7.30pm ToryDiary: What does The Blue Blog need to do to succeed?

Hitchenspeterwhiteshirt_32.15pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Fisking Peter Hitchens

11.30am WATCH: Roger Helmer MEP explains his opposition to wind farms

11am Seats and candidates: Finalists for re-run of Chorley selection

ToryDiary: Should 42 days be a litmus test for the new Met Chief? and Scottish Tories campaign against plans to criminalise under 21s who use off licences

Syed Kamall MEP on Platform: The new Trade Commissioner must be bolder than the last

Graeme Archer on CentreRight has a theory about Peter and Gordon: "There really were three people in the First New Labour marriage."

WATCH: Palin accuses Obama of ”Palling around with terrorists’

Cut interest rates by 2%
– Vince Cable in The Sunday Times

"Britain is fast heading into recession this winter despite Washington’s $700 billion deal to bail out America’s banks, say economic forecasters. This weekend economists cut growth predictions, warning that Britain faces a long and deep recession with unemployment rising by up to 1m." – The Sunday Times

Cameron ranks shadow cabinet ministers for public impact

"Peter Ainsworth, the shadow environment secretary, Theresa Villiers, the shadow transport secretary, and Andrew Mitchell, the shadow international development secretary, have been put at the bottom of the table because of a scarcity of media appearances." – Sunday Telegraph

Greg Barker is tipped by Melissa Kite to shadow Ed Miliband’s new Energy and Climate Change Department – Sunday Telegraph

Hutton’s move to MoD will clear way for greener agenda Independent on Sunday

Ivan’s special needs may make it impossible for Camerons to live in Downing Street

"David Cameron may be the first Prime Minister for more than 30 years not to live in Downing Street if he wins the next  Election – because No10 may not be a suitable home for his disabled son, Ivan. The Mail on Sunday understands that the Tory leader and his wife Samantha fear it may be impossible to adapt the flat in the Grade I listed building to their son’s special needs." – Mail on Sunday

Cameron fury over Channel 4 undercover journalist trying to infiltrate party donors Mail on Sunday | Yesterday’s ToryDiary

Iain Martin salutes Boris’ ousting of Ian Blair

"This was Johnson using power secured by direct election against the worst kind of political police chief, who personified New Labour’s bureaucratic and unresponsive approach to policing the streets of our great capital. Blair was a walking advert for why we need directly elected – or at least more democratically accountable – police chiefs." – Iain Martin in The Sunday Telegraph

Tory blogs are full of bile

"Brown is inevitably “Broon” or “McBottler” or something else emphasising his Scottishness. Cameron may support the Union, but the Tory grassroots’ loathing of Scotland is as strong as ever." – Wales on Sunday

Joan Collins describes David Cameron as The Iron ManThe Sunday Telegraph

Ministers have admitted that thousands more post offices will crash out of businessObserver


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