. A fiscal Keynsian boost would come too late and be damaging which would leave us with a hugely bloated public sector." – Telegraph

Tories probe client rules to find out what would happen if a bank collapse wiped out client money held in a law firm’s accountsLaw Gazette

Chancellor pledges to borrow initially to see Britain through recession, then to rebuild public finances once it is over – Times

Gordon Brown yesterday demanded that lenders who provide store and credit cards must change their rules to make it more difficult to repossess homesGuardian

Motorists face paying tolls to drive on hard shoulder

Roadtoll"Within months, officials will draw up plans to create a faster lane for those willing to pay for a quicker journey on the country’s busiest roads during the rush hour. Drivers would pay up to 42 pence a mile to avoid the jams under a model being considered by ministers." – Telegraph

Ministers will reexamine the case for new high-speed rail lines – a year after the idea was rejected as too expensiveBBC

Ministers accused of arrogance over 128-day parliamentary session

Opposition politicians have accused the government of "arrogantly" misusing its oversight of parliamentary business, as it emerged yesterday that the number of days MPs would attend parliament in the next session would be the smallest since 1979-80 – Guardian

A government initiative to improve prisoners’ education "has not succeeded", the Commons public accounts committee saysBBC

MPs say speed limits should be cut to 20mph in some areas to tackle "appalling" level of child road deathsGuardian

Ask parliament, not courts, when it comes to assisted suicide

Two high court judges rejected Debbie Purdy’s request for guidelines from the Director of Public Prosecutions on when assisted suicide cases would be prosecuted, saying it was a matter for parliament and not the courts. However, they granted an appeal on the grounds of public interest, which would be expedited because of Purdy’s terminal condition – Guardian

RossbrandBBC fighting to save career of star presenter Jonathan RossTelegraph

Deafness scourge of troops in Afghanistan

Hundreds are returning from Afghanistan suffering from severe and permanent damage to their hearing – Times

House prices have fallen for the twelfth month in a row and are now 14.6pc lower than last year, the latest figures from Nationwide showTelegraph

Norwich and Norfolk Race Equality Council tells schoolchildren to take pledge to ‘be nice’ to gipsies

"The pupils, aged six to 11, were told to stand up and promise to "welcome newcomers" and not bully them. The incident happened at one of a series of workshops for children, hosted by South Norfolk Council as part of Local Democracy Week earlier this month. Villagers in Spooner Row are fighting against council plans to build a new travellers site with eight pitches. Council officers have insisted they knew nothing about the pledge and denied trying to "brainwash children" into accepting the controversial plan." – Telegraph

Top conservatives to meet on rebuilding Republican party

Senior Republicans are planning to meet at a rural retreat in Virginia within days of the election to discuss how to rebuild a party they expect to be badly beaten in the White House and congressional races – Guardian


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