7.30pm Local Government: David Cameron calls on Councils to pay their bills quickly

4.30pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: There are four options as we enter recession: muddling along, austerity, public works or tax cuts

3.45pm WATCH: Colin Powell backs Obama as transformational President

2pm Louise Bagshawe on CentreRight: How do I love Sarah Palin?

CameronincommonsofficeToryDiary: David Cameron calls for six month VAT breathing space for small businesses

Nick Vaughan on Platform: Why I am joining the McCain campaign

International: Stephen Harper may soon be the only conservative head of government in the English-speaking world

Mark Wallace on Local government: The economic slowdown hasn’t reached the Town Hall fat cats + Losing the gardening vote in Herefordshire

Yesterday evening’s ToryDiary entries:

Conservatives pay five figure sum to Pretty Little Head marketing agency to help feminise partySunday Telegraph

Greg Hands MP leads search for Robert Peston’s rumoured ‘mole’ inside Bank of England/ Treasury

On CentreRight yesterday Greg regretted Parliament’s failure to debate the banking crisis.

Frank Field is worried that Labour isn’t going to find money for the 10p tax victimsSunday Telegraph

Matthew d’Ancona: Things can only get worse for Brown

"time will be Gordon’s enemy. The disclosure that the state-owned Northern Rock is now twice as likely to repossess homes as other banks is deeply symbolic. In the Thatcher era, the state liberated voters by selling them their council houses. Now the state has turned into repo man. And as the PM glad-handed his international admirers in Brussels last week, Britain’s unemployment figures rose to an eight-year high – with worse to come. Paul Krugman, winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize for Economics, salutes the Prime Minister as the messiah of the global financial system. But the opinions of Paul Krugman won’t carry much weight on the doorsteps of voters facing the reality of recession." – Matthew d’Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph

Negative equity ‘to reach 2 million’ – Sunday Times

Brown moves to restrict immigration to stop big rise in domestic unemployment – Fraser Nelson in the News of the World

This week’s Embryology Bill: Nadine Dorries protests at DIY abortions

"Pregnant schoolgirls as young as 12 could be sent home with drugs to induce DIY abortions.  They would be able to take pills without their parents’ knowledge for unsupervised terminations as late as 19 weeks.  Pro-life campaigners are horrified by the plans—which will be put before Parliament on Wednesday.  Tory Nadine Dorries, a leading anti-abortion MP and former nurse, warned: “We are talking about very young girls who will go home and abort on their own. They will experience pain they never thought possible, bleed like they have never imagined and then flush their own abortions down the toilet.” – News of the World

"On Wednesday MPs will vote on a bill which would allow the creation of human/animal hybrid embryos to be used for stem cell research, change the conditions for granting IVF, and possibly liberalise the abortion laws." – The Sunday Telegraph

Government won’t meet wind energy targets without big cash injection Observer

Green energy is not a middle-class conceit, more the only way forward – Independent on Sunday

One of Alex Salmond’s adviser warns on vulnerabilities of independenceScotland on Sunday

Barack Obama’s spending soars past his Republican rival

Picture_1"The most recent analysis of the presidential advertisements by the University of Wisconsin, based on the period from Sept. 28 through Oct. 4, found that nearly 100 percent of Mr. McCain’s commercials included an attack on Mr. Obama and that 34 percent of Mr. Obama’s advertisements, which were more focused that week on promoting his agenda, included an attack on Mr. McCain. That finding reflected the McCain campaign’s strategy of trying to make Mr. Obama an unacceptable choice in the eyes of undecided voters and Mr. Obama’s goal of making undecided voters comfortable with him." – New York Times

Dan Hannan endorses Barack Obama – The Sunday Telegraph

Liam Fox – who attended the third and final presidential debate – reflects on his experience and calls for Brown to debate with Cameron – The Sunday Telegraph


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