9pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: European leaders agree plan to guarantee interbank lending

4.30pm Charlie Elphicke on CentreRight: Labour’s economic mismanagement costs us all dear II – Taxes

3.15pm CentreRight: Andrew Lilico on the nationalisation of banks

9.30am Greg Hands on CentreRight: Everyone likes the idea of a Swedish model, even in banking

Local Government: Mark Wallace of the Taxpayers Alliance on Taxing Times especially in Lambeth.

ToryDiary: YouGov: Labour boosted by economic crisis

ConservativeInternational: Centre right parties squeezed by economic crisis

Nick Wood on Platform: An early election is Gordon’s only hope

ToryDiary: Psychometric testing suggested for weeding out those unfit to be ministers

Suli Shah on CentreRight: The hand of history is on Cameron’s shoulder

Tories call on Gordon Brown to drop ‘divisive’ 42-day terror plan


Conservatives have made a fresh call to Gordon Brown to dump controversial plans to allow police to detain terrorist suspects for up to 42 days – Sunday Telegraph

These proposals are unworkable – Dominic Grieve in the Telegraph

Conservative chiefs have scrapped a champagne reception for top financiers as David Cameron struggles to distance his party from City fat catsMail on Sunday


Tory voters against full powers

People who vote Tory are the least likely to be in favour of giving more power to the Welsh Assembly, a poll on public attitudes to devolution shows – BBC

Race row Tory walks into new storm over climate changeSunday Herald

IMF warns of world financial system ‘meltdown’Sunday Telegraph

Two million Britons on the dole by Christmas, economists warnThe Observer

Nationalisation is no longer a dirty wordSunday Telegraph

History shows how poverty helps the right

"Altruism can seem a dispensable luxury when times are hard. Recessions have always had the potential to persuade voters that their interests and the interests of their families must come first." – Nick Cohen in The Observer

The government is ready to scrap controversial plans to clamp down on so-called ‘health tourism’ among asylum seekers whose claims are rejected, following a revolt by doctorsThe Observer

Bars are to be banned from offering free alcohol to women under a new system of government restrictions to cut public drunkennessThe Sunday Times

Ed Miliband will follow EU instructions on climate change – Christopher Booker in The Telegraph


Revealed: the truth about Tony Blair’s role in the Ecclestone Affair

"[D]ocuments – released to The Sunday Telegraph after a two-and-a-half year Freedom of Information battle – reveal that Mr Blair personally intervened to secure Formula One’s exemption from the tobacco advertising ban just hours after meeting Bernie Ecclestone, the motorsport’s billionaire boss." – Sunday Telegraph

Killer drivers who get away with murder

"The behaviour of Luke McCormick, climbing into his stupid showy machine while both drunk and exhausted, and then moronically stealing the lives of two small boys through irresponsibility and absurd risk-taking, is a crime not much different from murder. No surprise, by the way, that this transgressor is a footballer, another product of that strange heathen cult that poisons so much of modern British life with its excess. The man should obviously be hanged, as an example to others, and it is a pity that the law doesn’t allow this sort of hellish driving to be classified as murder, or for murderers to be executed. In the meantime, I reckon three-and-a-half years is pretty feeble even by the standards of our joke justice system. But not especially surprising. We have lost the will to punish – and are constantly punished for it." – Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday

Independent schools must be allowed to retain their charitable status – Martin Stephen in The Telegraph

Barack Obama would offer John McCain a job is he wins the US electionSunday Telegraph


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