7.15pm ToryDiary: The Chief Leader Writer of The Times disowns The Times’ coverage of George Osborne

Picture_1_24.45pm CentreRight:

3.45pm Parliament: The Government fails to answer another simple question

3.30pm Parliament: Anne Milton on the South-east Plan

2.45pm Parliament: MPs of the day – John Baron and Ian Gibson

12.30pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: Five Conservative principles for managing the new Socialist settlement

Lockhartquote 12.30pm Gavin Lockhart of Policy Exchange on CentreRight: The police fail to record violent crime

Picture_7 11.15am WATCH: Christopher Hitchens says Barack Obama is becoming more hawkish on the war on terror and he says the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are the same wars.

11am CentreRight: John Glen pays tribute to George Osborne

ToryDiary: Tory leadership senses that the corner has been turned on ‘Yachtgate’

Local government: Tory Talk, not Labour Speak

VilliersgraphicTheresa Villiers MP on Platform: We need to make Heathrow better not bigger

WATCH: Tim Montgomerie joins other political bloggers to discuss the state of the parties and McCain ad attacks Obama for planning to ‘spread the wealth’

The Tories need a more balanced top team and to stop treating politics as a sport – Iain Martin in The Telegraph

"Senior Tories" want more maturity from George Osborne

"A "traumatised" George Osborne has been told by senior Tory colleagues that he showed poor judgment in his dealings with Peter Mandelson and Nat Rothschild and that he must show greater political maturity if he is to prosper as David Cameron’s main lieutenant in government." – Guardian

"George Osborne and the Conservative Party should halt their attempts to "rubbish" Nat Rothschild, or risk the Shadow Chancellor being brought down, friends of the financier warned." – Telegraph

Giving to the Tories

Picture_6 This graphic >>> appears within a report in The Independent on party funding.

Cameron and women in business

"He doesn’t need these PR ladies from PrettyLittleHead to help him attract the "middle-class mothers" that he is supposedly after. Instead, he should spend more time in bed talking to his charming wife and entrepreneur, Samantha. She will tell him that tax incentives, reducing regulations, lifting the VAT threshold for small business plus other measures to improve starting your own enterprise are the best way to a girl’s heart." – Margareta Pagano in The Independent

Andrew Pelling MP worked for City firm while on sick leave from CommonsDaily Mail

Davidevans Former Tory MP David Evans has diedTelegraph | Andrew Porter | Iain Dale

Embryology Bill passes with little time for debate

"Under a tightly timetabled government motion voted through earlier in the day, MPs had only 3½ hours to debate a raft of amendments to the human fertilisation and embryonic bill." – FT

Sex and relationship education to become compulsory in English schoolsBBC

Far-right Austrian leader sacked for revealing gay affair with Jörg HaiderTimes

The Republicans prepare for their ‘1997’

"The real untold story of 2008 is what is happening at state and local level. Republicans are in danger of losing the Senate seats they need to be able to block Obama’s legislation – and the House of Representatives looks even worse. This election is starting to look more like Britain in 1997 than anything America has seen in decades." – Frank Luntz in The Telegraph


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