9.30pm ToryDiary: Lord Ashcroft to leave £900m to charity

8pm ToryDiary on an ICM poll for the News of the World: Brown’s bounce may turn out to be a flop (8.15pm: UPDATED TO INCLUDE COMRES SURVEY)

4.15pm ToryDiary: Labour adopt another Tory policy

3.30pm ToryDiary: Can you suggest an economic one-liner for David Cameron?

12.30pm Parliament: David Burrowes’s Bill on umbilical cord blood

12.15pm Parliament: Peter Oborne accuses Tony Blair of lying to Parliament

Handsgraphic 9.30am Greg Hands MP on CentreRight: Where is our debate on the banking bail-out?

Libdemdead Cllr Paul Scully on Local government: How to oppose the Liberal Democrats

Glyn Gaskarth on Platform: We must respond to Hizb ut Tahrir’s declaration of war on America

Seats and candidates: Cllr Marcus Jones adopted for Nuneaton

PlayPolitical: Three weeks before America votes, McCain and Obama swap jokes

Darling_alistair_2 Today’s must-read: Alistair Darling – NOT BROWN – was author of recapitalisation planTimes

Alistair Darling plans Keynesian stimulus to economy by raiding future budgetsFT

"The election will be won by whoever has the best plan for recovery. Conservative values need to inspire the generation of fresh free-market thinking and practical ideas for a shrinking economy in which government spends too much of the national resource inefficiently." – Iain Martin in The Telegraph

Have the Tories been too quiet?

"Opinion in the Tory party is divided over the scale of this problem. Mr Cameron is broadly relaxed about the recent lack of coverage, believing that it is more important that the party avoids making mistakes now that could haunt it in the long term. However, Andy Coulson, the Tories’ director of communications, is still determined to get the party into the media much more." – Times

The Daily Mail asks three questions of the Conservatives

Dailymail Daily Mail leader: "Disregarding whether, at the height of this crisis, Mr Cameron should have shattered the cross-party truce, the Tories have three problems:

  • First, that they, as a party, are closely associated with the very City fat cats whose greed triggered this financial meltdown.
  • Second, they never spoke out against a deregulated City.
  • And, thirdly, they have no clear policy as to what to do about the crisis."

"Darken the backdrop from waving trees and scudding clouds" – Matthew Parris urges a more austere Opposition in his column for The Times

Andrew Grice: The Tory tax cutters are on the march again

Tax_cut "The Tories’ tax-cutting brigade is on the march again. They say the party should tear up its plans, and draw up a programme of spending cuts to fund the tax cuts needed to kickstart the economy. They accuse the leadership of "fighting the last war", haunted by the ghosts of the 2001 and 2005 elections, when tax cuts promised by William Hague and Michael Howard were translated into spending cuts and demolished by the Brown clunking fist.  Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne know the public mood has changed since, but have not yet found a new message with which to tap into it. So they are sticking to their "no upfront tax cuts" pledge, and won’t be rushed into changing course. But the pressure on them to adopt a "tax cuts for growth" strategy will increase, especially if the opinion-poll gap continues to narrow." – Andrew Grice in The Independent

Tristram Hunt: Tories have no deep or coherent philosophy

"In place of an identifiable belief system setting out the relationship between the state, market and civil society, what Cameron remains tremendously good at is voicing the indeterminate concerns of modern Britain in an attractive, accessible language which is then played out through the prism of his own life experiences. He is politics’ Jamie Oliver. In the absence of deep thinking, we are offered Cameron the family man, hard-working husband, The Smiths fan and home counties type." – Guardian

Labour wants "dramatic reduction in the number of migrants coming to Britain"Times

Responding to Phil Woolas’ call for a limit on migration, Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve, said: “We have been calling for immigration limits for years now but the Government have repeatedly poured scorn on this. It appears they now realise just how out of touch they actually are.  But tough talk is simply not enough; they must now explain how they intend to deliver. Will they implement our plans for an annual limit on non-EU immigration, transitional controls on future EU immigration, and establish a dedicated UK border force to secure our borders?” (Grieve quote added at 10.45am).

Traders using imperial measures escape prosecution after Government retreatsTelegraph

SNP’s youth wing loses internal party battle over alcohol ban to under-21sHerald

Recent ToryDiary on Scottish Conservative campaign against ban.


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